RULE ONE:  League Structure.

  1. The Bay Area Babe Ruth League is comprised of the following communities:  Abrams, Ashwaubenon, Bay Port, Denmark, De Pere/West De Pere, Green Bay Bombers, Green Bay Rebels, Green Bay Southwest, Luxemberg-Casco, Oconto, Oconto Falls, Oneida, Pulaski, Shawano, Wrightstown

  1. There will be one meeting held in the spring to organize and review league operations.

  1. Each team will be required to pay a $75 Fee.  This fee is made payable to Bay Area Youth Baseball.  All teams must submit proof of insurance before their first game and adhere to the State Statute pertaining to concussions.

RULE TWO:   Team rosters.

  1. Team rosters must be submitted to the League Director by the third Monday of May or each game will be forfeited until the roster is received.

  1. Both coaches are to list pitchers by number and name in each of their record books.  Each coach is to sign the other coach’s book to verify this information at the end of the game.  The coach of the winning team calls in or emails the score and the pitchers by name and number with innings pitched for both teams to the league secretary.  If no score is reported within 72 hours of the completion of the game, the game will be recorded as a tie.

RULE THREE:  Age requirement.

  1. All players whose League age is 14 or 15 years of age are eligible to play (see exceptions 1 & 2 below).  For League play, the player’s age is listed as his/her age on April 30 of the year of the current season.

Exception 1:  A younger player that is playing with their peers of the same school grade        

is NOT considered playing up at a higher level and may play with that team\age group.

Exception 2:  A player may not play with their grade level if they are older than the set

age group defined by the cut off date – these players must play with the appropriate age

group and not the grade level of their peers.

     B.  The coach will furnish a birth certificate of any player upon request of the League officials.

RULE FOUR:  Pitching Limitations.

  1. Starting in 2017, the league will move to pitch count limitations versus innings for all pitchers.

Daily maximum pitches per game for a 13/14/15 year old will be 95 pitches per game; with a rest period as follows: 1-20 pitches (0 days); 21-35 pitches (1 day); 36-50 pitches (2 days); 51-65 pitches (3 days) and 66+ pitches (4 days).

Each team will record their own counts and then match them with the opposing team after every inning, with a final pitch count being agreed upon at the end of the game.

Pitch counts are to be submitted to the Web Person by the winning team when they call in the game scores.

      B.  A pitcher is allowed a maximum of three (3) appearances per week on the mound..


      C.  A pitcher is allowed only one (1) appearance in a game

      E.        Warm up pitches will be as follows:

  1. Maximum of twelve (12) for each starting pitcher in the first inning.
  2. Five (5) pitches between each half inning.
  3. Eight (8) pitches when changing pitchers.
  4. In case of injury to a pitcher:
  1. Rule “E1” applies to a new pitcher coming out of the dugout.
  2. Rule “E3” applies to a new pitcher coming directly from a defensive position.

      F.  One warning per game per team before a balk is called.

RULE FIVE:  Playing Time and Re-entry (both Recreational and Competitive Leagues).

  1. Any starter may re-enter a game once, as long as he returns to his original batting position in the line-up.

      B.        Any player may re-enter the game for an injured player provided:

  1. All eligible players have played.
  2. The substitute is moved to the injured players’ position in the batting order.
  3. In a suspended game, a substitute may have one re-entry.

      C.        Any player suited for a game, but has become injured before the game, shall be

declared injured by his coach before the game and is not required to play.  This rule also

applies to any player who is being disciplined by his coach.

      D.        A designated hitter is allowed, and must be announced at the start of the game.

      E.        A team may bat their entire roster.  Batting order must not change.  

The following rules pertain to the Recreational League Only:

  1. All players must play a minimum of three (3) innings (nine defensive outs) per game.
  1. In the event of a seven inning game, all eligible players must satisfy Playing Time rule “A”.  Should a team not do so, the offending team will forfeit the game. This rule includes play-off and Championship games.

      B.        If a designated hitter is used; it must be announced at the start of the game and he must

bat twice before he is considered to have played nine (9) defensive outs.

      C.        Any team with 14 or more players for the game need only play 14 players.  Extra players

are not subject to the nine (9) defensive outs rule.

      D.        Teams are not allowed to bring less than 12 players if more are available.  If only a

certain number of players are going to be brought to a game, this should be based on

factors not related to ability.

      E.        If a team bats their entire roster, the defensive play rules still apply.

RULE SIX:  Equipment.

      A.        Diamond Dimension - 60’6” pitching rubber and 90’ bases.

      B.        All players are strongly encouraged to wear a protective cup.  Cup required for catchers.

      C.        All catchers must wear the stamped NOCSAE approved catchers mask, (hockey mask

type), per WIAA rule.

      D.        All players must wear a catcher’s mask when warming up a pitcher, including before a

game, in the bullpen, and in between innings.

