South Sound 2018 - 2019

                   Youth All-Star Selection

  1. Six young men and six young women will be selected to the South Sound Youth All-Star Team.  The All-Star Selection Committee will be appointed by the Youth Committee Chairperson.  The South Sound Youth All-Star Team will be determined by point system.  Minimum average for girls is 150 and boys 175.  Each member will receive an Award at the Annual Hall of Fame Banquet.
  2. Youth bowlers must bowl in at least one league in the South Sound USBC jurisdictional area and be a member in good standing of USBC/SSUSBC during the 2018-19 season.  Bowlers may submit a league exemption request to the Youth Committee for consideration in the event they were physically unable to bowl a league.  Good standing shall mean current USBC membership and all league fees paid up to date.  Youth under 18 years of age as of March 15, 2019 must have the parental permission portion of the All-Star Agreement signed to participate in any matches or practices.  If a bowler declines the position or consent is not provided the youth will be honored as an All-Star and the youth with the next highest point total will bowl.  Alternates will be advanced to the team as a All-Star in qualifying order by the Head Coach if any bowler is unable to completely fulfill the commitment.
  3. Youth bowlers must have completed 50% of their SSUSBC league that has been bowled as of February 23, 2019 in order to qualify for All-Star selection..  
  4. All-Star Team members will be required to attend all team meetings.  Practice sessions will be arranged to best accommodate all team members.  Team members agree to participate in the Home to Home matches, usually the 3rd Tuesday and Thursday of May, and the Inter Association All-Star Matches, usually the first weekend of June.
  5. All-Star coaches must submit an application to the Youth Committee before February 1, 2019 to be considered for appointment by the Youth Committee at the March Youth Committee Meeting.  Coaches will be personally notified by the Committee after the meeting. The application is available at our Website.
  6. Youth coordinators must submit league averages as of February 23, 2019 by March 1, 2019.
  7. All-Star Points:
  1. House Averages:  
  1. Points will be awarded to the top 5 averages from each bowling center and the travel league mentioned above.  
  2. Only one house average shall be used for each bowler, highest point total from one league applied to bowler’s all-star points.
  3. Youth bowler must have bowled 50% of their SSUSBC league in order to qualify for house points.  
  1. Tournament Points will be awarded for each of the following:
  1. Top five (5) boys and girls scratch singles and all events scratch scores in the    South Sound USBC Youth Championship.
  2. Top sixteen (16) or first cut boys and girls, whichever is less, in the Junior Masters.
  3. 5 points awarded to coronation qualifiers from the scratch divisions only, boys and girls, of the monthly King of the Hill.  One time only.
  4. Points will be awarded to participants of the SSUSBC Youth Invitational Tournament based on placement for each block & total pins. (Three opportunities to earn points).  Except for Masters Tournament, points will be given in the order of the SSUSBC only bowler placement. If affiliated bowler comes in 1st place, then next SSUSBC bowler will get the 1st place points and so on.  
  5. Points are only earned if bowler has completed 50% of their SSUSBC league schedule at the time of the tournament.
  1. Participation points awarded to those who participate in the Bowl with Me Doubles, SSUSBC Junior Masters, SSUSBC Youth Championship Tournament, SSUSBC Average Challenge and SSUSBC Holiday Fun.
  1. Team members will be required to conduct themselves in a manner that would not be considered derogatory to the sport of bowling or unacceptable bowling etiquette.  FAILURE TO COMPLY MAY AFFECT YOUR PARTICIPATION IN ANY OR ALL All-Star MATCHES
  2. Team members may be required to help fund the costs of the All-Star Events through fund raising or participation fees.  Efforts will be made to keep the team member's financial responsibility to a minimum.



House Averages 

1st            20 pts

2nd           15 pts

3rd            12 pts

4th              7 pts

5th              5 pts

Youth Championship

1st            15 pts

2nd           13 pts  

3rd            10 pts

4th              7 pts    

5th              5 pts


                   1st          55 pts

                   2nd          45pts

                   3rd          40 pts

                   4th          35 pts

                   5th          30 pts

         6th – 10th          20 pts

        11th – 16th         10 pts

      (Or 1st cut)

Youth Invitational (points awarded for EACH Block & Total pins)

              1st            15 pts                  6th            6 pts                    11th          1 pt

              2nd           10 pts                  7th            5 pts                    12th          1 pt

              3rd                  9 pts                    8th            4 pts                    1 pt for any add’l

              4th              8 pts                    9th            3 pts                    participants

              5th              7 pts            10th          2 pts

Tournament Participation Points:            5 points per tournament

Master Tournament only:  Points are given to only those participants that qualify as a South Sound Youth All-Star. Those points earned by bowlers outside of the South Sound Association go unearned.

Example:                    1st Place – South Sound Bowler                           55 pts

                            2nd place – Seattle Bowler                                     45 pts (void – unearned)

                            3rd place – Portland Bowler                                  40 pts (void – unearned)

                            4th place – South Sound Bowler                           35 pts (not moved up)

                            5th place – South Sound Bowler                           30 pts (not moved up)

                            6th – 10th place – South Sound Bowler            20 pts (not moved up)

                            11th – 16th place – SS Bowler                            10 pts (not moved up)

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Approved by Youth Committee 8-13-2018.  Board Approved 9-17-18