West Coast Cup (WCC) 2017 Mission

To take back the title with a structured, disciplined approach to grow our tennis skills throughout the summer and compete fiercely at the Tournament in August!

...all while having fun and building camaraderie among us!

In order to achieve this, please read what will be expected of you; decide if it makes sense for you to participate; and answer the survey questions prior to tryouts.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this upcoming West Coast Cup Season.

Click here to take the West Coast Cup 2017 survey and register for tryouts.


  1.  We will have at least three practices a week, at least one on the weekend, and one or two during the weeknights.  For those not living in San Francisco, your requirement would be to play the same number of times per week, although it may not be in San Francisco if you can’t get to evening practices.
  2. The weekends closer to WCC will most likely have practices both days.
  3. Bryan will be leading practices that are clinics (or get someone to do them).  I will be leading practices that are match practices when Bryan isn’t there.
  4. Obviously, some of us might miss a practice here or there due to work or personal travel.  But the WCC should be our primary focus between June and WCC weekend  (Aug 19 – 20).
  5. We will have challenge matches and a ladder for both singles and doubles.  We will rank everyone (including me).
  6. We will have "some" money for those who might need assistance with getting down to Los Angeles.  To this end, we want to have money to give for next year, so anyone needing financial assistance (and anyone else who wants to help) would need to step up and head the fundraising this year.  
  7. While we won’t require everyone to stay at the same location, it would be more fun to have everyone staying nearby, or to pick from a few options.  I will need someone to step up and look at housing options for the team.
  8. Having great outfits is essential.  Someone would need to give us their all on this one!
  9. The cost for the practices and clinics is $275 for the players going down to LA, and $125 for the supporting team.  The supporting team will be involved until the beginning of August, then the focus for the rest of the practices will be with the players going to LA.  If you were on the supporting team and end up playing in LA, you will need to pay the difference.
  10. This cost does not cover the travel, hotel and living expenses while down in LA.

Click here to take the West Coast Cup 2017 survey and register for tryouts.