There is now a way for students’ grades by learning outcome to be generated as a bundle rather than by each teacher.  This will save paper and will require teachers to print only one report instead of seven.  Please review the instructions if needed.

1. Open your grade book ( Go

into your Advisee class, then go to the “Reports” tab on the top right hand side of the screen.

2. Scroll down to “Student Multi-Section Report” and double-click on this report.

3. Once you open this report you will see two tabs.  One is “Criteria,” the other is “Layout.”

4. “Criteria” instructions:

a. Under Output Type, select Export CSV. (Right Button)

b. Under Sections, select Selected Class. (Left Button)

c. Under Student Schedule, select Total Student Schedule. (Right Button)

d. Under Students, select All Enrolled students. (Left Button)

e. Under Abbreviate, do not select anything. (Blank)

f. Under Include, select only Categories. (Right Box Only)

g. Under Report Term, select S1 or S2 and This Term Only.

h. Check the box “Include Terms With No Grades.”

5. “Layout” instructions:

a. Under Page Breaks, deselect the box.

7. Open Report in Microsoft Excel.  (Run Macro “Ctrl-Q” here & skip to step 14, or continue)

8. Once the report is open, highlight the entire report by clicking the “down arrow” located in the top

corner by Column A, Row 1.  Once it is highlighted, move your cursor in between Column A and

Column B and the symbol should turn to a vertical line with arrows pointing in opposite directions.

Once this symbol appears, double click.  This should make all of your columns appropriate width.

9. Now click on cell C1 to deselect the highlighted selection.  While holding down the shift key, select

columns C,D,E by clicking the column headers with a cursor that should be in the shape of an

arrow pointing down.  Once the columns are selected, right click inside the selection and click on

“delete” in the drop down box.  This will remove the three columns.

10. With the same method as described in step 9, select columns B & C and center justify them.

Make sure to deselect all cells before proceeding.

11. Next, click on “Ctrl-F” at the same time to pull up the Find & Replace Box.  Click on the Replace

tab.  Change the following:

a. Find: Student Multi-Section Report Replace: (leave this blank)

Click “Replace all”

Next, click on the option button.  Then, click the bottom format button.  In the format box,

click on the font tab.  In the font tab under the “Font Style:” box, click the “Bold” selection.

Click “OK” to exit out of the format box.  Now find and replace the following:

b. Find: Category Summary Replace: Learning Outcome Summary

c. Find: Category Replace: Learning Outcomes

d. Find: # of Asmts Replace: Number of Assignments

e. Find: Letter Grade Replace: Letter Grade.

13. Click the View tab on top of the excel page.  On the left side of this tab you will find “Workbook

Views.” In this box, click on Page Break Preview. (Macro Ends here)

14. Once you are in page break preview, you will need to create page breaks right above each

student so they print on different pages.  To do this, locate the blue dotted page break line and

click, hold and drag the line to the row above the next studen’s name.  Once you move the page

break line, it will change to a solid blue line.

15. Once you have created all the page breaks, you can click back to the “Normal” view in the

Workbook Preview box.  When you are in normal view, you will see black dotted lines showing

where the pages will be printed at.  You may want to scroll through the workbook to make sure the

page breaks are set correctly.

16. You are now able to print these progress reports.  However, if you would like to clean them

up a little more, you can Center the “Learning Outcome Summary” row by selecting each

entire row (A,B and C) and then clicking the “Merge & Center” button in the “Alignment” box

in the “Home” tab.  You will have to do this for each student.  You can repeat this step for

the students name if you would like to center and bold the students name also.