Kohala Village Hub

Job Description - Food Hub Manager

The Kohala Village Hub is seeking a Food Hub Manager (FHM) who loves cooking with organic, fresh ingredients sourced primarily from local farms and producers; has a passion for teaching the wonders of the culinary world, from eating healthy to making and producing value added products; views food as medicine and has dietary knowledge of foods that are healthy and foods that are not; has knowledge and understanding of indigenous Hawaiian foods and plants and their traditional applications; and has a broad range of understanding community development and a non-profit educational values-based business model.


Company Overview

The Kohala Village Hub is located in Hawi, on the northern tip of the Big Island, Hawaii.  The Hub is organized as a non-profit educational organization, whose mission is to: “To provide a place and programs that model and nurture healthy lifestyle, learning, expression and enterprise for a sustainable world”.


Job Description

The successful applicant will manage the day-to-day operations of a full-service cafe, serving both staff, program participants, community residents, and visitors. The successful applicant will hire, teach, supervise and evaluate staff, interns and volunteers; follow standard food safety policies and develop training manuals and SOPs for local producers to use the shared-used commercial kitchen; help setup and coordinate the community kitchen schedule; offer cooking, culinary and value added food  production classes to the community and visitors; develop menus; manage lists of seasonally available local crops and products; help local farmers and producers coordinate their production to better meet local demand; oversee the possible development of an aggregated CSA and farm-to-institution program; manage food and labor budgets and cost controls; provide exceptional customer service, leadership skills and marketing strategies; develop a curriculum in collaboration with the Programs Manager and Executive Director; and ensure culinary standards in collaboration with management. The FHM reports to the Executive Director.


Duties and responsibilities

Cafe and Food Shop responsibilities

The FHM will help develop the timeline of opening each part of the Food Hub, including the kitchen for value added food production, the retail shop, the cafe, and the CSA program.  The FHM will oversee the day to day operations of the Cafe, Food Shop, value added food production, CSA and Food programs, maintaining a consistent offering of locally sourced menu offerings and take out foods. The FHM will operate the entire Food Hub, including the Cafe, with intent of fullfilling the non-profit educational mission, including operating the cafe under a pay-what-you-can model, incorporating the structure and practices of the nonprofit “One World Everybody Eats” (OWEE) cafe movement (http://www.oneworldeverybodyeats.org/).

Supervisory and teaching responsibilities

The FHM will be responsible for teaching courses and organizing additional classes and workshops relating to culinary arts, food nutrition, and value added food production. The FHM will be responsible for helping to attract other astute chefs and teachers that will help fulfill the mission of the organization, and for training (and delegating training) student and volunteer kitchen staff.


Culinary product development responsibilities

The FHM will be responsible for developing and carrying out a plan to sell Kohala Village Hub food and labeled products to a broader audience. These items may include baked goods, fermented and dehydrated foods or beverages, and other offerings in conjunction with micro enterprise entrepreneurs. The FHM will create a plan to allow food producers to utilize the commercial kitchen for basic processing as well as the production of value added food products, as a way to promote local food sustainability and encourage using locally sourced and grown produce.  As part of the Food Hub programs, the FHM may also develop a CSA program and a CSA Meal program.  The above programs will help fulfill the Hub's mission of bringing healthy local food to a larger population of consumers. The FHM will ensure the programs are sustainable and have a positive revenue stream.


Garden responsibilities

The FHM will coordinate a planting plan with Food Hub Administrator, staff and volunteers  and contracted experts in the field from the community if desired, and help guide the proper planting of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and other culinary needs of the kitchen/cafe.


Communication and outreach



The ideal candidate will have graduated from a respected culinary institute, and will ideally have four or more years of industry, culinary, restaurant/kitchen management experience.



Candidate will have experience and knowledge in State and County health compliance, and premise and liability accountability. Previous experience in budget development, menu development, cooking (and pricing)  for groups as large as 200, controlling food and labor costs, and demonstration cooking is essential. Teaching experience and nutritional training or food-as-medicine training preferred. Experience in value-added food product development preferred. Knowledge or experience in other non-profit Food Hubs, or cafe models such as OWEE or other similar models is helpful.



To perform this job successfully, an individual must possess leadership, management, and planning skills, including:




Certificates, licenses

Valid driver's license, and evidence of current vehicle insurance. Serv Safe certified, or equivalent.



Full time, exempt salaried position. Schedule will vary and include working nights, weekends and holidays. Because the FHM is held accountable for the success of the Food Hub, the FHM

is required to work a minimum of 40 hours per week, and may exceed this in order to achieve agreed upon goals.


Negotiable, based on experience. Full medical and dental benefits available.  Kohala Village Hub is an equal-opportunity employer.


Open until Filled - Position to begin immediately.  Please send a cover letter and resume to: Kohala Village Hub, C/O Director, P.O. Box 511, Hawi, HI 96719 or send via email with Word or PDF attachments to: exec.office@kohalavillage.org. Only complete applications will be considered; no phone calls please. Top qualified applicants will be contacted for interviews.