WALT improve our recount writing by using a good  hook, correct punctuation and spelling. We need to use descriptive words, interesting detail,paragraphs and past tense.


As I got out of bed I remembered that I’m going  to camp today! So I raced around and did all my jobs. Then jumped in the car and shouted mum I’m ready to go. Eventually she came and we were off to school.

Once I got to school we got on the bus and headed off to Long Bay. When we got  to camp MERC (Marine Educational and Recreational Centre). I was told that I was  sleeping in the hall so I thought that it wouldn’t be much fun. But once I saw the view I thought that it would look pretty amazing  at night when all the streetlights are on. Mrs Graham then called us into the  hall out and sorted us into our groups. Then the instructors took us to our activities.

My activity was stack’em with gus (the instructor). I then got into my harness and sat down for my safety briefing. Gus told us that “you can’t fall because the rope that we use is tested to a strength of one tonne, so if you weigh more than one tonne you’re in trouble.  But I don’t think that any of you  weigh more that one tonne” Then came my turn I got up to to five crates and then it started to shake and got wobbly. I got to nine crates and then out of  nowhere a huge gust of wind came and blew the  crates over. Before I knew it it was dinner time and we were in bed.

The next day I got up and went for a run down the beach and back to have breakfast. Not long after that the instructors arrived and started to set up the activities. Shortly we went into the hall and were told what activities we were going to and made our way to them. My activity was giant's ladder. The first part i found easy but as I progressed it got harder and harder. But eventually I made it to the top and made my way back down to solid ground.

The next 2 days went like the speed of light . And  before I knew it we were on the  bus and back at school. I loved  camp and   wanted to stay longer. I hope that I can go again.

The end