Haplogroup R1b - Mitchell DNA project


Haplogroup R1b, Lineage Group 8


This group of matches is the largest we have in the Mitchell DNA project, indicating a very common haplotype.  As the persons in this group expanded beyond 12 markers, several smaller subgroups were formed.  I anticipate this to continue as more of the kits expand beyond 12 markers.  The only way anything definitive can be learned about this group of matches is if the members all test beyond 12 markers.  This group was originally nicknamed the "Henry" group for the earliest known ancestor of kit 2673, a Henry Mitchell who came to the US in the 1650s from Great Britain, lived in Henrico Co. VA and had many descendants in the Surry/Sussex Co. area.  It is unclear whether all these matches go back to that earliest ancestor right now, as indicated, more testing needs to be done (for those at 12 and 25 markers).  More research needs to be done to connect all the 67 marker matches with a common ancestor. This is an exciting group to watch, as recently, they had a match who has traced back to England, kit 120552, through a Matthew Mitchell who settled in Connecticut. We do not know how these New England Mitchells connect to the Southern Mitchells.

Kit 146061

Hinch Mitchell b. 1775 VA d. 1863 Clayton Co. GA

    Allen David Mitchell b. 1816 Clarke Co. GA m. Elmina Estes 1838 Henry Co. GA d. 1864

            George Washington Mitchell b. 1850 Henry Co. GA m. Mary Estes d. 1936

                    James Luther Mitchell b. 1887 m. Lillie Belle Tracy 1907 d. 1957

Kit 18395

William H. Mitchell b. ca. 1813 SC or NC m. Tabitha Lesuer

    William F. R. Mitchell b. ca. 1840 TN m. Elizabeth Ada Cocke 1860 Fayette Co. TN d. 1879 Marshall Co. MS

         Morgan Stuart Mitchell b. 1866 Marshall Co. MS m. Dora Beggs Van Zandt Co. TX

            James Carl Mitchell


Kit 12587

William H. Mitchell b. ca. 1813 SC or NC m. Tabitha Lesueur

    William F. R. Mitchell b. ca. 1840 TN m. Elizabeth Ada Cocke 1860 Fayette Co. TN d. 1879 Marshall Co. MS

        William James Mitchell b. 1861 m. Frances Jane Beggs 1886 Van Zandt Co. TX d. 1930 Dawson Co. TX

            Isaac Napoleon Mitchell b. 1890 m. Hazel Lillie Adams 1911 Baylor Co. TX d. 1982 Olney, TX


Kit 703

John Mitchell b. 1780 N.C. m. Francis Busby 1808 d. 1863 Sumner Co. TN

    James Mitchell b. 1817 Sumner Co. TN m. Lucy Monroe Smith 1849 d. 1865 Sumner Co. TN

        John R. Mitchell b. 1853 Sumner Co. TN m. Lucinda White 1872 d. 1879 KY

            John Martin Mitchell b. 1874 Sumner Co. TN m. Dollie Graves 1907 d.1937 Barry Co. MI


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Kit 123747

Henry Mitchell b. 1760 VA

    Danville Mitchell b. 1800 SC d. 1860 Fayette Co. GA m. Frances

        Henry M. Mitchell b. 1832 d. 1865 m. Julia Ann Hightower

            John Tarpley Mitchell b. 1856 d. 1933 Sunnyside, GA m. Bessie Jane Griffin


Kit 55868

John Henry Mitchell b. ca. 1754 Dinwiddie Co. VA m. 1) Mary Zeigler 2) Christiana Tarpley d. 1805 Oglethorpe Co. GA

    Thomas Hardaway Mitchell b. 1793 Dinwiddie Co. GA m. Ruthie Tillery d. 1883 Walton Co. GA

