Rules July 2016




1.1 A carpet shall be a minimum of 6’ and a maximum of 6’6”wide, a minimum of 30’ and a maximum of 33’ long. There shall be a delivery space at the centre of each end of the carpet which shall be 18” wide marked by two white guide lines which shall be no more than 2” long upon which will be placed two blocks of wood, white in colour, being of size 6”x 4”x 2” or (150mm x100mm x 50mm metric equivalent)

All tape to be removed from the carpet and lines drawn in chalk or marker pen.

1.2 SPAR

A circular spar of wood or similar material 18” in diameter and 2” high, hard edged (having no tape or carpet fastened to it to dull the sound of the bowl touching) shall be placed on a line marked across the centre of the carpet equidistant from each end, also centred across the width of the carpet.

The spar must be of a contrasting colour to the carpet (not green).


The bowls are not to exceed 4” in diameter or exceed 1lb 10oz in weight, nor a less bias of no 3. A set consists of sixteen woods, 8 brown and 8 black stickers may be used for identification.

1.4 JACK

The Jack shall be 2.5” in diameter.



2.1 New playing format agreed at EGM September 22nd 2014 and confirmed at AGM held on 2nd July 2015:

2.2 Teams consist of a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 20 players of either gender, with no age limit. Each team plays 4 pairs and 4 triples.

2.3 Triples and pairs must be stipulated before commencement of the fixture.

2.4  It is not necessary for players to live in the parish to play for a team.

2.5  Flat soled shoes shall be worn.

2.6 Team players and their positions in which they play cannot be changed once the game has started.

2.7 The home team shall play with black woods.



3.1 Each match to consist of eight games; 4 games of pairs and 4 games of triples. Games to start no later than 7.15pm - earlier if possible

All players to be available to play by 7.30pm

First games                 -             Two Pairs 7 ends / 3 woods

Second games            -             Two Triples 7 ends / 2 woods

Third games                -             Two Pairs 7 ends / 3 woods

Fourth games             -             Two Triples 7 ends / 2 woods

No restriction on the number of games an individual can play.

No player is allowed to skip more than twice during the match.

The same pairs or triples cannot play two games in the same playing order.  

Example of format allowed:

Triples:             Game 1            Tom Dick Harry

Pairs:                Game 1            Tom Dick

Triples:             Game 2            Harry Tom Dick

Pairs:                Game 2            Dick Tom

16 points + 2 bonus points = 18 points in total.

Note: Order of play can be changed if both captains agree

Any changes to this format must be agreed at the AGM.

3.3 Equipment will be provided by the home team.

3.4 The results secretary will arrange all fixtures.

3.5 All teams must be prepared to play away games on any night of the week - Monday to Friday.

3.6 Any team failing to appear for a match will be responsible for expenses.

3.7 Games can be rearranged because of inclement weather, unavailability of the hall and unforeseen traffic problems only.  Any other legitimate reason should be agreed with the Results Secretary who will liaise with both clubs.

3.8 If a facility is unavailable or a date cannot be agreed upon for a rearranged match the following rule will apply: If a game is not played and after every effort is made to rearrange the fixture and the teams are still unable to do so, half of the points available (nine) will be deducted from the offending team (ie the team that is unable to play on the set date) and ten awarded to the non-offending team.  The non-offending team will be awarded ten shots and the offending team deducted 10 shots.

Note:  Games can be played at a neutral venue.



4.1 Two points are awarded to the winners for each game, with one point for each tied game, plus two points awarded to the team with the highest shots total at the end of the match, making eighteen points at stake overall. If a team arrives with fewer than six players Rule 3.8 above will apply.

4.2 In the event of a tie at the end of the season, shots difference will be applied. If teams are still level the team with the better aggregated results in the two matches between the two teams will finish higher

4.3 The league winners and runners-up will hold trophies for twelve months.

4.4 Results must be notified to the Results Secretary immediately after each match.



5.1 Before the commencement of a game the skips shall toss a coin, the winner having the choice to bowl first or second.

5.2 The skip of the team bowling first will place the jack in the centre of the carpet not less than 3’ or more than 6’ from the end of the carpet. In subsequent ends the team winning the end places the jack and that team bowls first.

5.3 No player will bowl a wood until the previous has come to rest.

5.4 Where facilities allow players will stand well back from the carpet when other players are bowling. In a fours game players will stand behind the bowler in action until the skip bowls. When it is the turn of the skips to bowl, the remaining players will go to the other end of the carpet.

5.5 Substitutes may be used in cases of illness/emergency. A substitute may play in any position other than skip. The number three in a four and the lead in a pair will assume the role of skip in such circumstances..

