To help you improve your keyboarding speed, I have found a few Internet tutorials and a wide variety of skill-building keyboard activities. The activities offer different levels of difficulty as well as skill development.

Have fun, work to improve your keyboarding ability, and be sure to practice the correct techniques!


Dance Mat Typing

Free Typing Lessons


Touch Typing

Keypad Tutorial

Games to Practice All Keys:


Typing Chef

Typing of the Ghosts

Typing Terror


Games to Practice the Specific Letter Positions of Keys on the Keyboard:

Alphabetic Rain


Cup Stacking

Keyboard Revolution

Keyboard Triathlon



Krazy Keyz

Games that Target Specific Sets of Keys (Choose a Lesson):

Desert Typing Racer

Martian City Defender

Meteor Typing Blast

Outerspace Fleet Commander

Save the Sailboat Race!

Spacebar Invaders

Trick or Type

The Frogs are Off Their Diet!

Websites with a Variety of Games to Reinforce Keying Skills:

Rapid Typing

Sense Language