Peppers for 2017

*New Varieties


Aji Amarillo Grande

Aji Angelo

Aji Golden*

Baby Aji Amarillo

Caribbean Seasoning*

Craig's Grande Jalapeño

Ethiopian Brown*


Hungarian Magyar Paprika*

Joe's Giant Aji Amarillo*



Florina Greek (L 6 original seeds, R 6 saved seeds)


IPK P 262 (Turkey)

Lady Bell

Odessa Market


Petite Marseillais

Rosso Dolce Appendere

Shepherd's Ramshorn

Topepo Giallo*

Violet Sparkle

Descriptions are copied from the seed source, mostly.

Aji Amarillo Grande - Artisan Seeds. Aji Amarillo Grande is central to Peruvian cuisine and is Prized by chefs. It has a bright, tropical fruitiness mixed in with the medium heat of the chili. An exceptional pepper for making sauces and soups. Also great for seasoning. Removing the seeds significantly mutes the heat of the pepper, and allows for the use of more pepper for more flavor.  

North American supplies of fresh Aji Amarillo Grande are quite limited and most chefs have to make due with imported pastes or powders. - Unless they are lucky enough to have their own pepper plant growing in their private restaurant garden.

We are releasing this exceptional strain for the first time in 2015, and we will be growing it on our farm from here on forward. Seed is limited this first year, as our entire field population was grown from the seed from a single pepper given to us in 2014 by a friend in Los Angeles.

Aji Angelo - My saved seeds but originally from Peppermania which is no more. Peppermania’s description -  A lovely and productive Aji, very sweet with medium heat. Pods to 4" ripening to bright red. Plants grow large and branching and one of the earliest producers of the C. baccatum var pendelum species. A very pleasing Aji, super for fresh consumption.

Aji Golden* - From Dave at Our Happy Acres.

Baby Aji Amarillo - Artisan Seeds. Baby Aji Amarillo plants are very productive.  Each individual plant produces hundreds of small 2-3" peppers in one summer season.  In the summer we sell immature (mild, soft and yellow) Baby Aji Amarillo peppers which are used largely as "frying peppers", similar to Padron frying peppers.  In the fall we also sell mature golden orange Aji Amarillo peppers that can be dried, roasted or turned into paste.  Our Baby Aji Amarillo strain is smaller than the larger Aji Amarillo that is commonly used to make pastes and sauces, but the flavor is the same (we now sell the larger strain as Aji Amarillo Grande.  

Most of our personal supply of Baby Aji Amarillo is roasted in the oven under low heat, and then flaked so it can be used throughout the year to season soups, stews and many other types of dishes.

Caribbean Seasoning* - Artisan Seeds. Caribbean Seasoning peppers are mild, with a Scoville rating of around 500.  They are incredibly flavorful and fruity, and can be used fresh, canned and in sauces.  Remove the seeds, and they are very mild.  These peppers came to us from Mark Tutt, in Wisconsin, and we have allowed them to evolve on our farm.  Each fall we pick a variety of the best tasting peppers to harvest seed from.  We also make sure to include an array of colors and shapes.

Craig’s Grande Jalapeño - Baker Creek. A big, fat jalapeno that is perfect for making lots of salsa. Perfect for anyone who loves jalapenos. It has thick, flavorful, hot flesh. Developed at Redwood City Seeds.

Ethiopian Brown* - Baker Creek. 90 days- Sturdy plants reach three feet or more. Yields lots of peppers late in the season. The 3- to 5-inch fruits are hot! Gradually ripen from green to a deep chocolate brown, with lots of intermediate shades in the process-very pretty in the late-season garden! A great seasoning- or drying type.

Habanada* - Baker Creek. The world’s first truly heatless habanero! Bred by renown organic plant breeder Michael Mazourek, habanera is the product of natural breeding techniques. This exceptional snacking pepper has all of the fruity and floral notes of the habanero without any spice (even the seeds are sweet and add to the flavor). These 2-3 inch tangerine fruits stole the show at the 2014 culinary breeding network variety showcase, where the fruits were made into a stunning sherbet. This exotic new pepper is sure to be the darling of the culinary scene, making it an excellent choice for market farmers, chefs and foodies.

Hungarian Magyar Paprika* - Renee’s Garden Seeds.  We import this variety from Hungary where it is widely recognized for making top-quality sweet paprika. These early ripening plants produce heavy yields of slender, pointed, 4-inch crimson-red peppers. Once harvested, simply dry them and grind into sweet paprika spice powder that offers wonderful, rich, full-bodied flavor and is an excellent source of vitamin C. You’ll be pleased how easy and rewarding it is to grow your own.

