Last updated April 4, 2013


Thinglings are small creatures that like things. Many different kind of things. Unfortunately flags are mainly seen around towers, guarded by Redlings. The Redlings don't like when Thinglings take their flags (or towers). After all, it was hard work to conquer those towers and flags from Flaglings. Story doesn't tell where Flaglings got those flags, but we can be pretty certain it was some decent way.

Thinglings are fair creatures and want the flags to get back to where they belong. Will you help them to get flags back to their rightful owners?


Thinglings is a mild-deck-destroyal-victory-points-hoarding game for a single player.


Get as many Victory Points (VP) as possible.


SETUP (arrange cards and put them to TURN MARKER AREA)

Setup VP counters:

- Place 4 VP counter cards somewhere on the table. You begin the game with 0 VPs. Place the cards on top of each other so that you'll see only "0" on each card. Turn 3 cards (with numbers) face up, and move the cards to keep track on your victory points (see image 1)


Place the following cards face up to the TURN MARKER AREA. 'Money' card goes topmost, 'Nothing' card goes in the bottom:

- Money (this card is in the top of the pile, faceup)

- Money

- Thingling

- Shield

- Enemy

- Big enemy

- Ally

- Nothing

- Nothing (this card is in the bottom of the pile, face down)


- Start game with 3 money cards. Place these faceup to your HOME AREA.


- Place remaining cards to form the PLAY DECK.


- No cards are in the PLAY AREA in the beginning of the game, but arrange some space for up to 5 cards.


Round is divided into following PHASES:

1. TOWERS PHASE: All TOWERS in your HOME AREA produce 2 victory points

2. FLAGS PHASE: You may discard any FLAG or FLAGS card(s) from your HOME AREA, and receive VPs. You may also dicard any other card(s) from your HOME AREA and gain VPs

3. CHECK END OF GAME: If there's no more faceup cards on the TURN MARKER AREA, game ends. Count all your victory point to see how well you did.


5. DRAW CARDS: Draw 3 cards from the PLAY DECK and place them face up to PLAY AREA. If you have any 'Thingling' cards on your HOME AREA, you get to draw additional cards. (Notice: effects of cards at PLAY AREA effects are not handled yet. E.g. enemies don't do damage and so on)

6. DISCARD PHASE: You may discard any card from the PLAY AREA to the discard pile. You don't have to discard anything.

7. REFILL CARDS: If you discarded an cards, then draw as many new cards as you discarded on the previous round and place them to your PLAY AREA face up. (For example: if you discarded 1 card, you get to draw 1 new card now)

8. ALLY PHASE: If you have allies, you may redraw NOTHING cards (discard 'Nothing' card and draw a new card to the PLAY AREA)

9. COLLECT PHASE: Go through each card in the PLAY AREA one by one (starting from the left)

10. END ROUND: Clean and prepare for the next round:


Image showing different areas in the game. Notice how the VP are is showing 17 victory points.


- Top left corner: COST (requires this many money for you to buy it)

- Bottom left corner: VP VALUE (this many VPs you gain after you discard a card from your HOME AREA)

- Enemy makes you lose money (or if you have SHIELD you can throw that away instead)

- Big enemy makes you lose Ally or Thingling (or if you have SHIELD you can throw that away instead)

- Tower generates 2 VP per turn

- Flags help you get VPs after you discard the flag card from HOME AREA

- Thingling cards help you draw more cards per round (during DRAW CARDS PHASE)

- Ally cards help you redraw 'nothing' cards each round (during REFILL PHASE)

- 'Nothing' cards are somewhat useless



Money can be used to get cards to your HOME AREA. Each card has a cost (money cards cost 0, so you get them always). In order to buy a card, check the card's COST (top left corner): you must discard equal amount of MONEY cards to purchase a card. Any cards can be purchased.


Each THINGLING card in your HOME AREA let's you draw +1 cards to the PLAY AREA during DRAW CARDS PHASE. Normally you draw 3 cards, but if your home area has 1 Thingling, then you get to draw 4 cards to the PLAY AREA.


During the ALLY PHASE, each Ally card you have let's you redraw any (or all) NOTHING  cards in the PLAY AREA.


Towers give you 2 victory points in the beginning of each round.


Single flag cost nothing, and gets you 1 VP when you discard them from your HOME AREA.


Multiple flags cost 2 to purchase. After you discard them from your HOME AREA, you receive 3 VP

Big Enemy

If Big Enemy remains in the PLAY AREA on the COLLECT phase (so that you don't buy it), then you must discard a Thingling, Ally (or Shield) from your HOME AREA. You may buy the enemy to your HOME AREA to avoid an attack.


If Enemy is in the PLAY AREA on the COLLECT phase (so that you don't buy it), then you must discard one Money card (or Shield). You may buy the enemy to your HOME AREA to avoid an attack.


If you have an ally in HOME AREA then 'Nothing' cards can be redrawn before the COLLECT phase.


If you have a Shield in your HOME AREA and Enemy requires you to lose an ally, thingling or money you may choose to discard Shield instead.


Victory Point / VP

Counted in the end of the game. The goal of the game is to get as many VPs as possible.

Discard cards

Unless otherwise said, all discarded cards go faceup to DISCARD PILE, next to the PLAY DECK.

Home area

Your current cards. There's no limit on how many cards you may have in your HOME AREA.


Some questions and answers.

Q: Is there a limit on how many cards you may have in my HOME AREA?

A: No.

Q: What's the purpose of the VP counter cards? Is there some other purpose than just to count victory points?

A: Keep track on how many VPs you have. They have no other purpose.

Q: If I buy an enemy, does it do damage before it arrives to my HOME AREA?

A: No. If you buy an enemy (or big enemy) they don't do any damage.

Q: If I discard an enemy, to which pile it goes? To same where flags also go?

A: All cards (unless otherwise stated) go to the DISCARD PILE (next to PLAY DECK). Enemies also go there, to the same pile where flags are discarded.

Q: During DISCARD PHASE do you get to choose what cards are discarded? Do you have to discard them all?

A: You can choose which cards get discarded. You may discard 0 or more cards. You don't need to discard them all.

Q: Do cards placed in the Discard Pile in DISCARD PHASE take effect during rest of the round?

A: No. All cards that were discarded during DISCARD PHASE won't be used during the rest of the round. Effects are ignored (for example, enemies won't attack if they were discarded).