Performance Advisories are issued to address sub-par work performance.  Advisories demonstrate CJRL’s goodwill towards providing employees with the opportunity to correct negative behaviors and actions prior to the need for formal disciplinary action, but are never required as preliminary actions for disciplinary actions for Offense violations.  Advisory contents include (1) an explanation of the violation being addressed (2) the incorrect action undertaken by the employee (3) corrective actions to be completed by the employee.  

Performance Advisories are issued whenever an employee’s activities are deemed to be (1) below acceptable performance levels for skills/responsibilities outlined in the employee’s job description/duties (2) an indirect violation of a published policy or procedure, (3) an inconsequential violation of formal instructions provided by a supervising manager.  The determination of whether a violation is ‘indirect’ or ‘inconsequential’ must pass a general reasonableness test.  As such, Advisories must receive preliminary review by the Director with the supervising manager (if applicable) to ensure proper communication and employee training opportunities were in place to enable employees to perform the duties as prescribed.  Repetitive issuance of Advisories or a failure to respond to the content of an Advisory may be indicative of an inability or unwillingness of an employee to perform his/her duties at an acceptable level.  

Advisories must always be approved in writing by the Director before being issued to an employee.   A completed Advisory will include the signatures of the employee receiving the advisory, the Director, and the supervising manager (if applicable).  Advisories will be filed with the employee’s permanent records and the employee will receive a photocopy of the signed Advisory.  

An employee who is issued an Advisory may request a conference with the Director by notating the conference request on the Advisory form or by notifying the Director within five (5) business days following the date of the receipt of an Advisory.   The Director will establish a date and time to meet with the employee not to exceed fourteen (14) calendar days following the date of the receipt of the employee’s request for conference.  If an Advisory is reversed upon conclusion of a conference with the Director, the original Advisory will be noted and signed by the Director as having been negated, with the original copy being filed with the employee’s permanent records and the employee receiving a photocopy of the signed negated form.