Joe’s Giant Aji Amarillo* - These are natural hybrid Aji Amarillo originally from the garden of Joe Carrasco (Rocoto Joe). Great fruity flavor but very large pods at a little less heat (maybe 6/10)

Ajvarski* - Baker Creek. 80 days--Here's a really outstanding roasting pepper from eastern Macedonia. Two-foot, stocky plants are covered in 6- to 7-inch, broadly wedge-shaped pods that ripen green to deep, rich red. These peppers are incredible. When you grow them in certain soils, on a hot day, you can smell them on the plant from 10 feet away. They make all other sweet peppers seem bland. And when you throw half a dozen on your grill, everybody in your neighborhood will smell them! These thick-fleshed traditional peppers are roasted on flat metal stoves, peeled, then ground into a traditional relish called ajvar, which is eaten spread on bread, often with sirenje, a local cheese similar to feta. Nearly every rural household puts up a supply of ajvar for winter eating. In autumn, Macedonians flock to the markets in fertile valleys in the East to buy bushels of the best aromatic roasting peppers from the local villages there, which is where the original seed came from, a gift from the students in the villages of Kalugeritsa and Zleovo.

Florina Greek - Seeds saved from pepper that I grew without isolation. Original seeds from Jack in Oregon who got his seeds from someone in Athens (Greece).

Gogosar - Seed Savers Exchange Heritage Farm. No description.

IPK P 262 (Turkey) - Seed Savers Exchange Heritage Farm. No description.

Lady Bell - Harris Seeds. This hybrid pepper has been a consistent performer in the Northeast. The rich green fruit that ripen red have a uniform deep bell shape with 3-4 lobes and medium-thick walls. Lady Bell is prolific, even in cooler weather and is one of the dependable producers of sweet peppers we know. It is popular for pepper plant sales as well as fresh market use.

Odessa Market - Baker Creek. This pepper comes from the Black Sea city of Odessa in Ukraine. A great tasting, top-shaped pepper that starts out bright green, turning orange and then red. Short plants produce fruit all summer, and this variety is dependable even in the north. A good variety for growing in pots.

Ometepe - Seed Savers Exchange Heritage Farm. No description.

Petite Marseillais - Roughwood Seeds (Not selling seeds anymore) Description from Uprising Seeds - Hailing from Provence in the south of France, this wavy, thin-walled, orange beauty was one among many of the stars of our 2016 pepper trial at the home farm. Amazing in terms of productivity, it seemed like every time we turned around it had a new flush of ripe peppers needing to be picked. The 4-5” long by 1-2” wide fruits look like something out of a Dali painting with their fantastical curves and wavy ridges. The flavor is extraordinary and more deep than purely sweet, reminding us of a rich citrusy chili whose heat you keep waiting for but never arrives. In Provence they are picked green and sautéed whole in olive oil stuffed with eggs, garlic, gruyere, parsley, salt and pepper. They also make a fantastic pickler.

Rosso Dolce Appendere - Frying pepper from Southern Italy. 6 inches long, thin skin, very sweet. Bright red when ripe. Use red or green. This pepper also dries very well for winter use. Peppers ready 70 or so days after set out.

Shepherd's Ramshorn - Adaptive Seeds. A rare medium-large, elongated and blocky, red Italian frying type pepper. Reputed to be one of the sweetest peppers around. Scored a high rating in the Northern Organic Variety Improvement Collaborative (NOVIC) trials for early maturity and flavor. Fruit are a little bit later and more stout than Corono di Toro, but more productive, even outdoors in cool Oregon summers. Originally from Spain, reselected in Italy, and that’s all we know of this wonderful pepper’s history. Aka, Shephard’s Ramshorn.

Topepo Giallo* - Baker Creek. Gorgeous, nearly-round fruits are incredibly sweet, juicy and thick-walled, especially when allowed to mature from pale ivory to their final, deep golden color. The size is perfect for stuffed pepper appetizer plates; also great as pickles. Similar size and habit to our Topepo Rosso, but much rarer. A wholly superior Italian variety that we are excited to offer.

Violet Sparkle - Baker Creek. 75 days—Pointed, wedge-shaped fruits are purple streaked with pale yellow. We originally received a few seeds of this variety from a Russian seed trader. Ripens red. Very lovely and delicious, sweet, crisp and thick-walled.