5.6 A wrong coloured bowl played in error will be replaced by the correct coloured bowl after the incorrect one has come to rest.

5.7 If a bowler shall bowl before their turn or before their opponents bowl has come to rest, that wood shall be declared dead.

5.8 Whether playing or directing, bowlers must not stand or kneel on the carpet. Should a bowler, after having been warned by the opposing skip, persist in infringing this rule, then one shot will be deducted on that and each subsequent occasion. The only exception to this shall be when it is necessary for deciding the end after the last bowl of the end has come to rest.

5.9 Any bowl which comes to rest between the bowler and a lateral line level with the centre block or which touches or passes over that block shall be declared a dead wood.

5.10 Any bowl passing over the lateral centre line must do so completely, if any part of the wood is touching this line when it comes to rest it will be declared dead.

5.11 If the jack is played to a position off the carpet by a wood, two shots will be awarded to the opposing team and a new end began.

5.12 If a wood, whilst in motion or at rest (this could include the jack) be interfered with or displaced by one of the bowlers then the opposing skip has the right to replace it or declare that bowl dead.

5.13 No wood must be carried past the centre block, and no wood must be picked up for play before the preceding wood has been delivered. If this occurs the bowl will be declared dead.



6.1 Each bowler, when delivering the wood, must have both feet entirely behind the end of the carpet. Should a player, after having been warned by the opposing skip, persist in infringing this rule then the skip shall cause that bowl to be declared dead.

6.2 The wood must be delivered from within the 18” delivery space which shall be demarcated by the white lines and the white blocks. The blocks shall be placed such that the height shall be 6”, the 4” side shall be along the edge of the carpet and the 2” side along the white lines. If during the delivery of a bowl either block is moved in any way then that wood shall be declared dead. Delivery of a wood shall be considered as being from the point of presenting the wood in the hand to the carpet until it is released from the hand.

6.3 Disabled bowlers must be allowed to adopt a comfortable stance and method when delivering their woods, although they should not be allowed to gain an unfair advantage.

6.4 Mobile phones must be in silent mode or switched off while games are being played.

6.5 All dead bowls in motion shall be stopped and removed where possible before disturbing any other bowl or jack. In the event of a dead bowl resulting in a live bowl or jack being moved then the opposing skip shall:-

6.5.1 Remove the dead bowl and leave the bowls/jack to remain as they are, or

6.5.2 Remove the dead bowl and replace the bowls/jack as near as possible to their original position, or

6.5.3 Replay the end, unless any live bowl so moved is the only one.



7.1 Skips shall have control of the play of their team but they may delegate this responsibility at any time during the game to another member of that team. However once the game has commenced the team positions cannot be changed.

7.2 The two skips shall be the judges of all disputes and when they agree their decision is final.

7.3 If in certain situations there are good reasons for slight amendments to these rules these must be agreed by both captains before any games are commenced.



8.1 Skips will nominate which member of the team will measure. All other players will stand well back from the carpet whilst the result is determined.

8.2 Whilst measuring is being carried out the jack shall not be held or touched by hand. If it is accidentally moved it shall be replaced as near as possible to its original position.

8.3 All measuring shall be between the nearest point of the jack and wood. If a bowl requiring to be measured is resting on another bowl which prevents its measurement, then the best possible means available shall be taken to secure its position, whereupon the other bowl shall be removed. No measuring shall be carried out until the last wood has been played.

8.4 If two bowls are equidistant from the jack, after measuring, neither side shall score, but the end will count as played.



9.1 During the course of play, if the position of the jack or any bowl is disturbed by any neutral object, then the end will be declared dead, unless otherwise mutually agreed by the skips.



10.1 Nothing in these rules shall make it mandatory for either skip to bowl their last wood in any end. However the skip must declare his/her intentions to the opposing skip before determining the result of the end.

10.2 Spectators shall be situated clear of and beyond the limits of the play. They shall preserve an attitude of strict neutrality and neither by word or act disturb, advise, or coach the players.

10.3 Teams taking part in league games should wear club colours or white above the waist, grey or black below. If these are not available then clean and tidy dress is requested.



11.1  Clubs must register all players and new players with the Results Secretary each year before the season starts.

11.2 Teams playing a non registered player will one triple one pair and bonus points thus making a maximum of twelve points available.  

11.3 All transfers and new players are to be registered with the Results Secretary 24 hours before they play.  Both clubs to register the leaving and starting of a player with the Results Secretary.



AGREED at AGM June 14th 2014  that only one team from Division 1 be relegated and therefore one team from Division two promoted – with the proviso that any adjustments to be agreed by a majority vote of the clubs at the AGM.