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Smartspace Rules and Regulations (Current)
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Smart Space Kota Kinabalu Level 9 (UPDATED: 2018-08-28)

Welcome! If this is your first time visiting the “Space” as our Guest...

As our Guest, you have the same “right-to-use” as any Member of the Space. You can become a Member by (a) frequenting the Space; (b) being a legal resident of Sabah; and (c) joining our chat groups or mailing lists. We will not divulge any personal information without prior approval, unless required by law. You are free to use our facilities within the bounds of reasonable usage and Malaysian Law. A Member with keys to the Space is known as a Keyed Member, and should notify other Members and Guests of these rules.

Code of Conduct

  1. Be excellent to one another (that includes our neighbours!)
  1. Be considerate with anything odorous or strong-smelling that you might bring in.
  1. Minors must be within immediate reach of a Parent/Legal Guardian at all times.
  2. Water and snacks may be available for on-site consumption and not to be taken home.
  1. Finish your drinks, and empty your cup/container in a sink before disposal/leaving
  1. Research risks and take all necessary precautions before committing potentially damaging and non-reversible activities (e.g. drilling, melting, painting, cutting, etc)
  1. Take anything involving large fires, shrapnel and/or spray-painting outside on Level 3 or the Ground Floor, far from flammable carpets, unscarred floors/walls, and the general public.
  1. Commercial activity is forbidden without approval by the Space management.

Facilities / Resources / Personal Items

  1. Leave the Space as well as you found it (or better!)
  1. Everything has a “home” - return stuff “home” when you’re done with them.
  2. Be nice to the robot vacuum by removing large/long debris from the floor.
  3. Empty waste bins into the trash bag after events and/or when you’re done working.
  4. Waste bins are for (mostly) dry waste; trash bag(s) are for wet waste (drain first if possible!)
  1. Equipment can be borrowed and wireless internet is available
  1. Do not willfully abuse our equipment or internet connection. We are watching (and you can too!) at 
  1. Register your devices for unlimited internet usage. Instructions are available from our community leads/reps; pasted on the wall; and also on the server shelf.
  2. Disable active torrents and downloads of any kind while connected to our network.
  1. Register on our website and use the  item removal form  when removing/borrowing stuff.
  2. The voice/fax telephone number is to be used only for official Space matters.
  1. We run a server that supports local file sharing; torrents and direct download.
  1. Do not judge others by what they download/share.
  2. Files may be deleted/compressed for maintenance purposes.
  1. Personal items/devices may be moved around to make room for meetups and/or new projects.
  1. We are not responsible for damage or loss of data if we need to forcefully shutdown a device.
  2. We are not your office - “idling” items are considered as donations, or disposed.

Staying Late or Last to Leave?

  1. Guests may remain only as long as a Keyed Member is physically present or nearby - no exceptions
  1. Notify the guards at Ground Floor if you are staying beyond 12AM
  1. Closing on all days: Switch off Space and Common Area A/C and lights; lock the Space doors
    Closing on weekends, holidays and after-hours: Switch off all A/C and lights, except lobby area lights; lock double doors and the door near the the A/C controls

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