#84 - The Angry Chicken: “Glowy Moon Bits”

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Interview with Jaime aka “Karma”


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New Card Back: Darnassus


Viagame House Cup #3

Lifecoach defeated StrifeCro at the Viagame House Cup 3 with a 4-3 victory, taking his first offline victory. Both players have been known for a while for being two of the absolute best players in the game and it seemed fitting that they would meet in a final match. The finals especially were a nail-biter as multiple RNG effects such as Knife juggles, Boom Bot hits, and Imp-plosion hits determined the final outcome of the series.



Getting to Legend Tips with Karma

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Hey chicken lovers! [/end obscure south park reference]

I was playing the handlock deck I just assembled a few days ago against a priest. I had the board somewhat under control, and lord jaraxxus was sitting in my hand costing 8 (thanks Emperor Thaurissan!), so I just needed an opening to start muwahaha`ing and infernal'ing. Instead, I got blingtron'ed. For one second I was like "oh no, his weapon is totally gonna screw my math"... but actually it gave me a friggin doomhammer and him an eaglehorn bow.

Long story short, it all boiled down to me having 2 charges left on the windfury weapon, him at 7 life and a board state about to get seriously out of control. And the thing is, I was so stuck trying my best to start making infernals, but couldn't because the board math was not working out... and suddenly it dawned on me that I actually knew that I could attack with the doomhammer AND Jaraxxus in the same turn! Turns out that 2+2+3 equals 7.

Never underestimate reading freaking hearthpedia pages of your favorite cards!

"Note that Jaraxxus is able to attack immediately using Blood Fury, even if the hero he replaced already attacked that turn."

Even if it attacked twice this turn? Yeap, go ahead, attack 3 times in one turn WARLOCK (sorry weapon-user classes).

Really enjoy the show, keep it up!


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Dear Angry Chickens,

Thank you for your podcast and bringing an even brighter side to the already amazing subject that is hearthstone.

I am curious as to your opinions regarding the lack of women in high end tournaments of hearthstone. There have been a few incidents that have drawn attention to this, specifically an event in Finland last year that was Male only. This was later re-thought after much media attention, however, the female presence within the competition scene still seems to be somewhat absent. What are you thoughts as to why this might be the case? and do you feel girls may shy away due to male attention that might come with the scene?

Many thanks

tally ho


Greetings TAC Crew!

I just discovered your podcast and started listening to it on the way to and from work. A couple days back I had a bit of an epiphany - I now understand how my friends that are so into sports can listen to sports news radio. I've never enjoyed a game so much before that I could listen to complete strangers talk about it for hours. This got me thinking about about Hearthstone as an eSport. As I've started to listen to your backlog I've heard you guys discuss Hearthstone players and teams, tournaments, pro points, the World Championship, etc. It all sounds really interesting, but I'm also rather fuzzy on how Hearthstone functions as an eSport. I understand how sports like baseball or football work in that they have a schedule, a post-season, and a championship game/series, but it sounds like Hearthstone doesn't work that way. I'd love it if you'd be willing to talk a little on how Hearthstone as an eSport works and if there's good online resources to help interested folks like me keep up on the race for the World Championship. Thanks!

Email's done!


Greetings Flared-Up Foghorns!

I've been playing Hearthstone since the official release, and have been a loyal TAC listener since episode three or so. I absolutely love card games, and Hearthstone is probably the best one I've ever played. But I'm finding myself hitting the same wall I do with almost all other card games: I'm lacking motivation to continue to play a game I only win about 50% of the time.

When I play other video games, I'm always progressing toward something or beating levels. The ladder system is pretty brutal for a commuter with a full-time job, a wife, and two kids. I feel I can't compete in Ranked, and thus I feel I have nothing to work toward. So I find myself not wanting to log on as much. I love this game! But I am just not as excited to play much anymore. I still listen to TAC every Tuesday on the drive to work, though. :)

What can I do to fall in love with Hearthstone again? Please help!


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