Chairman:  Mr T May  Tel:  01752 851031

Clerk:  Mrs Vicki White Tel:  01503 232771 Email:

Website –

A meeting of St Germans Parish Council will be held at the

 Eliot Hall, St Germans on 24 February 2014 at 7.30pm

(Planning Applications will be available from 7.15 pm)

A meeting of the Burial Ground Committee will be held at 7.00pm prior to the Parish Council meeting


Public participation for a maximum of 10 minutes

1.        Police Report

2.        Apologies for absence

3.        Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on 27 January 2014

4.        Matters arising from the previous minutes

4.1        Highways – ongoing issues

4.1.1    Highways – new items

            Broadmoor Farm development

            Fly tipping in Polbathic

            Fallen tree blocking footpath 626/8/1

            Car Parking at the Polbathic Hall

            Several fallen trees in Treland Park, damaging play park fence and rear

            fence of 16 Tregalister Gardens

4.2        St Germans and District Twinning Association – Report from Cllr


4.3        Port Eliot Meeting on 27.2.14 at 10.00am

            Cllr May, Cllr Mackeen, Cllr Barnicoat and the clerk will attend

4.4       Chains of Office

4.5       Weed Treatment – It was agreed by the Chairman that the clerk will sign the 

            Formal Agreement with Cornwall Council

5.        Playparks

5.1        St Germans

        The wet pour repair kits are with the clerk waiting for the local installer                The 2 replacement litter bins are with the clerk waiting for Roger Prowse to

            fit. He will also repair the damaged fence

5.2        Tideford

        Fencing around the skateboard ramp will be delivered, installed and removed

            for approx. £100 and the rental is £30 per week. This will be rented for one

            month which will be reviewed on a monthly basis – see 7.14

6.        Burial Ground

6.1       Burial Ground Charges for 2014/2015

6.2       Roger Prowse has repaired the shed         

6.3       Planting of beech hedge around the cremated remains area

6.4       Provision of a shelter

7.        Finance

7.1       Bus Shelter cleaning by S Wiggett - £15

7.2       Douglas Tonks invoice for Clerks January salary plus their admin fee –


7.3       Southern Electric invoice for Tideford lighting from 3.1.14 to 3.2.14 - £5.35

7.4       Trelowen developments invoice for repairs to the bus shelter - £535.50

7.5       Hire of the RBL Tideford for the meeting on 16.12.13 - £15

7.6       Hire of the Eliot Hall for the meetings on 27.1.14 and 24.2.14 - £40

7.7       Clerks expenses for February 2014 - £89.34

7.8       Wicksteed invoice for the wet pour repair kits and the labour charge from the

             local installer – £529.20

7.9       Quercus invoice for grass cutting and other works - £920

7.10     Glasdon invoice for the 2 litter bins for the play park - £632.54

7.11     Lloyds Fixed Term Deposit matured on 12.2.14. £10,095.76 reinvested for a

            further 6 months

7.12     Roger Prowse invoice for the shed repairs at the burial ground - £220

7.13     Victim Support asking for a donation

7.14     Invoice from Trelowen developments for the Harris fencing around the

            skateboard ramp - £207.60

8.        Planning Applications

            The following applications have been received by Cornwall Council:

8.1       PA13/10669

            Land north of Tredudwell, Blunts                                  Mr S Bridgewater

            Proposed stable block. Relocate field access gateway. Proposed access track to

            parking area adjacent to proposed stable block 


8.2       PA14/01019

            Valley View, Blunts                                                       Mr & Mrs Cashen

            Extensions to dwelling to provide bedroom and ensuite bathroom an

            construction of garage and new access track from highway

9.        Planning Decisions

            The following decisions have been made by Cornwall Council:

9.1       PA13/09003 - APPROVED

            The Gallery, Gallery Lane, St Germans                               Mr D Watters

            Replacement of 24 steel windows and 2 timber side windows

9.2       PA13/09004 - APPROVED

            The Gallery, Gallery Lane, St Germans                               Mr D Watters

            Listed Building Consent for the replacement of 24 steel windows and 2 timber

            side windows

9.3       PA13/11510 – GRANTED

            Tideford Farm, Tideford                                                  Mr A Beaumont

