The Digestive System Information Report

The Digestive System has lots of Organs that work together to digest food in the human body. The Digestive System is important because it helps turn the food into energy.

From the Mouth to the Oesophagus, the Oesophagus squeezes all the small pieces of food to the stomach which is called Peristalsis. Food takes only 6/7 seconds to arrive in the Stomach. Before we go onto the Stomach Peristalsis has a rhythm to help the food to arrive into the Stomach.

 The Stomach is like a squishy bag that brings the acid to churn the food to fit into the Small Intestines. The Stomach is not as big as the Small Intestines.  

The Small Intestines are 7 metres long if you stretch it out. But if you don’t stretch it out it’s like a twisty, bendy, swirly sausage like tube that breaks down the fat. All that food is sent to the large intestines. The large intestines squeezes the juice out of the food to be pooped out by the anus. So remember the Digestive System is always important!

The end by Allegra!