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$1,000+ Funding Requests Process and Guidelines

The Rotary Club of Northfield receives many requests throughout the year for funding. These requests typically come from charitable organizations and individuals seeking to advance a particular cause or project, either locally or on a larger scale. The club’s Board of Directors is tasked with reviewing such requests when the amount requested exceeds $1,000. Funding requests that do not exceed $1,000 are received and processed by a separate Local Donations committee. For more information about making a funding request to the Local Donations committee, please visit the following site:

The club’s Board of Directors receives and reviews funding requests in excess of $1,000 throughout the year. The purpose of this document is to provide the club and the public with information regarding the process and guidelines that are used by our club to fairly evaluate and respond to the funding requests received. Please note that the the process and policies that follow are not absolute. That is, our club may, in its discretion, deviate from the process or policies as the Board of Directors deems is necessary. It is the club’s hope and intent to use process and policies below as a guideline for both the club’s Board of Directors and the public to ensure that funding requests are processed fairly and efficiently.

Our Core Values:

Application Process:

Applicants must submit an Application, which can be found and submitted electronically here: Application.

The club currently does not have a deadline for applications. Instead, applications received by the club are typically reviewed at the next monthly meeting of the Board of Directors. Applications are generally reviewed in the order that they are received.

Applications will be evaluated and judged on how closely they meet our club’s selection criteria as provided below. Each applicant will be notified as to results of its funding request.

Our club strictly operates without discrimination as to age, race, religion, gender, secual orientation, handicap, or national origin in the consideration of funding requests.

Any questions, comments, or concerns should be submitted here.

Funding Guidelines:

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