Approved by General Membership  06/19/2017

Article 1 Objective:

Section 1

The purpose of the Billerica Youth Soccer Association (BYSA) shall be specifically for the educational purposes as defined in and pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The BYSA’s objectives are to implant firmly in the youth participants the ideals of fair play, good sportsmanship, self-discipline, and team play. These objectives are intended to help the youth participants grow into responsible adulthood.

Section 2

The objectives will be achieved by providing responsible supervised competition and instruction in the sport of soccer. The BYSA leadership and coaches will bear in mind, at all times, that


Section 3

The principal office of the BYSA is to be located in the Town of Billerica, Middlesex County, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Section 4

No part of the net earnings of the BYSA shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to: its members, trustees, officers, or other private persons, except that the BYSA shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in Section A hereof. No substantial part of the activities of the BYSA shall be the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and the BYSA shall not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign, on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office. Notwithstanding any other provision of these Constitution/Bylaws, the BYSA shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on (a) by an association exempt from federal income tax under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or (b) by an Association, contributions to which are deductible under Section 170 (c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

Section 5

Upon the dissolution of the BYSA, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by the Court of Common Pleas of the county in which the principal office of the Association then located, exclusively for such purposes or to such organization or organizations, as said Court shall determine which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.

In witness whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our names this day of _______.

Signature: Officer – Title:____________________________________

Signature: Officer – Title: ____________________________________

Article 2 League Officers:

Section 1

Governing of the BYSA shall be under the supervision of the Board of Directors (BOD). The BOD will enforce any and all rules, regulations, and policy matters in accordance with the bylaws of the BYSA as adopted by the general membership. The BOD shall consist of a maximum of 15 members but not less than 11 members. Positions on the board are for two-year terms except for the position of President. An individual shall not be elected for more than one voting board position. The voting members of the BYSA shall elect officers at the end of a spring soccer season no later than June 30th. Any resident of the community (Billerica) is eligible to run or be appointed for elective office in the BYSA. The BOD will determine the time and place for elections and will advertise at least 30 days prior to say elections.

Each year, approximately half of the BOD positions will be up for re-election.

In odd years, the following positions will be elected: Executive Secretary, Registrar, Instructional Director, Travel Fields Director, Fundraising Director, Referee Director and Player Development Director

In even years, the following positions will be elected: Travel Team Director, Intramural Director, In-Town Fields Director, Equipment Director, Webmaster/Communications Director, Coaching Development Director

Section 2

The position of President shall be for a term of three years. After three years the current President will be put out for General Election. In case of resignation, a committee of three will be chosen to elect a candidate for the BOD to vote on from the current BOD who has at least two years of BOD membership.

Section 3

The position of the Treasurer shall be for a term of three years. This person will be elected from within the BOD each even year prior to the Annual Meeting in the year following the President term being put out for a vote during the General Election and the person will have already served two years on the BOD.

Section 4

The BOD shall have control of the property and management of the BYSA. Funds of the BYSA shall be withdrawn from the financial institution where they are on deposit for BYSA business, by the duly elected treasurer, or in his/her absence, the President.

Section 5

Any vacancy of a BOD position must be filled by a vote of the BOD after the candidate (s) is/are presented by a nomination committee made up of three Board of Directors selected by the President. The elected candidate will fill the unexpired portion of the elected term.

Section 6

Should the BOD determine the existence of a need for a directorship, providing such directorship does not exceed the maximum allowable number of board members, it may, with a 2/3 vote, fill that directorship. The Elected director will fill the position until the end of following June after which the position is to resume the two year term.

Section 7

Should the BOD determine that a directorship is no longer needed, it may, with a 2/3 vote, eliminate that directorship excluding the following positions: President, Treasurer, Secretary, Registrar and Equipment Director.

Section 8

Any BOD with four or more unexcused absences from board meetings during their term can be subjected to a review by the BOD and, with a 2/3 affirmative vote, will be removed from the BOD.

Section 9

Any member of the BOD that resigns their position or is removed from such position by the BOD must observe a waiting period prior to running for an elected position or accepting nominations from the floor.  A BOD position may not be assumed by a resigned person before the second election following the resignation. 

