Hajera: Theres going to be a tsunami!

Tanzee  We’re all gonna die!!!!

Sam:Don’t worry I’ll show ya what to do. You should  remember this for next time.  We have to get to high ground.

Tanzee: okay.

Kiri: hi guys just heading down to the beach to catch a wave wanna come.

Tanzee: This is a matter of life and death people now lets follow Sam.

Kiri: fine if I have to.

Tanzee: fine wanna die go and die.

Kiri: I’m coming not cause you said I was gonna die.     Well come on.

Sam: Hurry there is going to be a tsunami.

Sam, Tanzee,Hajera (talking)

Kiri: uh guys i don’t think we should be talking.

Sam:Oh no the tsunami is coming

Kiri:Oh no sam fell down I have to go get him before the tsunami gets closer.

Sam: I twisted my ankle

Kiri: No time for crying.

Tsunami: Swishhhhhhhhhhhh

Kiri:come on!

Sam:(puffing) good thing I brung a survival kit that can help us survive for at least a month.

Hajera & Tanzee: I’m so making one of those when I get back.


Hajera, Tanzee & Kiri: yeah thanks sam.

Hajera: So what exactly do you put in it?

Kiri:I know I know I KNOW

Sam:Okay what do you put in hehehe

Kiri:things that help you survive. BOOM  I’m so smart.

Hajera:like what.

Kiri:I answered the last question.

Tanzee:Fine you should put in an axe lots of water canned food , matches ,   tents , pillows , torch , first aid kit , can opener , shovel , sleeping bag , etcetera etcetera.

Kiri: I knew that.

Sam:Look the water is going down must not have been a big one.

Hajera:yeah lets go.

Everyone: bye