Puppet Master Gein

Age: At least 50 (in the manga), 20s in the live action film

Weapons: Iwambou, Iwambou 2 and Iwambou 3 "Sangou Iwanbou Moushuugata"

Fighting Style: Geho Hijutsu

Love Interests: You're kidding, right? XP

Closest Friends/Comrades: Enishi, Banshin, Otowa and Mumyoi

Enemies: Kenshin and all his friends

First appearance: Kyoto Arc (in Iwambo suit), Revenge Arc as himself

Biography: Not much is known about Gein except that he's obsessed with being on the cutting edge of technology and pursuing functional and aesthetic beauty. He likes to experiment with puppets and robots made of human flesh. Gein teams up with Enishi's goons, not for vengeance against Kenshin, but to test his Iwambou puppets and doll technologies.

Personality Profile: Has a sick fascination with corpses and using them as puppets. A very disturbing character indeed!

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