Session 1 recap

Cold Cheer, WA.

A small, sleepy town in the forested shadow of the Washington wilderness. The town itself seems unaware of its surreal nature, but things have been getting too weird even for this place.

In the hills above town is the old prison, recently closed down. In town we’ve seen, so far, Cold Cheer High School, The Medford Mall, Horne’s Funeral Services and The Tsukiyama’s taxidermist’s (“The Pet Store”).

Annie’s Diner is on the way out of town. Or into town, depending on your direction.

PCs (Please add a few sentences about your nature and background, perhaps adding any of the pre-session Q+A you feel are useful)-

Gemma Hastings (Rob) - The Fury.  
To the casual observer, Gemma is standoffish and reserved, coming across as cold and aloof. During her free time she can be seen sitting alone, reading comic books or detective novels. Those few who take the time to get to know her will find she's actually quite shy and insecure. The more observant folks might detect a cold fury lurking behind those dark eyes. And the truly clued-in might even be able to sense the power building alongside that fury...

Johnny Lachance (Isa) - The Werewolf.

Misunderstood, distracted, rebellious and irresistible. Johnny is that brooding teenager in class who wears the leather jacket and rides the motorbike. The girls pretend they don’t like him and the boys know they don’t like him. But he’s hot as hell and they all think about him when they’re alone.

Nancy Horne (Ead) - The Witch.

Nancy, kind to animals , outsiders and the lost or that’s what people would probably say about her. Things have changed in the last year. Eager to test out her new found family gifts she has become more sensitive to even the smallest of slights.

Icy to most suitors she makes for a compelling challenge to those who wish to get closer to her. 

Vanessa Tsukiyama was lonely. A quiet but enthusiastic girl. She thought she saw what Nancy was, and that maybe Nancy would help her be one too. She just wanted to make Nancy happy, so when Candice asked Nancy to help out in the annual Parade Of Natural Beauty, (sponsored by the Medford Mall, Candice’s mom’s business), and Nancy wasn’t too pleased about having to sit on that damn procession again, Vanessa though she saw a way to help, to bring them closer together.

Johnny and Gemma studied together every week. Gemma appears quite studious, though that might be more a symptom of being introverted in class than really caring about school. Either way, she helps Johnny most weeks. This week (full moon of course), Buck and Freddie thought they’d teach Johnny another kind of lesson after he stood up for Gemma in class when they were being dicks to her.

‘Okay, I’m actually enjoying our little study group. Gemma’s a good tutor, once you get past the shy crap. She’s keeping her cards pretty close to her chest, but I think she likes hanging with me too. The more time we spend with each other, the more animated she becomes, which is a nice change from her usual moodiness. Some of the douchebags in class are making jokes that she’s my girl. She’s not, but she is kinda cute.’

Outside the library after school they jump him. As it all kicks off the three guys, for a moment, are lifted off their feet and sent through air by an unknown force. Gemma looks on from a room above.

‘We all seem to have our little secrets don’t we. I hope you never get to see mine.’

 While the bullies are escaping, confused, Nancy pulls up in her dad’s company car. The hearse is  pretty slow but she’s desperate. Something weird’s going on with Vanessa. She tried to get too close to Nancy and Nancy pushed her away. Since then Nancy had a vision about her and it... doesn’t look good.

‘Nancy looks good. I wish could turn back the clock to when we were kids again. Maybe too much has happened since that kiss. Maybe those kids are gone for ever.’

As the three get going, Johnny sees smoke in the distance. The Medford Mall’s on fire. It’s late by now so the only person there would be the lone security guard. Gemma’s eyes go big. Since getting laid off when the prison closed, her dad was only really qualified for one one job in town.

‘Damn those puppy-dog eyes. Time to be the fucking hero I guess. Saving the guy who thinks I’m the town delinquent. You couldn’t make this shit up.'

Gemma and Nancy head to Vanessa’s place while Johnny speeds off to the Mall on his motorcycle. He’s been building this bike for years. It goes well with the leather jacket he wears to remember his dead brother Michael. When Mike died in that car accident Johnny’s world was ripped in two. He’s been howling at the moon ever since.

When Johnny gets there he finds Mr. Hastings unconscious in the security office. He gets in ok but has to use his body to shield the old man’s from the fire and the falling timbers and burning plastic smoke as he pulls him free. By the time they’re out Johnny is beyond scorched. As he lies there in the parking lot, dying, he begins to change.


When the hearse pulls up to Tsukiyama’s Pet Store, the door to the taxidermist’s is open. Mr. Tsukiyama is standing terrified at the desk and urges Nancy and Gemma to leave. They manage to get up the stairs to Vanessa’s room and Nancy talks her way in, though it seems locked by some mystical method. Vanessa’s room is eerily similar to Nancy’s sanctuary at home.

Vanessa allows her ‘friend’ Nancy to enter but seems to keep Gemma at the doorway somehow. An invisible finger pokes Gemma, hard on the shoulder. “She can’t come in.” The Rage begins to build in Gemma.

Inside the room they see Candice, held against the window by some invisible force. Mrs. Tsukiyama lies crumpled in the corner, clearly dead. Vanessa is sitting inside a magic circle, using Candice’s unconscious form as her own kind of ‘sympathetic token’. Her idea is simple. Burn down the mall = no parade. No parade = happy Nancy. They’ll be friends! They’ll probably start a coven.

“That one’s not coming in.”

Vanessa prods Gemma again. She’s not part of the plan.
That one has a name.” Gemma’s Fury builds and Nancy can see Gemma’s just about ready to blow. Everyone’s at risk if she does.

Nancy talks to Vanessa as if they’re friends. They can do this stuff together, Nancy can help her find the right spells, the right methods. That’s all it takes, for Vanessa to put down Candice, the room to brighten and Vanessa to snap out of whatever creepy trance-spell-thing she was under.

Vanessa’s fine now. Nancy and Gemma allow themselves to breath out as the sirens heading toward the Medford Mall blare out in the street below.

As the noise dies out, the room is quiet for a second before Vanessa’s window shatters and a huge wolf-beast flies through the air and lands on her, knocking her down and ripping her apart with its huge maw and giant claws. The beast isn’t just ravenous though, it’s angry.

When the gruesome atrocity is over, there remain our three protagonists, staring each other down.

The Beast escapes through the window when the authorities arrive on the scene.

Perhaps the PCs can add some things about how they’ve changed or their relationships have changed or their ideas about each other have changed.