Written Instructions


Navigating Schoology

Overview of the toolbar with courses, groups, resources, and the notification center

Overview of the home page

Quick overview of the layout of Schoology’s navigation bar 

Overview of Home Page


Overview of Notifications



Using the calendar, color-coding, and filtering

Importing different calendars into Schoology

Basics of Using Calendar in Schoology

Adding Materials

Adding Items Cheat Sheet

Creating Materials (open the document and click on the specific topic that interests you)

Creating an Assignment in Schoology

Google Drive

Assignments App

Installing and Using the Google Drive Assignments App

Tests and Quizzes

Overview of tests/quizzes - definition, creation, grading

How to Create a Test/Quiz in Schoology

How to Add Questions to a Test in Schoology

Adding Questions from Question Bank/Importing


Test/Quiz Settings in Schoology

Grading Tests/Quizzes in Schoology       


Overview of the Gradebook

Gradebook Cheat Sheet

How to create grading categories

Overview of Gradebook


Overview of the resource center

Overview of Resource Center

How to Share Resources

Google Drive Resource App

Overview of the Google Drive Resource App

Video clips included in Written Instructions

Course Announcements

Creating updates and announcements

How to create announcements

Course Updates and Announcements

Integrating with Google Classroom

Linking to a Google Classroom assignment from Schoology

Embedding Audio in Schoology

Embedding audio in Schoology


(Schoology’s assessments feature is new and in development)

Using Assessments

Using Assessments



Getting Started (YouTube)

YouTube video tutorials from Schoology outlining how to begin

Getting Started in Schoology (For Instructors)

Step-by-step directions on how to get started using Schoology from its Help Page

Schoology’s Knowledge Base

Over 100 YouTube videos produced by Schoology, most in the 1-2 minute range (some longer), to introduce features and demonstrate common processes

Schoology Help Center

Instructor page of Schoology’s Help Center

Schoology Blog

Articles and information from Schoology

Year-End Procedures

Information about saving materials from courses in Schoology

Note: We’ll have LOTS more info to share! Plenty of training from our staff is in our plans, too.

To access a instructions for a variety of Schoology’s features, including building and saving grading rubrics, using portfolios, and tracking mastery,

join RCPS’s Schoology: Beyond the Basics with code KJDT7-9K2PV.

For questions not answered here, please submit a Help ticket and we’ll be happy to work with you!