World War II Scrapbook

US History Project

The Scene: It’s 1945 and World War II has finally ended. It is time for you to put your memories, good and/or bad, together. Many of your most vivid memories will be captured for your children and grandchildren to look at in the years to come.

The Task: Your assignment is to create an authentic looking scrapbook to share with your children and grandchildren. As you design your scrapbook, consider these factors:

Choose a Character: Select from the list below, or develop your own character.

In the War: Choose a theater of war, a branch of the military, and a particular period of two ears. You can be a soldier,  nurse, officer, liberators of a specific concentration camp, aide to a general, etc…

On the Home Front:

Include the Following:

Though your stories should be historically accurate, feel free to be creative!!

There are many websites loaded with all the information you could possibly need to complete this project.Click HERE to be directed to a website where this project idea came from. When you scroll to the bottom you will find a list of related links you may use to find everything you will need to include in your scrapbook. Happy Creating!!