        Francis William Mitchell b. 1829 m. Mary Jane Echols d. 1896 Walton Co. GA

            John Thomas Mitchell b. 1866 m. Jessie Ann White d. 1945


Kit 19244

William Mitchell

    Thomas Mitchell b. 1690? m. Hannah 

        Joab Mitchell b. 1721 m. Mary Henderson 1751 d. 1780

            William Mitchell b. 1774 m. Nancy Dyer ca. 1797 d. 1827

                William C. Mitchell b. 1807 m. Nancy Dunlap 1831 d. 1863

                    Robert H. Mitchell  b. 1837 m. Martha Buckley 1857 d. 1922

                        Albert M. Mitchell  b. 1875 m. Catherine Pollard d. 1951



Kit 43608 William Bruce d. 1795 Halifax Co. NC


Kit 2673

Henry Mitchell b. ca. 1634 Great Britain d. aft. 1705 Henrico Co.? VA

    Henry Mitchell b. ca. 1660 VA d. aft. 1729 Surry Co. VA

            Henry Mitchell b. ca. 1690 m. 1) Tabitha Branch ca. 1617 m. 2) Sarah unknown d. 1754 Sussex Co. VA

                    Thomas Mitchell b. 1722 Sussex Co. VA m. Amy Goodwyn 1747 d. 1762 Sussex Co. VA

                            Col. Thomas Goodwyn Mitchell b. 1756 m. Ann Raines ca. 1779 d. 1826 Thomas Co. GA


Kit 120552

 Matthew Mitchell b. 1590 Halifax, England

    David M. Mitchell b. 1619 England d. 1685 m. Sarah Wheeler

        John Mitchell b. 1654 Stamford, CT d. 1732 m. Elizabeth Knell

            John Mitchell b. 1689 d. 1748 Woodbury, CT m. Elizabeth Curtiss

                Asahel Mitchell b. 1723 d. 1797 Woodbury, CT m. Olive Root

                    Justus Mitchell b. 1754 d. 1807 New Canaan, CT m. Martha Sherman

                        Minott Mitchell b. 1782 d. 1862 White Plains, NY m. Eliza Leeds Silliman

                            Josiah Mitchell b. 1821 CT d. 1895 White Plains, NY m. Elizabeth Anderson

                                William A. Mitchell b. 1844 d. 1913 Brooklyn, NY m. Natalie Madaline Seyen    

                                    Henry S. Mitchell b. 1868 Philadelphia, PA d. 1940 Chelsea, MA m. Maude


Kit 7350

William Mitchell b. ca. 1720 VA or GA

    Benjamin Mitchell b. ca. 1765 m. Jane Scrimpton d. 1848 Montgomery Co. AL

        Peter Mitchell b. ca. 1810 GA m. Matilda Welch d. 1870 Butler (now Crenshaw) Co.

            Shadrach M. Mitchell b. 1860 m. Ginnie Baker Jackson 1890 d. 1938 Montgomery Co. AL

                Shadrach M. Mitchell Jr. b. 1893 m. 1) Clarice Barrett 2) Carmen Scroggs d. 1967 Montgomery Co. AL


Kit N7403

Frank Cotton Mitchell b. ca. 1873 TN/KY with Eliza in 1898 in Clare Co. MI


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Kit 7394 William L. Mitchell b. 1797 TN



Possible matches, only on 12 markers, evidence is inconclusive, more testing needed.



Kit 29646 Charles Mitchell b. ca. 1810 d. ca. 1856 TN


Kit 4622 James H. Mitchell b. ca. 1803 GA


Kit 66630

John William Mitchell b. 1861 Taylor Co. GA m. 1882 Jemima Katherine Payne d. 1909 Macon, GA

    John Thomas Mitchell b. 1897 d. 1980


Kit N37591

Joab Mitchell b. 1721 m. Mary Henderson 1751 d. 1780 Boonesboro, KY

    William Mitchell b. 1774 m. Nancy Dyer

        Joel Dyer Mitchell b. 1803 m. Deborah Hood

            Thomas Hood Mitchell b. 1857 Harrison, AR m. Bette Goodall

                Guy Livington Mitchell b. 1896 Boise, ID m. Alice Elizabeth Higgins