Exception to the rule – If a resignation in good standing occurs or in the case of a lateral move, a waiting period is not necessary. (Example of a lateral move: vacating the coaching director to become the Player Development Director) The determination of good standing will be voted by the Board of Directors majority at the time the resignation is accepted.

Article 3 Conflict of Interest:

Whenever a member of the BYSA BOD or General Board Member has a business, financial interests, or those of your external relationships, such as with family, friends, employers or other entity other than the BYSA’s interest in any matter coming before the board of directors, the board shall ensure that:

Section 1

The interest of such member is fully disclosed to the board of directors. The position of President and Treasurer may not be held by related members.

Section 2

No interested member may vote or lobby on the matter or be counted in determining the existence of a quorum at the meeting of the board of directors at which such matter is voted upon.

Exception to the rule if the interested member discloses the information to the BOD, and the BOD agrees to accept the interested member’s vote.

Section 3

Any transaction in which a member has a financial, personal or other entity other than the BYSA’s interest shall be duly approved by members of the board of directors not so interested or connected as being in the best interests of the BYSA.

Section 4

Payments to the interested member shall be reasonable and shall not exceed fair market value.

Section 5

The minutes of meetings at which such votes are taken shall record such disclosure, abstention, and rationale for approval.

Article 4 Executive Board:

The executive Board of Directors (BOD) responsibilities are as follows:

Section 1


A) Presides as chairman at all meetings.

B) Shall be the chief officer of the BYSA, and it shall be his/her duties to see that all the laws of BYSA are enforced.

C) Checks the financial records of the BYSA.

D) Appoints committees and delegates responsibilities as required.

E) Generates written meeting agendas.

Section 2

Travel Team Director:

A) Submits travel team rosters to Middlesex League.

B) Insures that league fees and travel team affiliation fees are paid.

C) Insures that all travel teams’ coaches & players have ID cards.

D) Gives to the Travel Fields Director the number of fields that are needed for the town teams.

E) Works in conjunction with the Coaching Director to ensure that all BYSA travel teams are properly placed in accordance with the direction of the BOD. Submits to MYSL with each team’s entry form the BYSA’s recommendations for placement in specific divisions.

F) Gives to the Coaching Director the number of coaches needed for all travel teams.

G) Works with Registrar to see that every child in the program is properly registered and every coach and assistant coach is affiliated and has filled out a CORI form.

H) Posts rosters on the BYSA website within two weeks after the completion of the Commissioner’s Cup

I) Selects dates for Travel Tryouts with assistance from the Coaching Development Director and the Player Development Director. These dates must be approved by the BOD.

J) Prepares and secures approval of all administrative documents related to Travel Tryouts

Section 3

Intramural Director:  

A) Organizes all intramural teams and games.

B) Gives to the Equipment Manager the number of uniforms and equipment bags

C) Gives to the In-Town Fields Director the number of fields that will be needed for the intramural program.

D) Gives to the Referee Director the schedule of games, teams, and coaches’ names in the intramural program.

E) Provides all coaches access to a copy of the age appropriate BYSA Coaching Guidelines online.

F) Works with Registrar to see that every child in the program is properly registered and every coach and assistant coach is affiliated and CORI’d.

G) Appoints Intramural coaches

H) Age groups in the intramural program will be determined by the Intramural Director

I) Provides list of coaches not returning to the Equipment Director in order to collect equipment

Section 4

Instructional Director:

A) Set up all instructional division teams.

B) Gives to Equipment Director the number of uniforms needed for the instructional division program.

C) Gives to the In-town Fields Director the number of fields that will be needed for the instructional division program. .

D) Provides all coaches access to a copy of the age appropriate BYSA Coaching Guidelines online

E) Works with Registrar to see that every child in the program is properly registered and every coach and assistant coach is affiliated and CORI’d.

F) Appoints Instructional coaches.

G) Age groups in the instructional program will be proposed by the Instructional Director

Section 5


A) Chairs the Budget Committee

B) Receives, accounts for, and deposits all moneys in the name of BYSA.

C) Prepares a monthly report of assets and deficits for presentation to the BOD’s meetings.

D) Pays all bills as so directed and approved by the BOD.

E) At the expiration of the term of office, or in case of resignation or removal, delivers to the successor in office, all monies, books, and property of the BYSA, or in the absence of a successor, to the BYSA President.

F) Provides to the President a monthly copy of all financial information.

G) Submits annually to the association’s auditor all relevant association financial information.

H) Submits annually to the state all required organizational information.

Section 6


A) Sets dates to open and close registration per season online and paper if necessary.

B) Insures all registrants meet the requirements of Article 6 of the bylaws.

C) Works with Travel Team Director to insure all travel team players are registered and affiliated.

D) Works with Intramural Director to insure all players are registered and affiliated.

E) Works with Instructional Director to insure all players are registered and affiliated.

F) Submits to the treasurer for payment, all applicable fees due to the MYS office.

Section 7

Executive Secretary:

A) Records minutes of official meetings and Provides copies to the BOD.

B) Sends out notification to the BOD of upcoming dates, times and places of meetings.

C) Handles correspondence of league as so directed by the President and the BOD.

D) Maintains a master records file for each BOD and all their correspondence.

E) Maintains a master record file for all correspondence of the league.

F) Sets up individual files for coaches or members of the BYSA who have signed written complaints made against them and of members with documented concerns and/or problems.

G) Upon resignation or replacement, passes on all records including: minutes, correspondence and complaint files to the new Executive Secretary.

Section 8

Travel Fields Directors:

A) Requests from the recreation commission the number of fields needed to run the program.

B) Acquires field permits for all BYSA required fields.

C) Assigns fields for scrimmages.

D) Sets practice schedules for travel teams.

E) Coordinates travel game times with the Middlesex League.

F) Reschedules travel games as needed

G) Lays out Travel fields prior to the start of the season.

H) Insures all fields are properly lined each week during the season.

I) Insures all fields have been properly secured at the end of each day during the season.

J) Insures there are enough nets, corner flags, and goal posts for all fields requested. If not, gives to equipment manager a list of items needed.

L) Insures that nets and corner flags are put up at the beginning of the day and taken down at the end of the day for scheduled games.

M) Coordinates field clean up days as needed

Section 9

In-town Fields Director

A) Assigns the fields to the Instructional and Intramural Directors.

B) Sets practice schedules for Intramural teams

C) Lays out In-Town fields prior to the start of the season.

D) Insures all fields are properly lined each week during the season.

E) Insures all fields have been properly secured at the end of each day during the season.

F) Insures there are enough nets and goal posts for all fields requested. If not, gives to Equipment Director a list of items needed.

G) Contacts vendor to install and remove portable toilets at the start and end of every season for all fields (Travel and In-Town)

H) Recruits parking volunteers as needed

I) Coordinates field clean up days as needed

Section 10

Equipment Director:

A) Provides the following per season:

1. Uniforms as needed.

2. Balls & bags as needed.

3. First aid kits as needed.

4. Nets, corner flags & goal posts as needed.

B) Orders whatever equipment and uniforms that are necessary to keep the program running.

C) Maintains a general inventory of all BYSA equipment and lists the storage facilities where such equipment is secured.

D) Submits all uniform and equipment purchases to the BOD if the order costs is within 5% of the previous year order.  If not, the Budget Committee must approve prior the order.

E) Collects all equipment from the intramural and travel coaches at end of spring season

F) Contacts coaches that are no longer assigned to teams and reclaims BYSA’s equipment. 

G) Selects BYSA merchandise for online store and communicates sale dates to the Communications Director

H) Orders and distributes BYSA merchandise purchased from the online store

Section 11

Fundraiser Director:

A) Recommends methods of raising money for the BYSA.

B) Chairs all committees that are involved in fundraising which may consist of, but is not limited to, sponsorships, concession stands, raffles, league functions, etc.

C) Informs the Treasurer when to be available when large amounts of money is involved.

D) Organizes annual photo session.

E) Researches available Grants and organizes the application process. 

F) Coordinates volunteers for Fundraising activities

If a tournament will be run by BYSA:

A) Completes and files an application to host a tournament or games with the state office

B) Completes and files a tournament or game hosting agreement with supporting documents and information with the state office.

C) Determines and submits rules for the tournament games with the state office.

D) Sets fees for tournaments.

E) Appoints and oversees committees to handle all aspects of tournaments.

F) Files a tournament report with the state office, after the tournament

G) Provides a list of items to be purchased to the equipment director and the Treasurer (i.e.: shirts, trophies, etc.)

H) Coordinates and recruits volunteers to run the tournament

Section 12

Communications Directors:

A) Procures from all coaches, Board members, and members of the BYSA any news/photographs that will keep the general membership informed of what is happening in the BYSA and see to it that it is properly publicized.

B) Maintains all third party advertising on web site

C) Builds and maintains relationships between the BYSA and town agencies and other sports associations.

D) Responsible for social media sites used for BYSA communications through Teamsnap and Sportsmanager

E) Maintains the BYSA website content

F) Provides web traffic reporting

G) Provides technical assistance to the Board of Directors as needed

Section 13

Referee Director:

A) Referees:

1. Travel team referees will be governed by the bylaws of the participating league.

2. The Referee Director will assign Intramural Program referees.

3. The Instructional Program does not require referee.

B) Receives from the Travel Team Director and Intramural Director schedules of games to be played during the season and assigns referees and linesmen (when necessary) to those games for which he/she is responsible.

C) Notifies referees of any changes in schedules or game cancellations that he has knowledge of.

D) Insures that all referees:

1. Be an active member of BYSA.

2. Hold a grade 8 or higher referee license for travel games.

3. Have no conflicting interests

E) Insures all referees are affiliated and that certification is current.

F) Must provide to Registrar a list off all referees over 18 years of age that must be CORI.

G) Must be certified as a Certified USSF assignor.

H) Provides information on referee certification and recertification classes being held in the state for referees and potential referees.

I) Tracks referee assignments and provide the information to the Treasurer for referee payments

Section 14

Coaching Development Director:

A) Obtains BOD approval for the coaching qualifications used to select coaches by the BOD (licensing, Experience)

B) Chairs the Coaching Committee that recommends coaches to the BOD and presents such candidate selections for its vote.

C) Provides to all coaches a listing of licensed courses being offered in the state. On at least a yearly basis, sets up and provides mandatory training courses that are age appropriate for the intramural coaches. The President will assign help if requested.

D) If interest warrants, coordinates a coaching license course in town for BYSA and surrounding communities.

E) Participates in the Dispute Resolution Committee for written and signed complaints against coaches

F) Assists Instructional and Intramural Directors with their selections of coaches for their programs.

G) Attends all MYSL placement meetings to ensure the town teams are properly placed in accordance with the direction of the Board.

H) Submits to MYSL with each team’s entry form the BYSA’s recommendations for placement in specific divisions. All coaches are invited to attend, and provide input to the BYSA at its placement meeting and to attend the MYSL placement meeting.

I) Insures that coaches perform their duties in a reasonable amount of time, e.g. notifying their team, having practices, etc.

J) Notifies coaching applicants of the BOD coaching selection appointments.

K) Provides all intramural coaches with age appropriate training guides (booklets or pamphlets). These free materials may be distributed during the mandatory training sessions.

L) Designates age groups practice format with vendors as needed

M) Provides list of coaches not returning to the Equipment Director in order to collect equipment

Section 15

Player Development Director:

A) Chairs the Tryout Committee 

B) Provides all coaches (travel, intramural, instructional)

1. Age appropriate training guides. These materials are to be distributed at mandatory training sessions.

2. Provide curriculum of practice/training sessions for each age group on a set for all in town programs.

C) Sets and creates format for tryouts. Dates are to be presented by the April Board Meeting allowing enough time for notification for the membership.

D) Works with the Coaching Director to ensure that what the coaches are learning are in line with the curriculum for the players.

E) Informs the membership of external camp and training opportunities throughout the year.

F) Provides off season (winter) training sessions to be run by BYSA.  

G) Revises the curriculum in the Coaching Handbooks.

H) Maintains a curriculum of all off season workout plans.

Section 16

Additional Non-Voting Advisory Positions:

A) Parliamentarian: An existing Board member will be designated by vote of the BOD as the BYSA Parliamentarian. This is a non-voting position.

B) Assistants: All BOD, with approval of the Board, may appoint an assistant

1. Assistants may participate only as general members at Board meetings.

2. The corresponding BOD is responsible for all communications and answering all questions at the board meeting related to the Board position.

Article 5 Committees:

Section 1

Bylaws Committee

This committee will review the Bylaws on a biannual basis and bring bylaw change recommendations to the Board for Approval by the April BOD meeting.  This committee will also be responsible for presenting the BOD approved changes at the General Meeting (AGM) and obtaining membership approval.

Section 2

Budget Committee

This committee establishes the annual budget and submits proposal to the BOD for approval prior to the Annual Meeting.  The Treasurer will chair this three-person committee.

Section 3

Coaching Selection Committee

The committee is composed of seven members consisting of the Travel Team Director, the Coaching Director, at least one additional Board member and at least two additional, non-Board, licensed coaches (preferably from the BYSA membership), will be appointed by the Coaching Director. The committee is responsible for recommending travel team coaches to the BOD each spring for the following fall and spring seasons. The committee will present its recommendations to the BOD as early in the spring season as possible but no later than May 15. A majority vote of the BOD is required to affirm all coaching appointments.

*A person not participate in the Coaching Selection Committee and the Tryout Committee

Section 4

Dispute Resolution Committee

This five person committee will be in place to review written complaints or disputes against an individual.  The committee will also be responsible for executing the procedures for Article 7 Section 2.

Section 5

Election Committee

The BYSA President will appoint an Election Committee that will consist of three Board members whose positions are not up for election. The Election Committee Chairperson will send an email to all BYSA members by May1 with election information of available board position. The election committee will inform the Board members at least twice in May of the candidates for each.  On June 2, the ballot of candidates will be distributed to the membership.

Section 6

Tryout Committee

This committee is responsible for creating and executing the Travel tryout format, setting the tryout dates, creating an evaluation form, assigning player evaluators during tryouts, compiling the evaluation data and providing all coaches in the age bracket the relevant information prior to the second night of tryouts.   The tryouts will be standardized within each grade group. In addition, this committee will establish a process to ensure the best players are selected for each team and oversee the Team Selection Meeting.

*A person cannot participate in the Coaching Selection Committee and the Tryout Committee with the exception of the Travel Team Director who serves as the administrative liaison to MYSL.

Section 7

Scholarship Committee

This committee will evaluate the scholarship applications and select the recipients of the BYSA scholarships prior to the deadline set by the town. This three person committee may be made up of BOD or BYSA members but may not include a member who has a child in their final year of high school or has submitted an application.

Article 6 Membership:

Section 1

General Membership:

A) Any resident of the Town of Billerica is entitled to be a non-voting member in the BYSA.

B) A non-resident of the town of Billerica must have a child affiliated with BYSA.

Section 2

Voting Membership

A) To be a voting member in BYSA you must currently be 18 years of age or older and a:

1. BYSA Board member

2. BYSA Coach

3. BYSA Assistant Board member or other non-voting advisory position

4. BYSA Assistant Coach

5. BYSA Referee

Each voting member may only vote once regardless of the number of eligible positions the voting member holds.  All voting members must have their position designated in the organization website and have been CORI’d.

Section 3

Youth Membership

A youth member is a child who has paid his/her registration fee, is assigned to a team, and is a resident of Billerica.

Exception to Section 3:

A) A youth member can be a student in the Billerica school system but not a resident.

B) A youth member who has played for BYSA in the past and has moved out of town but wants to stay with the BYSA.

C) Children from out of town may register for BYSA in town programs when space is available and their town does not offer a program.

Any other exceptions to Article 6 must have a 2/3 approval vote from the BOD.

In accordance with state regulations, any travel team player coming from out of state must have a release letter from his/her home state for approval to play in a participating league in Massachusetts.

Article 7 Coaches

Coaches and assistant coaches are governed by the Board of Directors and the bylaws of the BYSA. They receive their authority to coach from the BOD and the bylaws.

Section 1

Travel Team:

A) The Coach Selection Committee will use the following criteria when evaluating and selecting a candidate to coach a Travel Team:

  1. Service time in the BYSA
  2. Experience in the grade group being applied for
  3. Coaching license level or equivalent experience (it is expected that a license will be acquired the following year and if the license was not obtained within the expected timeframe for an existing coach, the lack of license should be considered for future selections.)
  4. Ability as an instructor
  5. Actual game and practice observation by the committee
  6. Interview process (used only in case of a tie or disputed selection, not for every coach)

B) Coaching Application Policy: (Travel Team Only)

  1. Coaching applications must be emailed or mailed to the Coaching Director and must be postmarked no later than midnight of the due date as set by the BYSA BOD.
  2. Coaching Director will confirm receipt of application via returned email.
  3. Applications received after the deadline will be considered as follows:

a. For the team requested unless there were candidates that submitted applications on time for the same team.

b. For another team in need of a coach.

C) Coaching Requirements: Travel Team coaches, elected or appointed, are expected to obtain the following licenses within six months of appointment or up to one year if Billerica isn’t offering a course:

D) Travel Team Coaches are also governed by the rules of the Middlesex Youth Soccer League.

Section 2

Removal Procedure for a Coach:

A) A signed, verifiable complaint must be filed in writing to a BOD.

B) The BOD contact will provide the complaint to the Chairperson of the Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) for discussion.

C) If the committee finds that action needs to be taken per our bylaws, and then the individual, to whom the complaint was initiated against, will be asked to appear before the DRC, along with the individual making the complaint. The committee may elect not to have both parties present at the same time.

D) If the committee votes in favor of the complainant, then the Chairperson will send letter of reprimand to the offending individual. The letter will state the offense, the decision, and that he/she will be removed from the position if a second complaint is made and the committee votes in favor of the complaint

E) The committee will provide the results of their investigation and action required to the BOD at the following Board meeting.

Exceptions to the rules are:

A) Striking a player, general member, Board member or an official involved in control of the game or;

B) Convicted in open court of immoral or illegal acts.

C) Loss of CORI

D) Other egregious acts as deemed by a 2/3rds vote of the BOD

Individuals found violating these exceptions can be removed on the first complaint by a 2/3rds vote of the BOD based on the findings presented by the committee.

Section 3

Coaching Responsibilities:

A) All coaches are responsible for the training, discipline and operation of their team. They are required to see to it that every youth member plays approximately one-half of every game, unless a discipline problem or attendance issues are involved.

B) A coach is encouraged to obtain an assistant coach.

C) All coaches shall act as liaisons between BYSA, parents and youth members.

D) All coaches are responsible for obtaining and returning all BYSA equipment.

E) All coaches shall reach out to all youth members on their roster within a date set by the BYSA.

F) All coaches shall be expected to volunteer for all BYSA sponsored events.

Article 8 Team Requirements:

Section 1

Number of players

A) Travel Teams: Maximum size is established by the Middlesex Youth Soccer League (MYSL)

B) Intramural Division: As governed by the BYSA.

C) Instructional Division: As governed by the BYSA. A minimum of 6 players is required. If a team cannot field the minimum required, it might borrow players from its opponents.

Section 2


A) Travel team tryouts shall be held at select dates by the Travel Director with the assistance of the Coaching Director and Player Development Director. The time and place must be designated by the BOD and announced to the membership at least 30 days prior to the scheduled tryout. 

B) No one is guaranteed a spot on any team. It is the responsibility of the Player Development Director to propose to the BOD, for approval, a process to choose the best players for the teams. The method for team player selection will be presented by the Coaching Director to the BOD for approval prior to tryouts.

C) Both the Coaching and Player Development Directors shall select the skill assessments that will be used for Travel Tryouts. Also shall decide what skills should be on the Travel Tryout Evaluation Form.

D) Tryouts will be conducted in a format as determined by the BYSA BOD of directors. The formats will be standardized within each grade group.

E) Copies of all evaluation sheets will be given to the Coaching Director and Player Development Director.  Evaluation sheets and doctor’s note restricting a player from trying out will be retained in a sealed envelope for a period of 12 months. 

F) A child who has been selected for a Travel team must have fully participated and been fully evaluated in at least one tryout unless a doctor’s note has restricted the ability to participate.

G) Any child wishing to try out for a travel team must try out within their own grade group only. Any exceptions to this rule will require the Travel Player and Coach Transition Committee to complete a player evaluation prior to tryouts and provide a recommendation.

H) All players must play in the travel team for which the player was selected for. If the player selected chooses not to play for that team, he/she must return and play in intramurals.

I) All players who have made a team will be notified within two weeks after the completion of the Commissioner’s Cup.

J) Prior to trying out, players must be registered.

Section 3

Team Rosters

A) Travel team rosters will be frozen by team name and number by MYSL Board of Directors’ established due date.


  1. Any vacancies after that date may be filled by the coach by drawing from a lower travel team with in the same age bracket.
  2. If there are no players available from lower travel teams then the coach can start drawing from within the intramural team within the appropriate age bracket.
  3. If a coach decides to draft from a lower level team, the parents of the child being moved must consent by writing a letter to the BOD; and the BOD must approve the move with a 2/3 vote.
  4. Exception to the rule: if both coaches do not agree to the move, the BOD may, with a 3⁄4 vote, approve the move, with a letter of approval from the parents.

B) Intramural and instructional division rosters will have the ability to add children throughout the whole season. The BOD will attempt to assure that no child, properly registered on time, will be denied a chance to participate unless there are conditions beyond the control of the BOD, i.e. no team in a particular age level or grade group.

C) Older players are not allowed to play in a younger age level or grade group (e.g.: a U12 player cannot play on a U10 team).

D) Grade groups and/or age brackets for registration are determined by MYSA and MYSL. 

E) No member of any team with the BYSA may be removed from said team once a team roster is submitted to the BOD for that season. Exception to the rule is: a team member may be drafted by the next higher level team in accordance with (Article 8.Section 3.A).

F) Also, the BOD may, upon the request of a coach, a parent, or the Travel Team Director, remove a player from the roster with a 2/3 affirmative vote of the BOD.

Section 4


A) Scrimmages can be played by any level at any time provided participating coaches make their own arrangements for officials, field set up, and notification of all parties involved. Coaches must have the approval from the field director for use of any soccer field that the BYSA has permits for or has control over. Permits can only be pulled by the Travel Field Director.

Section 5

Season Schedules

  1. Travel team schedules are to be determined by the participating league. Fall division placement will be recommended by the BYSA Travel Director with input from the respective coaches.  Final placement is determined by MYSL Board of Directors. Spring division placement is determined by the MYSL Board of Directors with input from the MYSL Age Director.
  2. Intramural schedules are to be determined by the Intramural Director
  3. Instructional division schedules are to be determined by the Instructional Director.

Section 6


A) Travel team cancellations are governed by the bylaws of the participating league, or in special circumstances due to inclement weather or bad field conditions, by the referee or by the Travel Field Director.

B) Intramural cancellations are determined by the Intramural Director, or in special circumstances due to inclement weather or bad field conditions, by the referee or by the In-town Fields Director.

C) Instructional cancellations are determined by the Instructional Director, or in special circumstances due to inclement weather or bad field conditions, by the In-town Fields Director.

D) The Communications Director will be notified by the above named individuals once they have made a cancellation decision so that notification on our web site can be made.

Article 9 Other BYSA Items

Section 1

Uniforms and Equipment

A) Quality, quantity, and all matters relating to uniforms and equipment are to be determined by the Board upon the recommendation of the Equipment Manager.

Section 2

Registration Fees

A) Registration fees will be determined by the Board prior to the start of registration.

