The Capture

A glazed doughnut finally did fall, after Adrian Grey pondered awhile on the lonely private-island that could be owned by an octopus for all he knew. His partner just fell into a jelly narwhal. After hours of waiting on an island full of doughnuts, a trade ship spotted him and took him back to Malaysia. A voice in his head said,”Everything was just a dream. Wake up and you’ll be fine!” But the voice wasn’t his, it was the narwhal’s! The narwhal was trying to telepathically hypnotize Adrian.When Grey drove to the Malaysian police headquarters, the police laughed at the absurdity of his conclusion. Just when he was about to get kicked out of the case, the narwhal showed up on international T.V. There, the thought to be dead Scientist and Scuba Diver stood tall, their feet on the defeated narwhal.

When Adrian Grey was marooned on the island, Stackhouse had realized his GPS tracker from his broken camera was missing. They concluded that it was in the stomach or whatever of the jelly narwhall. They tracked the GPS to a shallow water-submerged cave. The narwhal had been living out there for a few years not following a normal narwhals migratory patterns. Dr. Vladimir had brought his net thrower designed to capture large game animals, which worked perfectly fine with James strangling the narwhal.There, at the cave behind a mini waterfall were absolute TONS of bananas. After beaching the narwhal along with a airplane load of bananas, A huge media group crowded them in a matter of minutes.

THe bananas were stored in a huge equadorian ship. And the narwhal was put in a cryogenic freezer in the Museum of Ancient Marine Animals. what the research center didn’t know was that the jelly narwhal gave a distinct low pitched signal, a signal that caused the start of the appocalypse.

The police force was speechless they gave a thirty-thousand dollar check to Adrian and that’s when they realized, Drake Whitman was missing.

Braving the strong stormy waves of the typhoon, Drake whitman hit the shore of a strange island. He had been forgotten about, a nobody, but now, now he will become the worst nemesis of, the world. He walked up inland a, piece of seaweed stuck to his shoe, a little piece of seaweed that would result in a great change, a change to the world of crime.