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Police Procedural Manual

- Patrol Division -

A Message from the Commissioner

“As police officers we represent the city of Los Santos. It is our job to tackle crime and protect the city from security threats but also to show the public that we are a friendly and a trustworthy police department. These are the aims which you have to have at the back of your mind when carrying out your training and also on the field”

Chief Commissioner, AlanC199197

Table of Contents

Mission Statement        4

Rank Structure        5

Administration        6

Rules of General Conduct        8

Uniform Regulation        9

Weapons Regulation        10

Use of Force        11

Criminal Investigations        13

Radio Communication Procedure        14

Citation Procedure        16

Arrest Procedure        17

Patrolling Procedure        18

Pursuit Procedure        19

Filing Complaints        20

Roleplay Regulations        21

Additional Information        22

Manual Information        22

Mission Statement

Rank Structure

The Chief Commissioner is the Head of the Police


Every officer reports to his/her respective commander


Rules of General Conduct

Uniform Regulation

Weapons Regulation

Use of Force

Criminal Investigations

Radio Communication Procedure

Citation Procedure

Arrest Procedure 

Patrolling Procedure

Pursuit Procedure/Policy

5.Any officer on a pursuit may call it off due to concern for public safety. No officer may override this. Reasons for this are:

     6.A pursuit must be discontinued if one of the    

       following occurs:


       Under exceptional circumstances may this be    

       permitted if the suspect is wanted for a felony      

       offence and the active commander authorises the  

       continuation of pursuit.

Filing Complaints

Roleplay Regulations

Additional Information

Manual Information

Manual created by Lieutenant Jixxerjr 08

Last Revised - December 2016

Approved for Use - May 2017

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Patrol Procedural Manual