MetroNomeTM Release Notes

Release version 0.10.2 – January 29, 2018

New Features

Release version 0.9 – September 6, 2017

New Features

Release version 0.8 – August 5, 2017

New Features

Release version 0.7 – June 30th 2017

New Features

Gene Attribute Explorer: Structural Variations

Download samples and variants (CSV)

General Comments

Browser Support

Metronome is tested in Google Chrome. It may work well in other browsers but we do not explicitly support them. Internet Explorer is the least tested of the major browsers.

If you have issues with the site in another browser, please re-test using Google Chrome.

Known Issues

1000 Genomes only has autosome data

In the 1000 Genomes dataset, there are no variants stored for X, Y or Mt chromosomes.

Maximum genomic range

The maximum total genomic range that may be queried is 200 Mb (but be patient — if you want results returned in seconds, keep your search range below 20 Mb.

Handling sparse metadata fields

If you search for samples, filtering on a field that only has data in a subset of samples, any samples that lack that field entirely are excluded. For example, a query for samples with “Age of Symptom Onset < 50” will exclude all samples for which “Age of Symptom Onset” has not been specified.

We are using GRCh37

All data is run against Human Genome assembly 37, not the more recent 38.