Visual Presentation


Stunning! Striking look to the paper (or analogue) – draws a viewer in

Handwriting borders on calligraphy, is easy to read and evenly spaced

Fonts and sizes enhance readability and guide the reader

White space is used to frame and balance printed elements

Visuals (images, graphics, charts, etc.) and markers (titles, bullets, page numbers, subheadings, etc.) enhance the message


Paper (or analogue) is pleasing to the eye

Handwriting is neat, readable, and consistent; text is easy to read

Fonts and sizes are helpful to the reader

White space helps reader to focus on text

Visuals and markers enrich meaning of the text


Presentation/formatting is standard and predictable, but delivers message clearly

Handwriting is correct, readable, and neat

Fonts and sizes are consistent and appropriate; piece is easy to navigate

Margins present; white space used inconsistently or doesn’t appear to have been considered; some paragraphs are indented, but others are blocked

Visuals and markers support, organize, and clarify text


Presentation/formatting delivers its message clearly, but lacks a finished, polished appearance

Handwriting can be read fairly easily

Fonts are limited in number, but may be inappropriate in size

Margins are present, but some text may crowd visuals

Visuals and markers do not help with organization, but sometimes match with text


Format and presentation sometimes confuses the message; may look messy

Handwriting sometimes difficult to read; spacing is inconsistent

Fonts and sizes actually make the piece harder to read, follow, or understand

Piece seems “plopped” onto the paper without thought about margins or boundaries

Helpful visuals and markers are often missing; those present may not be related to the text


The presentation and formatting of this piece confuses the message; looks messy or thrown together

Handwriting is difficult to make out, slowing down and frustrating the reader

Many fonts/sizes are distracting and make piece nearly unreadable

Placement of text and other elements on the page seems random and confusing; identifying the beginning and ending is difficult

Visuals are unrelated, incomprehensible, or missing; no markers are present