SSPA Scholarship Application

Summer School for the Performing Arts works in partnership with families to create a scholarship package that enables the child to have the opportunities that they deserve. SSPA cannot offer full scholarships based on the overwhelming number of applicants, however, there are many partial or supplementary scholarships available.  

Student  Name:___________________________________________________________________________


Age: ________    Entering Grade: ________                                   Has the student attended SSPA in past years?  Yes  No

         (as of June 1)                                      (grade entering September )

Address: ________________________________       ____________________________________________________

                          (street)                                             (town/city)                                     (state)                     (zip code)

Parent(s) Name: _____________________________________________________________________________      

Please indicate which length of session attending:

_______ Two Weeks    ($  800.00 tuition)

Dates: _________________________

 _______ Four Weeks   ($1600.00 tuition)

Dates: _________________________

 _______ Six Weeks     ($2200.00 tuition)

In order to process any scholarship applications, registrations must be accompanied by a $200 deposit. This registration fee is refundable if registration/scholarship application is withdrawn by the applicant.

Full Tuition  



- $      200.00  (paid with application)

Additional family contribution

- $ ___________

Amount of scholarship requested:

Please indicate the amount your family is

able to contribute.      


   $ ___________

If you are new to the program, please tell us how you learned about SSPA and your child’s particular interest in theater arts.

Please provide additional information to support your scholarship request. All requests are strictly confidential. Attached documentation to this form.

Please contact us at with any questions