Greg Foreman / Jay Cameron

Pigeon Forge High School

Fall 2016-17

Physical Science

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Room Number(s): 105 / 103

Telephone: 865-774-5790

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Course Overview

Course Objectives

·         Standard 1: Matter

Objective: Explore the composition and structure of matter and how it behaves according

to principles that are generally understood.

·         Standard 2: Energy

Objective: Investigate the various forms of energy that are constantly being transformed into other types without any net loss of energy from the system.

·         Standard 3: Motion

Objective: Examine the objects moving in ways that can be observed, predicted, and measured.

·         Standard 4: Forces in Nature

Objective: Describe how everything in the universe exerts a gravitational force on everything else, and that there is an interplay between magnetic fields and electrical currents.


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