            Certificate of lawfulness for existing use of barn for ancillary purposes for the

            occupants of Tideford Farmhouse   

10.        Planning Correspondence and Reports

10.1     The Planning Inspectorate has allowed the appeal by Murex Energy Ltd in

             respect of Land at Wilton Farm, Trerulefoot and the erection of a single wind

             turbine with maximum blade tip height of 67m

10.2     The Planning |Inspectorate has allowed the appealby Murex Energy Ltd in

             respect of Land adjacent to Bake Sawmill, Trerulefoot and the erection of a

             single wind turbine with maximum blade tip height of 67m

10.3     The Planning Inspectorate has allowed the appeal by Murex Energy Ltd in

             respect of Land at Wilton Farm, Trerulefoot and the installation of a solar

             farm and associated infrastructure

10.4      Planning Consultation – Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning

             Document. Comments by 14.3.14

10.5      Hallmark Power are carrying out pre-application consultation regarding a

             proposed 20kw, 3 blade Wind Turbine (24.8m hub height, 34.5m blade tip) at

             Higher Tredis Farm, Polbathic – response by 27.2.14

             Representations received from local residents

11.         Correspondence Received

11.1      CALC AGM on 20.2.14 at New County Hall Truro – emailed to all Cllrs

11.2      Cornwall Council announce radical shake up of management structure

11.3      Community Emergency Plan Template

11.4      Council Tax referendum principles on Town and Parish Councils

11.5      AONB Annual Forum on 22.3.14 at Duchy College, Stoke Climsland –

             Planning for Future Communities. 1 representative can attend – to be booked

             by 14.3.14        

11.6      Consultation on home to school transport underway

11.7      Waste Management in Cornwall, a document produced by Stithians Parish

             Council – support should be shown to Cornwall Council’s Chief Executive

11.8      An invitation to join CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) for £29

11.9      South West Water - £160million investment for 2014/2015 and prices frozen

11.10    CALC Newsletter – The Week, issue 2 – VAT consultation – Local Audit and

             Accountability Act 2014 – Allotment Disposal

11.11    Nut Tree magazine – February edition

11.12    Localism and Devolution Information Bulletin.

             Not printed but available from the clerk – Community Emergency Plan

             Template – Friendly Link Officers – Community Energy Plus leaflet – Public

             Access for Planning User Guide

11.13    SLCC news bulletin

11.14    Mant Leisure newsletter

11.15    Changes to employment law – information from ACAS

11.16    Rural Services Network – Rural Opportunities Bulletin February 2014

11.17    Rural Services Network – weekly email news digest

11.18    Saltash Policing Team Monthly Bulletin

11.19    Rural Services Network – spotlight on older people

11.20    Broxap – parish council seating solutions

11.21    Zone Outdoor Fitness – play and leisure

11.22    Enquiry from a resident about fibre broadband – can the Parish Council chase

             this with Superfast Cornwall which is funded by Cornwall Council

11.23    St John Ambulance – first aid training scheduled around you

11.24    Village Halls Survey 2013/14

11.25    Invite to join a rural sounding board

11.26    Cornwall Council Press Release – pick up litter on Cornish beaches

11.27    Came and Company – guidance on managing flood risk

11.28    Housing numbers for Cornwall Gateway CNP

11.29    Parish Online – February newsletter

11.30    Eco Friendly Sandbags for Parish Councils

11.31    NSH Review of children’s health and wellbeing services – workshop


11.32    End of Year Offer for Councils – Jute Bags from Jutexpo

11.33    Rural Services Network – Art, Culture, Landscapes, Local Authorities and


11.34    Help available for residents in Cornwall affected by storm and flood


11.35    Rural Services Network – rural vulnerability service – broadband

11.36    St John Ambulance – health and safety poster – information from employees

12.        Informal Correspondence