Victoria Academy Candidate Book

Basic rules and procedures for Candidate Students and Staff

SIM: Victoria Academy is an 18+ college, where old fashioned methods of discipline apply in an immersive realistic context, but we are open to everyone and we accept your limits.

We are one of the oldest schools still alive in SL, having great people with experience as members plus a very realistic approach.

We offer actual classes (some role-play oriented, some content oriented, most of them in the middle), a beautiful campus and student dorms. We are a school where discipline happens, not a CP place that looks like a school.

There are many rules in place to maintain discipline and even a boarding school option for students, where they set this as their sl school and they become a student all their SL, facilitating greater immersion in SL.

We have many activities, beyond discipline, classes and chores (all interactive). Camps (actual camps, in which we spend weeks), Games for VA, Ballet (using dance master and actually doing representations), fencing team, cheer-leading team and contests with SLCS teams, Live music, craft classes, awards for students, amazing parties and much more. VA is at the base a strongly bound D/s community.

Profile: Victoria Academy is an 18+ English Private College. It is not a reform school or school for misfits, it's not a finishing school (it's co-ed and education is important in all aspects) but it has similarities with one.

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Essential Resources and Rules

Essential rules & resources

Victoria Academy Principles & SIM Limits

No under 18 AVI

Have basic knowledge of SL and English language.

Be polite and courteous at all times

Always respect people’s limits. You can find the limits in each profile here on the website ("Student Limits" page in someone's profile).

If you're not sure about something, ask.

If someone doesn't have their limits filled, tell them to fill them.

Important SIM rules (please read)

Schedule, updated daily

Photo Gallery 

Etiquette Guide

School Rules and Guide


What to expect from Victoria

A pleasant open and diverse school environment.

Classes with actual content. Currently a few examples: Film class in which we discuss film and introduce film critique concepts, Photography class - with real applications in sl (did you ever wonder how to do an anamorphosis in SL 👫, or how to set up lighting?), General Knowledge, Music Theory, Student Projects (👫)

Activities We have a cheerleading squad, our teacher is known in SLCS and wrote part of their HUD. We compete sometimes in SLCS competitions. Fencing is a common sport in Victoria, we have a team and a captain plus a lovely fencing area. We even have hunts! (👫)

Clubs Any student can start a club. We have clubs like Film club, Sailing Club, Explorers Club (👫), Culture Club (👫), Photo club, Geek club, Music Club, Ballet (👫) Shakespeare Club etc

Field trips & Camps We have sometimes field trips outside the school, as a school. We have camps (had two in 2016 👫  👫) - two weeks long, in special built places on the mainland, full of fun and educative activities.

Cultural events: We had artists for Q&A (e.g. Bryn Oh), or went to their art shows, we had a world fair organized by students, a fashion show (👫), we had Live Singers (👫) coming and sing for us.

Parties: We often organize wonderful parties ( 👫, 👫)

An Experience and a Community

Victoria Academy Ethos

Please mind that Victoria Academy is molded after an European, especially British, boarding school, and shares some traditionalist values with one. There is a strong emphasis on discipline, neatness, properness and etiquette, organically blending with basic D/s principles.

Students should be proper boarding school students. That doesn’t mean they can’t be cleverly cheeky (at their own risk) or with their flaws, however it does mean our students won’t stash bottle of beers under the bed, be gang members or scream loudly and show their parts at strangers (etc).

Staff should be proper school staff, showing a good example and sharing Victoria’s values. They might be lazy or dismissive, but they won’t ignore misdemeanours or try to undermine the school discipline. They will be at least as proper as a student would be, with smaller or bigger amounts of quirkiness accepted given their position.

Even if school / college / boarding schools around the world might have different feelings and history, we do expect our members to make a visible effort to align to Victoria’s values and culture.

We don’t plan to flatten personalities, but like everywhere in society people should adapt and adjust based on context. If the individual values of a person are simply too far from Victoria Academy for that to be possible, then they are simply unfit and won’t be accepted as part of our community.

It’s hard to explain Victoria’s Ethos in a few paragraphs. After so long, we have our own culture and VA’ness, which in time, is understood by everyone.

Victoria First Steps & a glance at the rules


Victoria Academy is a school SIM, with an emphasis on discipline and good behaviour, in a safe school environment. Learning happens, but do not expect university courses.

Students are expected to be present in classes, clubs and events (if on-line and not present, it's considered truancy) and this will be evaluated when considering their file for final student badge (we do check that).

Staff are expected to be present in campus and active. Teachers should teach, if not regularly at least impromptu (announced timely).