B) Financial Hardships: Any BYSA director may approve the waiver of registration fees due to financial hardship. The director will inform the Treasurer, the Registrar, and the appropriate division coordinator of the waiver. The Treasurer will maintain a record for future reference. Board members will be informed when a waiver is granted at the next scheduled meeting. Circumstances concerning the waiver may be discussed but the recipient’s name need not be disclosed. At the end of every registration period the Registrar shall submit to the Board a detailed itemization of all registration fee waivers granted, for submission to that meeting’s minutes

C) Waiver of Board Member Registration Fees: All registration fees will be waived for BYSA Board of Director members’ children while they are Board members in good standing. Board members who resign during a season will not be required to reimburse that season’s fees.

Section 3


A) This is an affiliated Association and liability insurance is included in the affiliation fee.

Section 4


  1. All purchases over $75 must have prior approval by the Treasurer and must be reported by the treasurer at the next Board meeting. Any requests for purchases totaling over $500.00 must be submitted to the Board with three competitive bids before Board approval can be requested. Purchases made under $75.00 must be presented, with receipts, at the net Board meeting for Board approval.

Exception to the requiring board approval and obtaining bids for purchases over $500 applies to uniforms and equipment orders made by the Equipment Manager.

Section 5


A) A Board of directors meeting will generally be held the third Monday of the month.

B) In order to hold a meeting, there must be a quorum of the Board of directors. A quorum is when there are greater than 50% of voting Board members present.

C) The Board, with a 2/3 vote, may elect to cancel a meeting.

D) All meetings of the BYSA are open to the general membership.

E) The Board may, with a 2/3 vote, go into executive session.

F) The President has the power to call a Board meeting at any reasonable time and place.

G) General membership meetings may be called by the President or the Board at any time and place.

H) The BOD must call at least one General Meeting (AGM) per year prior to June 30th for elections of BOD and other Board members.

Section 6


A) Elections are to be held at the end of each spring soccer season prior to June 30th.

B) Candidates for office are required to file their candidacy with the chairman of the election committee prior to June 1st. Candidates must be general members. Candidates should consider committee assignments associated with each Executive Board Position stated in Article 2 to limit related individuals from serving on the same committee; however, the membership may elect related individuals who may serve on the same committee.

C) The Board will establish the date, time and place and will advertise at least 30 days prior to the election.

D) In accordance with Article 5, Section 6, the election committee will be responsible for all communication related to the election.

G) The Communications Director will post the interest forms for positions up for election on the BYSA website and provide access to the Election committee members to determine the candidate applications. 

H) Winners will be determined by the majority vote of the general membership.

I) Following the election, the Board meeting will adjourn, with no further action.

J) All newly elected members will assume their positions at the next BOD meeting.

Section 7

Bylaw Changes and Additions:

A) All Bylaws change request must be given to Bylaw Committee for review before presented to the board.

B) Any bylaw changes or additions are accomplished by a 2/3 vote of the Board and a 2/3 vote of the general membership in attendance at the next general meeting. All bylaws take effect immediately upon passage.

C) Exceptions may be made to any specific bylaw on a per case basis by a 2/3 vote of the Board.

Section 8


A) Travel Team protests must be filed in accordance with the bylaws of the participating league.

B) In-town Teams division and referee protests must be made to the Board in writing with a $50 protest bond. The letter must be postmarked within 48 hours of the game.

C) The Board will send a letter in response to the protest to the person who is making the protest and to the person the protest is against explaining the Board’s decision and what actions will be taken, if any.

D) The $50 protest bond will be refunded if the Board votes in favor of the protest.

Section 9

Post Season Play

A) Any team representing BYSA in any BYSA sanctioned event shall notify the board of such event. (Tournaments, etc.) The Board must approve any moneys involved or the use of BYSA equipment. Any play without Board approval is not sanctioned by the BYSA.

Section 10

Computer Software

B) The president of the BYSA will maintain a back-up copy of any and all software belonging to the organization. Board members utilizing BYSA software for recordkeeping will give the President an updated back-up copy of all records at each meeting of the BYSA Board of Directors.

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BYSA Bylaws – Last Revised 2017