Can I bring an RV to Transformus?

RV camping is allowed in Argonath ONLY. This will allow us to minimize damage to the property and avoid potential snags in traffic flow during exodus. Please note that the *very small* number of RVs allowed on site are limited to people with severe disabilities and for critical Theme Camp infrastructure. All RVs are subject to the Department of City Planning approval.


Are buses allowed at Transformus?

While these rules are guidelines, remember that all vehicles are subject to DCP approval. We generally allow buses if 1) the vehicle will be stationary throughout the event, AND 2) it is intended for public space.

What if I need my vehicle for medical reasons?

Under extreme circumstances, DCP will consider allowing vehicles (not RVs) that are necessary for medical reasons outside of Argonath. Any vehicles needed for medical considerations must first be approved by DCP.

I’m not planning to be part of a Theme Camp this year, but I’d like to bring a large vehicle. How can I submit a request to the DCP for consideration?

Send us an email at that includes the following information:

(Please note that tow vehicles will not be allowed to stay on-site during the event, but must be moved out to the parking lot with all other vehicles.)