Clubs are optional if they are marked with a star in the schedule. Non starred clubs are considered educational and essential for Victoria development and the attendance to them is mandatory, as with a class, truancy being counted the same.

Once you get to know Victoria and immerse here, you'll understand why is a wonderful choice. Don't forget we have students actually spending their whole SL in the dorm (VA Boarders): as campus inhabitants and VA students at all times in SL.

Victoria is open to everyone, people into spanking or not, but be aware that the majority around is Spanking D/s S&M M&M Mars Snickers enthusiast, our classes are often amazing and environment pleasant.

Role Play

Role Play is part of VA, we do role play a lot, but don't make any assumptions. Not everyone you will meet is constantly in RP mode. You can usually tell. But always, everyone you'll meet, is a school student or school teacher as long as they are on Victoria Grounds (except boarders, who are VA's students everywhere).

Be sensitive even if role-playing. You never know what's behind something that someone plays. Some people simply come here for direct contact with others through SL.

VA is not a RP purist place, don't expect that, but expect an awesome tied community that goes beyond what we RP.

Please, do not expect a full blown RP SIM, we are not and the school was not founded like this, respect that as we try to respect everyone. Victoria is a place where RP happens but not reduced to it.

With all this said, we have less drama than many other full RP places.

We respect full blown role-players, but we also expect them to respect the school for what it is and how it was thought. We haven’t failed until now and we’re not new on the market, so this attitude will stick with us.

It's a good idea to see Victoria in terms of scening and not scening.

SIM Management view is that RL and SL can’t be kept separate but still we can all play nicely together and respect each other, finding a good match for everyone in our SIM.

Do not expect:

A paragraph roleplay place, with fixed rules by the book.

A total separation of IC/OOC. There’s a very strong gray area, like in any D/s sim.

Lack of sensitivity under the “I was only role-playing” umbrella.

Classes held just as Role-Play props.

Do expect

Realism, from the way one reacts to a punishment to their appearance.

A strong emphasis on SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual)

Limits to be respected at all times.

Punishment & D/s

Corporal punishment is used and permitted, however students can opt out from it at admission. If students opt out, they will have the option of behaving or accepting as punishment chores, lines (, RL written and photographed or line writing desks in SL, how you agree). Students can't opt out from all forms of punishment in school. It's mandatory to have a limit card filled.

Please do not come and brat for punishment or to find a spankee to spank and leave, it's not Victoria's purpose.

As a Student behaving and listening will still get you into trouble (nobody is perfect) or planned and harmless mischief. Rudeness and blunt disobeying is not for us. Submission is part of it as it should be part of the school life.

As a Teacher, pushing for play (inspections, asking about school work, or simply noticing small infractions around them, which will always happen) will lead to play.

If students get into trouble, they are not allowed to refuse punishment, unless they have a very strong ground to (limits). It is what one sign in for.

Students are expected to do school chores (like cleaning, washing their uniform, homeworks, pick litter, etc) and are held responsible for it. All chores are interactive.

Mind that, ultimately, being a Victoria Student is accepting school authority and trusting it.

We employ corporal punishment, but not only. Do not expect to get or give a spanking each time a student misbehaves. Students can also opt-out of Corporal Punishment, but they can’t opt-out of any kind of punishment.

Usual punishment types, if not (realistically) against limits are:

Corporal, Lines, Essays, Chores, Being grounded to the dorm, Being sent to time-outs, Being scolded, Being restricted in school appropriate ways (e.g. not allowed to a school party or club) etc

Punishments that will not happen in Victoria, unless on exceptional basis:

Whippings, Forced Sex (against sim limits), Knifes, Spread Bars, Whipping poles, insults etc.

Students have the option to put in their profile that they are our student and to ask to be reported to school (this is opt-in). Example: “I'm a Victoria Academy Student. In case I misbehave outside of the school campus, you can report me to the school (mail-box at reception) or any of the present staff.”

Uniforms & Appearance (students)

Students should look appropriate for a school in the spirit of Victoria. Students are to be clean-shaven at all times while representing the school.


Uniform should be worn at all times, except in the dorm. Students are allowed to accessorize, as long as it's in good taste.

Uniform means, the standard VA uniform, the school socks and the shoes, provided in the uniform pack and underwear.

Uniforms will have to be cleaned in the dorm laundry, when they get dirty (visibly) so it’s each student responsibility to do it.


Jewellery of religious or cultural significance may be worn but must be covered at all times. No piercings are allowed. In particular, clear plastic studs, or otherwise, used to maintain the piercing, are not allowed.

Jewellery should be kept minimal. A pair of simple and small ear studs is allowed.

D/s collars of what’s generally considered BDSM nature are not allowed visible (e.g. Big leather collar with spikes). Collars worn as appropriate jewelry, even if on the edge of the rules, will be allowed and staff is not permitted to ask a students to take it off.


A student’s hair must be kept clean and tidy at all times. The length of the hair should not be shorter than a “number 2” razor cut. Hair should should be off the face. The fringe when straightened /combed down must not hang in the eyes. The style of the hair should not be extreme including but not limited to mohawk, afro, shaved styles and/or patterns. The colour must be the student’s own natural colour; no dye nor highlights are allowed

No gel, mousse, fancy hair styling or tinting of hair is allowed for all students

Boys must be clean-shaven with no facial hair like moustache and beard.

Tie up neatly with an elastic band if you want to be sure, however our students will have the liberty not to, as long as your hairstyle will be considered acceptable.

Makeup & Nails

Make-up must generally not be worn (we’ll accept SL limitations which some don’t know how to overcome).

No vivid nail polish, or nail polish at at, very long nails, untidy hair, tattoos, excessive makeup, opulent jewelry. Students are not permitted to have tattoos.


Underwear should be white, covering bottom, school knickers and bra (for girls). If you need money to buy some, please ask and you'll receive gift after admission.

In the dorm

Dorm outfits should be school wise appropriate. Underwear should be worn and nothing that wouldn’t fit in a school setting like minded with Victoria will be accepted.

Outfits (staff)

Staff are expected to dress in keeping with their professional status and as a good example to students and visitors.  Staff should be neat, smart and tidy, wearing clothes which are commensurate with their post in the school.  The dress code for teachers and office staff is expected to be formal rather than casual.  

We recognise that all staff have a responsibility to model the expectations we have of our students.

Although we want staff to feel comfortable at work we also want to ensure that we retain an image that is professional and reflects a successful school.  This may mean that staff need to dress differently to how they dress when not at work.

We can’t impose rules on staff dress code, but we can strongly recommend from school management side.

Examples of inappropriate staff dress would be: trainers or work boots (except required by activity), denim or jeans wear (jeans skirts, jackets) unless smart, beach wear, excessive body jewelry, clothing which is likely to be viewed as offensive, revealing or sexually provocative, tops which over expose the body, low cut tops, crop tops, over-exposure of underwear or tattoos, leggings worn as trousers, t-shirts with excessive logos, latex or rubber outfits, thigh high boots, stockings with visible band, excessive animal patterns and generally anything that would be considered of bad taste in a RL school VA - like.

Field trips dress code for staff would be more relaxed.

Furthermore, from a D/s point of view, you should wear clothings that traditionally project authority.

Tertiary aspects about profiles

We do expect our members to have proper SL profile that wouldn’t clash too much with being a student. Being all adults, there is no issue with A rated groups, however we will not accept members that are part time escorts or slave traders, if that’s clearly visible in their profile (e.g. Main Page) or will intersect too much with our school. Groups that will clash with Victoria Academy Principles & SIM Limits will clearly not be accepted (E.g. Having Mysogyne club in one's profile, it’s an embarrassment to us all, if not for you first.)

Especially for D’s if you are part of Gor or other similar places, please do not try to preach that in Victoria, you’ll be sent back on spot by the lovely headmistress right into Gor lands.

At the end of the day, please mind that Victoria Academy is a private sim and the final judgement of who we allow as a member is up to the school owners.


Generally, lenience or more strictness, are left at the latitude of the school staff, as long as they fit in the general idea of these rules.


Even if opt out of Corporal Punishment and you are not a D/s person, you’re expected to have etiquette and formalism. Victoria Academy’s closest profile is an English Private School, not a Modern American College. This enforces a lot of rules on the way students act.

A few basic etiquette rules for students, can be found here.

You will use Sir, Miss, Ma'am, Mrs., Ms., Mr. etc honorifics for Victoria Faculty & staff Members

You will greet and say goodbyes in order of rank in school.

If staff is present, you will wait to be dismissed and ask permission to leave the room. You will stand when Staff enters the room and wait to be allowed to sit.

In classroom students will wait standing by their desks. They will answer questions by raising their hands and waiting to be called.

You will be polite and pleasant with any other member and school visitors. You will not use foul language.

There are more rules in the etiquette guide.


Your role in Victoria can be bent on your skills and interests. We’re flexible and always open, as long as you share our school’s values.

For Students:

There are three major roles:

Student (day students)

Boarders (people that are Victoria Academy’s students no matter where they are in SL, following a strict set of rules regarding their behaviour, living in the dorm and asking permission to leave campus grounds - always in their uniform in the outside world).

Prefects that are students with more authority, empowered by faculty also having a higher degree of involvement in school. They have prefect “houses” (group of students assigned to them), run clubs and are always helpful to teachers.

For Staff:

Visiting Teacher: A teacher without a scheduled class, still knowing VA. They have authority, as teachers

Victoria Staff: Umbrella term for all kind of staff roles that can be discussed, from Dorm Mom to Counsellors, Doctors, Learning leaders etc.


Farm Staff: People of a different profile, interested in working with farm chores. Read here

How To Apply

Application steps

Application process happens as following:

First Steps (Pre-Candidate acceptance)


Read the rules present in this document, including mentioned other pages.


Write a cover letter to school headmistress (instructions below).



When your letter will be read and considered, you will receive an invitation to Victoria Academy group as a “VA Candidate”. Please accept it and wear it at all times on the school grounds. If you don’t receive any invitation, contact the school Secretary or any member of the interview team (their boards at at the reception).

Come to school. Interact and find an interview assistant (usually students) to show you around the school and answer questions you might have.

(Student candidates only) During your interaction you will be recommended by three members be it Students (not Applicants) be it Staff (not Staff Applicant) to school management. Don’t be shy to drop hints about recommending you.

If in 20 days you won’t progress to interview and it will be considered that the delay was on your side, your application will be rejected.


Take the quiz that will test your understanding of the basic rules.

(Student candidates only) If you Fail the quiz, you can be enrolled as a VA-Prep (see below)


Fill your limits on the website, the interview assistant will help you with that (students only or s / switch-staff).


Ask your interview assistant to appoint you for an interview with one of the senior staff that can enroll you

After your interview if successful you’ll be a Victoria Applicant (for students): same rights and duties as students, but in a testing period of minimum 20 days. You will be assigned a be-friender (senior student) that will help your first steps in Victoria Academy

After the 20 days you’re expected to have had no major issues in school, know the complete school rules and etiquette guide, have a website account and prove you’re fit to be a Victoria Student.

Student Applicant Status


Have an account on the school website (forum). We use it to communicate about classes, activities, other VA - Related conversations. It’s not optional (you will have one until this point most probably). Be active in the school forums.


Be in contact with your befriender, that will guide you through your first steps in Victoria Academy.


Be Active and present to classes, activities and generally visible in status. Build relations with people, have your eyes open and enjoy your new school and community!


After minimum 20 days you’ll be considered for a student status. If progress to that will be delayed more than 60 days and the delay will be considered as being on your side (RL excluded), you will be expelled.

Staff will usually be contacted by the school headmistress (Stiina Pi'ne) or headmaster  (Adrian Buckenburger). Please contact the former if nobody gets in touch with you in two days

Cover Letter

The first thing you have to do is to write a cover letter to the school headmistress.

Please use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation (from acceptable up). Please name it as instructed below.

Name it: your-sl-name Victoria Academy Application.

E.g. If your name is Stiina Pi'ne (christina.aedipo) the Notecard will be named:

Stiina Pi'ne (christina.aedipo) Victoria Academy Application

The basic template is bellow. You can change it, personalize it, as long as the information written in bold will be included. Will be appreciated if you do so (personalize your letter) as it will show that you are capable of concise and clear writing.

Please do not use the Cover Letter as role-play. It will be ignored and you will be denied further applications. If role-play is one of your strengths, mention that, however the letter should recommend you as a future member of the Victoria Community, not only as a person that can role-play a role properly.

Date: [clear date, example: 02 February 2017]

Dear Ms. Stiina Pi'ne:

I'm writing to express my interest in applying to Victoria Academy as a [Student | Teacher| Other Staff] after reading and agreeing with the school rules.

I believe I am fit to be a member of Victoria Academy because [... write reasons here, why are you fit for the role ... ].

My previous experience in SL schools include [ ... write here previous experience, including roles and duration, if any, if not skip this part ... ].

I have the following references [ … write here any references, if you have any, if not skip this part … ]

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Display Name]


If you fail the quiz too many times / don't want to take it right away, you can be enrolled in VA-Prep. VA-Prep are half members, that:

Have a different uniform.

They can join VA without quiz passing, they just need to fill the form on the website and mention they apply for va prep.

They can come to normal classes, mostly to observe. They can answer teacher questions or make observations, it's up to each teacher.

They can hang out around the campus, have casual chat. They can't scene with anyone by their initiative and our staff will -not- give them priority.

The VA main students should guide them by practice to learn the rules and protocol of VA.

In time, they can be considered for Victoria Applicants. They will be assigned a be-friender to help them learn about VA and follow their progress in learning the school rules.