November 3, 2016 – RELIEF SOCIETY

Conducting:  Sister Baker and Sister Hopf

Accompanist:  Sister Ransom

Chorister:  Sister Curcino

Special Musical Number:  Come Unto Christ - Accompanied by Sister Oeser


Sister Hug and Sister Macfarlane

Opening Prayer: Sister Smith

Purpose:  Sister Samame


Sister Samame


•        Inspections are this week

•        Next week is Zone Conference

•        Please get your flu shots

•        President Risenmay – please check the interview schedule as some changes have been made; 42% of our baptisms come from referral confirmation; please make contacts within the first 15 minutes of referral confirmation; when on chats, please do not use all caps, always be in pairs on chats, please discontinue chats and calls immediately when inappropriate comments and questions come in.

Role Play: Sister Battulga and Sister Foote showed us how to conduct a referral confirmation, place a Bible and Book of Mormon and send referral to local missionaries.


Sister Battulga and Sister Foote

Lesson was taught by Sisters Alliaud, Sarace, Günther and Pierre.  They taught Chapter 18 from the Howard W. Hunter study guide – We Believe in Being Honest.

The sisters told the story of President Hunter being given more licorice that he paid for while on a trip to Hearst Castle.  Even though it was extremely inconvenient for him, upon discovering the error, he went back and paid the for the additional licorice he was given.  We should be honest in small and large matters.

Sister Chua read the following quote.


The question was posed:  How can I be honest in my mission?  Sister Hug said it is a personal decision where we open up about ourselves with honesty or to “open our box.”  Sister Fischer that we need to be honest with ourselves.

We can have the light of Christ if we are honest all the time.  If you are not honest, you are boxed in.  If you are honest you gather more and more light of Christ.  If you are dishonest, you lose a portion of the light of Christ.

We need to honest and recognize the things that we each need to do.


Sister Pilapitiya read the following scripture.


She told us that she had a very strict upbringing where she learned that honesty brings happiness.


Sister Sommerfeldt and Sister Oeser read the above quote.

Sister Carrus told a story of being with her parents at a shopping mall.  They found a wallet that was literally full of money.  She told her parents that they were so “lucky” to have found the money.  Her parents told her they needed to find the owner and return the wallet.  They found the identification card, called the woman and told her they found her wallet.  Even though it was quite a distance, they took the wallet to the woman.  She was so thrilled that all the money was still in the wallet.  Sister Carrus learned a great lesson from that experience.

We can be honest at all times now and later in life.  Integrity is the quality of being honest.  The sisters quoted Job 27:5 “Until I die I will not remove my integrity from me.”  A worthy goal for each of us.  If we are honest, we will apply the atonement.  


We were challenged to evaluate how we can work on honesty and find new happiness.

Closing Hymn:  #149 Children’s Song Book  I Believe in Being Honest

Closing Prayer:  Sister Morales

The November birthdays were asked to come up front.  


Those having a November birthday are:

Sister Ruiz, Sister Carvalho, Sister Smithson, Sister Risenmay, Sister Strihavka, Sister Mark, Sister Takeshige, Sister Felise, Sister Zeng, Sister Kratzer, Sister Willard, Sister Schalk, Sister Rajan and Sister Revoredo