Get Happy!

 Six Ways Pets Make Your Life Awesome        

How many times have you had a pretty awful day? Work didn’t go as planned, you missed a deadline, or you just had a fight with your significant other. Your kids might be sick, or you just found out that your tax refund is actually a tax bill. Either way, not everyday is awesome, and sometimes life can be just plain tough. However, while thinking about one of these not-so-good-happenings, imagine you open the door to your apartment and you are greeted by a rushing ball of fur, a wagging tail, and a smothering of love. Your pet doesn’t know about your day, he just wants to give you some love. Those stresses melt away and your pet brings you back to happiness and hope.

        March 20th is International Happiness Day, so here at Deceased Pet Care, we wanted to have a more lighthearted reminder of why pets are awesome and the myriad of way that can be nothing but an asset to your life. So without further ado, here are six ways pets can be

awesome for you.


Lighten the Load

We all want to drop a few pounds, and other than the first two weeks of January, dropping a waist size seems to be almost impossible. Well, it’s scientifically proven that people with pets on average weigh a bit less than their pet free counterparts. This could be because pets are often associated with exercise and more frequent outdoor excursions. More likely, a well behaved pet can reduce stress and the production of cortisol, which is the “stress hormone” that leads to weight gain.

Zen Moment

Speaking of stress, people with pets have higher levels of dopamine, which is the happiness hormone. Pet’s give you small moments of productivity like a quick morning walk, which can lead to a spike of happiness, and a productive moment that helps snowball your day from lazy, to one that gets stuff done.

Romance is Right Around the Corner

That’s right, having a pet, more specifically a dog is a guaranteed way to almost double your chances of a date. Singles with pets are more likely to be viewed as dependable, caring, responsible, and even attractive to other singles. So it looks like Fido is a necessary part of any well-planned dating game.

Healthier All Around

People with pets enjoy a myriad of health benefits, from lower blood pressure and cholesterol, to reduced susceptibility with local allergies. When you couple that with the lower levels of stress and potential weight loss, bringing home a pet seems better by the second.

Support Structure

Like we said earlier, life can be hard, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However pets can be a great natural way to reduce anxiety, help treat depression, give emotional support, improve self esteem, and provide struggling people purpose. Looks like that scratch behind the ears is doing just as much for you as it is for your pet.

Doing Good for Those Who Do Good

Pets are also an integral part to caring for those in need around our community. The ways pets help others are endless but just a few include seeing eye-dogs, police K-9 units, emotional support dogs, and even Pets for Vets; an awesome non-profit that not only rescues pets in need but partners them with Veterans who can benefit from a companion dog.

        Now if that’s not a few reasons to be happier on International Happiness Day, we don’t know what to say! At Deceased Pet Care, we appreciate all the ways pets can improve our life. We hope that the next time you’ve had a long day, and your pet greets you with wagging tail or silent snuggle, you take a moment to breathe and realize just how happy a day it is indeed.