Hi everyone! Thank you all for making an effort to contribute to this document. This document is only the beginning of ways that we can demonstrate allyship and solidarity with the black community. There’s always so much more that we can and should do. The best we can do right now is to be mindful of others and find ways to fight injustices we see. We cannot have control over the actions of others but rather focus on what we have control over and measure the progress we have made and still continue to make. Stay self-aware, allow yourself to process your emotions, and be proud of your personal efforts towards a goal you are passionate about.

If anyone has any questions, comments, thoughts, or concerns they would like to share with me, please reach out to whatever platform you’re comfortable with. My email is, and my Instagram is @satvika_k_

~Satvika Kadiyala

P.S. This document is always in the works of research. We will be continuously changing and editing it as new resources are found.

  • Educate yourself: do research and listen to those who are speaking about issues.
  • Recognize your privilege: you don’t need to be white for this one. this privilege does not mean you don’t face problems including racism it just means that for numerous reasons you are not affected the same as Black people by white supremacy and institutionalized racism.
  • Use your voice: help raise awareness by talking about this issue and use your platforms no matter their size to speak up. It’s very important to address your anti-Black/racists friends and family members.
  • Sign petitions: this is one of the easiest actions you can take. Please sign petitions.
  • Donate: sharing resources and money is an important part of being an ally. If you can please donate some money, any amount counts.

  • Petitions
  • Phone numbers to text
  • Text “Justice” to 55156
  • Text FLOYD to 55156
  • And demand that the officers that murdered George Floyd are charged with Murder.
  • Text ENOUGH to 55156
  • And demand justice. The officers that murdered Breona Taylor still have their jobs.
  • Petitions to sign
  • “Hello, My name is ___ and I am a resident of ___. I’m emailing today on behalf of the George Floyd case. I’m calling for the prosecution of Derek Chauvin #1087 and his partner Tou Thao #7162 to the fullest extent of the law and that you will not rest until that happens. George Floyd was arrested under an implied, non-violent crime and bystanders claim that he never resisted his arrest. The approach that the officers chose to take was one that resulted in murder and must not be taken lightly. Black Lives Matter. Regards.”

  • Information for Protests
  • Protest tips for safety and effectiveness
  • Do not take/share pictures and videos of protestors
  • If possible leave your phone home or turn it off
  • Make sure to wear face coverings and to protect your identity by wear plain clothing and unidentifiable shoes
  • If you're non-black especially white it's important that you use your privilege to protect Black protestors ie. standing between them and the police, positioning on the front line, etc....
  • Examples of using your privilege
  • Write an emergency phone number on an unexposed part of your body
  • Do not bring ID with you
  • Go in groups
  • 3 spoons of baking soda per glass of water to help with burning from tear gas/mace
  • Don’t wear contacts or makeup, this will make it hard for you to get rid of the tear gas and mace
  • Wear goggles if you can to protects your eyes from tear gas and mace

  • Links for sites to donate to

  • Misc. Links
  • Resources/ ways people can educate themselves on systemic racism, anti-blackness, unlearning racism, privilege, etc…
  • Books
  • TV shows and movies