Minutes of EPICS V4 Telecon, Aug 27 2013



0. Preliminaries, 5 mins

   *Michael*, you are free to merge, if you hadn't already guessed.

1. Release v4.3

   + Web pages need updates (everyone).

   + URL Links to documentation in hg, eg <module>/documentation, are broken. Need a fix, eg cloudbees

   + Features and facilities of V4.3 need to be prepared

   + Architecture tracker.

   + cpp testing. MB etc. Vxworks cross compile verified.

2. Talks at ICALEPCS and EPICS.



Present: AJ, DH, GW, MK, MS, TK, BD

Scribe: MS

Chair: GW

0. Preliminaries

MD can go ahead and merge (do commits).

AJ and GW talked. After EPICS base 3.15 there will probably be version 4.

AJ: As a corollary, pvCommon and boost in particular are likely be minimized.

So, EPICS 4.4 will be based on 3.15

Then we will merge pvData and pvAccess will be merged into Base, and base will be called EPICS Base 4.something. pvaSrv will be bundled (merged) too.

Java still remains a question…

1. Release v4.3

New font and look and feel at web pages



Nobody objects the font change.

Help needed on 4.3.0 features.

See features in README:


VxWorks compiles but nobody has tested it.

AI: on AJ: Ask Sinisa to test it on VxWorks 6.

AI: on TK: Ask Dirk as fallback.

AI: on AJ: Check vxWorks compile compatibility versions and update buildTracker.

— AJ: No VxWorks version can currently compile pvCommonCPP:

  “mb.h:27: error: reference to 'uint8_t' is ambiguous

AJ: GW can you delete the old stuff from other versions? The README file should be versioned.

GW: README files are stacked.

AJ: Release notes files should be stacked, but README file should only talk about the latest version.

GW: “OK, then.”

AI on GW: README in version directories on SF should not include previous version information. [RELEASE_NOTES would be historical, README is version specific normally]

MS: There is a new feature in that the RPC side is much easier. There is a client side library for RPC as well as just the server side framework. Both, C++ and Java.

AI on GW: to add this new RPC support as a feature to the README

AI on all the developers: review Mercurial changelogs and write release notes (see EPICS base) for each module.

Use a standard filename RELEASE_NOTES in the documentation/ directory of the module. In the case of exampleJava/CPP there would be one documentation/ directory.

Simple txt or html using our style sheets are both acceptable.

AJ: vxWorks 5.5 does not have c99 types.

v6.8 has been verified for compile, verified 7 days.

GW: Let’s have answer on 5.5 build in next 2 days

AJ: Fix jenkins build at APS  

Sinisa to test at least 6.8 and possibly 5.5 too.

DH: Has problem with the script for CPP. The release does not appear on the website.

GW: Look at the latest one. I have recently adjusted rsync command (before it was commented out).

DH will produce a release tar and GW will tested it. We also need to fix VxWorks issues.

When this is done we can do a release candidate. Any changes in pvDataCPP need to be done in a branch (MD is changing the code).

2. Talks at ICALEPCS and EPICS

Out of time, nothing specific yet. Some discussion of who will be in attendance. We may well have a light attendance, possibly only need 1 or 2 days, not all 3.

Meeting Ends: 16:37 UTC