      E.        The home team shall furnish 2 new Babe Ruth baseballs in addition to good, useable

extra balls.

      F.        All bats in the league shall have a length to ounce difference of a maximum of -5 and a

maximum circumference of 2⅝ inches.)  Bats must have a non-composite barrel, be

BBCOR certified, or have a USSSA 1.15 BPF.

      G.        Metal Cleats are allowed.

RULE SEVEN:  Additional rule interpretations.

      A.        Each team must field eight (8) players to start the game and will forfeit with seven (7) or

less.  Thirteen year old/7th grade players (or 12 year old 7th graders playing with their

peers) may be used in order to field a team and avoid a forfeit.  However the 7th grade

player (either 12 or 13 years old) is prohibited from pitching and shall play only if there

are less than nine 14 15 year olds.  A missing player counts as an out in the batting


      B.        To keep games moving and to prevent suspended games, there will be a maximum of

ninety seconds allowed between each half inning.  The only exception being the first

inning where the starting pitcher is allowed twelve warm up pitches.

      C.        Obvious throwing of equipment is cause for removal from the game.

      D.        A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher and/or catcher.  The courtesy runner must

be a different player for each position and a player who has not been involved in the

game or is not currently in the game.

      E.        Ten (10) run rule is in effect after five innings; 4½ innings if the home team is ahead.

     F.        Games subject to suspension will be treated as follows:

      1.        Four (4) or less innings….Game will be continued from the point at which it was

stopped. Before departing game area, coaches and each others scorekeepers

will confirm the game information required for continuation of game.

      2.  Five (5) or more innings (4½ innings if home team is ahead), game will revert

back to the bottom of the previous inning and will be considered a regulation

game at that point.

      G.        There will be no protests pertaining to game rulings.  Coaches may discuss rules with

the umpire in order to arrive at a decision which is appropriate to the game situation.

However, the umpire’s decision will be considered final.  Protests involving use of an

ineligible player or unfair use of play-time rules will be decided upon by the League


      H.        A pitcher does not have to pitch to a batter to issue an intentional walk.

      I.        Once a batter has entered the batter’s box he may not leave without time being called or

a strike will be called on the batter.

      J.        Should a runner miss a base, the defensive team must make an appeal before the next

pitch, per WIAA rule.

      K.        Make up games will be played within ten days of the original playing date (or agreed

upon date if more than 10 days).  Either team’s field should be available for

re-scheduling purposes.  A later date may be scheduled with the consent of both

coaches and the League President.  Violation of this rule will result in forfeitures for both


      L.        Time Limit – No new inning starts after 2 hours.

      M.        Inclement Weather – League will follow WIAA rules once games begins and the umpires

will work with each of the coaches to determine if/when play can/should continue.

      N.        The league is governed by WIAA baseball rules with the exception of the rules stated

herein.  The rules stated here shall have precedence over any other rules.

RULE EIGHT:  Sportsmanship.

      A.        An effort will be made to establish good sportsmanship among all teams.  At no time will

one team address another by name or position, clap hands while running bases, cause

distraction by being rowdy.  Each team should concentrate on supporting and

encouraging its team members.  On a close play at all bases every effort must be made

by the runner to avoid a collision.  If, in the umpire’s judgment, a runner has malicious

contact with a fielder, he may be removed from the game and be called out.

      B.        In an umpire’s judgment, if any coach, player, or a team’s fans are acting in an

unsportsmanship-like manner the umpire shall:

  1. Issue a warning of game ejection to the team’s head coach and player/fan in question.
  2. Eject head coach and/or player/fan in question from the game/park.

RULE NINE:  Divisions.

      A.        League schedule, divisions and playoffs will be determined at league scheduling

meeting.  No games are to be scheduled later than the Wed (2016 – July 13) before the

play-off week.  No make-up games can be scheduled later than the Thursday before the play-off week.  Games not played by this time will be counted as a loss for both teams unless it is documented that one team made an effort to play but the other did not – in this case the League President may award a win/loss to the teams

      B.        Communities with more than one team will be in different divisions if possible

      C.        Per League Vote Fall of 2011:  Teams will have the option to play in a 14 or 15 year old

open division or in the traditional 14/15 year old recreational division

RULE TEN:  Play-offs.

      A.        There will be play-off games at the end of the regular season to determine the league

Champion.  Team records will be final by the Friday prior to the play-off.

  1. League Championship playoffs will be held the third full week of July

      2.  Four division format:

The team with the best overall record in its division will be considered the winner

of said division.  In the event of identical records, the tiebreakers are as follows:

  1. Divisional record
  2. Head to head record
  3. Least runs allowed head to head
  4. Least runs allowed in division play

      3.  Two division format:

      4.  Three division format:

      5.  One division format: