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Bring Stories
to Life with

The Basics of Scratch Jr.

Getting around the app

The Blocks

Getting Started Project

Let’s make Scratch Jr. move!

Let’s change the background!

Let’s add a friend!

Story Connection: Chalk by Bill Thompson

Create your own picture to bring to life!

Click on the + symbol to add a new sprite

Click on the paint brush

Create your new sprite

Click the check mark in the upper right corner.

Now make your sprite move!

Add a background!

Literacy:  Spell a word

  • Select a sprite from the library. (like a fish)
  • Create a new sprite for each letter of the sprite your first selected (F, I, S, H)
  • Create a program where you can hear the name of each letter when you click on it.
  • Create a program where you can hear the name of your first sprite when you click on it and make it move.

Story Connection: Retell the Three Little Pigs,  Humpty Dumpty, or Itsy Bitsy Spider

  • Think about your story.
  • You have four scenes to tell your story.
  • What sprites will you need?
  • What backgrounds will you need?
  • How will your sprites move?
  • How will they help tell the story?

PBS Scratch Jr.:    Make Your Own Story

Write a story about two of your favorite PBS Characters you can find in the PBS Scratch Jr. App

How will your story begin?  What is the setting?

What problem do you characters need to solve?

How will they solve it?

Helpful Information


PBS Scratch Jr

Scratch Jr


Can use camera and mic

Can email finished projects or use airdrop to share

Can open a shared project from an email using the iPad


Scratch Jr


Can use camera and mic

Cannot share projects

Cannot open projects share from an iPad through email





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