DBreezeBased Version Changes.

DBreezeBased is an embedded ACID Document database and a Text Search engine, based on DBreeze database - dbreeze.tiesky.com. Written on C# for Xamarin, Mono and .NET 4.5

Copyright ©  2014 dbreezebased.tiesky.com

Alexey Solovyov <hhblaze@gmail.com>

Ivars Sudmalis <zikills@gmail.com>

It's a free software for those, who thinks that it should be free.

Please, notify us about our software usage, so we can evaluate and visualize its efficiency.


- Special processing for “-” and “@” symbols. They will be skipped for insert/select.


- Changed public interfaces Lists to IList

Special THANX to GitHub user Victor Michaïlovich for F# handling

… how much water is under the bridge? ...


- First release