Roger Casaliñas Jr

Software engineer with a good background in drivers, familiar with web stacks, and expert in C/Objective-C. Passionate in building stuff that matter.

1-Z Secret Address Street,

Cebu City, Philippines

+63 910 000 1111

ping at radj dot me


TRUSTe Web Services Technologies Inc, Cebu City — Lead Mobile Software Engineer


Heading and executing the development of analysis tools and its automation for privacy risks in mobile apps including but not limited to its data storage and network traffic. Also worked on TRUSTe’s iOS consumer app.

Python, iOS, Objective-C, C, HTML/CSS/JS

Lexmark Research & Development Corporation, Cebu City — Senior Software Engineer

APRIL 2007 - OCTOBER 2012

Responsible for scan & printing drivers for the Mac OS. Implemented communication framework and scan driver rewrite.

Objective-C, C, C++, Perl

Self-employed, Cebu City Drupal Site Builder


Delivered Drupal web stack solutions for multiple clients.



RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan, Singapore

JULY 22-24, 2015

In the digital world in which we now live, information is a very highly valued commodity. Safeguarding that information, therefore, has become a top priority. RSA Conference’s mission is to connect you with the people and insights that will empower you to stay ahead of cyber threats.

Citizen Media Summit 2015, Cebu Provincial Capitol

JANUARY 24-25, 2015

Participants from over 60 countries gathered at the Cebu Provincial Capitol in Cebu City, Philippines, to explore the connections between the open Internet, freedom of expression and online civic movements around the world.

5 Dysfunctions of a Team, Alpa City Suites Cebu

May 23-24, 2012

A two-day course targeted at identifying team issues and improving team dynamics resulting to improved teamwork and better productivity.

Big Nerd Ranch Advanced Mac OS X Bootcamp, Historic Banning Mills, Atlanta, GA, USA

JANUARY 10-14, 2011

A one-week course for deeper understanding of the Mac OS, Objective-C compilation and runtime. Included debugging and optimizing using XCode tools. I also had the pleasure of echoing relevant parts of training to my colleagues.

Apple World Wide Developer Conference 2009, Moscone West Center, San Francisco, CA, USA

JUNE 8-12, 2009

A one-week conference that includes preview into upcoming OS features, better OS APIs and development tool workflow strategies.


Lexmark Research & Development Corporation, Cebu City — Software Localization Intern


Assisted in replacing English strings in printer host driver user interface with equivalent strings translated to other languages; assisted in verifying and fixing cosmetic bugs in the printer host driver user interface in selected non-English languages.

Lexmark Research & Development Corporation, Cebu City — Firmware QA Intern

MARCH 2005 - JUNE 2005

Assessed consumer printer firmware by following provided test plans and logged bugs/errors found; Assisted in verifying firmware bug fixes.


An Extension to the Linux O(1) Scheduler: Addressing Response Time of Fresh Processes

One of the important goals of the Linux kernel process scheduler is support for real-time applications. However, slow response time is a result of the current fashion in which the scheduler manages the processes. This is unacceptable for real-time systems, which require fast response time or reaction time.

An algorithm was formulated to help improve the Linux scheduler by extending it with a Fresh Buffer Queue. Simulations of both the algorithms were evaluated and results and comparisons point out that a major decrease in response time for new processes, which means faster response time and could possibly mean improvement on real-time application support, was obtained by the new algorithm at a minimal expense on other evaluation criteria.

Used Visual C# .NET to simulate differences between the old and new algorithms.


University of San Carlos Talamban Campus, Cebu City
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

JUNE 2003 - MARCH 2007

University of San Carlos Boys High School, Cebu City

JUNE 1999 - MARCH 2003

University of San Carlos Boys Grade School, Cebu City

JUNE 1993 - MARCH 1999


  • Wide range of knowledge from low system-level programming to high level web/app development
  • Go-to guy for technical development support
  • Keen to do self-study & experimentation
  • Resourceful, self-organizing, self-sufficient
  • Refined English oral & written communication skills


  • Objective-C, C, Python, C++, Perl, PHP, Java
  • iOS Development, Mobile Security, App Analysis, Automation, SCRUM/Agile, Test Driven Development, Web Development, Networking

Git, Xcode, POSIX/BSD concepts/tools, Slack,  JIRA, Confluence, Google apps, CATC USB tools, Trello, Sublime Text


ICpEP National Convention 2015 - November 27 2015
Cebu Grand Hotel, Cebu
Discussed the Top 10 OWASP Mobile Risks and examples.


5 Year Service Awardee
Lexmark Research & Dev’t Corp - April 2012

Cum Laude
University of San Carlos - March 2007


Available upon request