RULE 1: The RTLW meeting will be on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursdays of

     each month.

RULE 2: Determination for the location for the RTLW meeting is like calling

     shotgun for the front passenger seat of a car. Whoever calls the

     location first, wins, and that's where RTLW is going to meet, period.

     In case of close calls, "first" is determined by date received by the

     list server machine.

RULE 3: A meeting announcement must be posted by email to the

     RTLW list, with the word "ANNOUNCEMENT" in the Subject header. It

     must define a time, a location (with address), and use the declarative

     voice ("We are going to..." not "Would y'all like to go to...?"). It

     should not be sent before the previous meeting has happened

     (or should have happened).

RULE 4: If you make the announcement, you have to go, you have to be

     on time and preferably early, and (if the meeting is in a public

     location) you have to make a little sign that says "RTLW" so people

     know where they're supposed to sit. If the location has a

     barista/bartender/host/other Schelling employee, let them know about

     the meetup so they can direct the confused.

RULE 5: If no one makes an announcement, the meeting will not

     happen. If nobody cares enough to take responsibility and make an

     announcement, and everyone minces around with do-you-think's and

     what-about-this's, we are weak and cowardly and do not deserve a

     lovely meeting together.


RULE 6: Nobody is making you go to RTLW meetings. Your dialysis machine is

     not at the RTLW meeting. You are not a robot of the future who will be

     stuck in our dimension forever if you don't attend the RTLW meeting

     (we hope.)

     If, for some reason, you cannot make it to the RTLW meeting, or you

     don't like where it's being held, or Chinese food gives you an upset

     tummy, then Don't Go, and make a note in your calendar to yourself

     to take some initiative and make the next meetup's announcement.

RULE 7: In case of SEVERE HAZARD -- for example, the originally chosen

     venue has burnt to the ground or is on fire at the scheduled time

     for the meeting, etc. -- the original organizer should send a new email

     according to rule 3, mentioning prominently that it

     is a change. This should be in the subject line as something like

     "ANNOUNCEMENT: Change of location for [date] RTLW meetup".

     For changes made after noon on the day of the meetup, the organizer

     must ALSO put a sign and/or a human runner at the original venue to

     send people who missed the revised announcement to the new location.

     (Not all of us have smartphones!)

That's it. 7 simple rules. The Date Rule, the Shotgun Rule, the Email

Rule, the Organizer Rule, the Have a Spine Rule, the Take Your Lumps

Rule, and the System Crash Rule.

Now, as another reminder, here's the non-binding part.

* Topics/activities are at the discretion of the announcer. General

  discussion and socializing is the default topic/activity.

* Good locations for a RTLW meeting will have:

     * Food

     * Cheap food

     * Good food

     * Alcoholic beverages

     * Non-alcoholic beverages

     * Access for minors and people under 21

     * Facilities that are gender inclusive and accessible by

   people with reduced mobility

     * Separate checks

     * Seats for 10-15 people

     * Room to push tables together, or pull them apart, or other

         suitable seating

     * Forgiveness for people coming and leaving at will

     * Something for vegetarians to eat

     * Something for carnivores to eat

     * Enough quiet that we can talk

     * Enough loudness that we're not a big distraction

     * Enough light that we can see the Bayesian networks/causal

         diagrams/angry stick figures we're drawing on the backs of napkins

     * Nearby parking

     * Easy directions

  Obviously, there's no requirement that every location have all these

  things, and most locations won't. And you are the sole determiner of

  where everyone goes: you can call the meeting for a XXX movie

  theater or your own home or a cardboard box under the freeway. But

  it'd be nice to meet these goals.

* Restaurants and cafes that have been historically supportive of our

  cause deserve our business and dollars.

* A good time for meeting is A) late enough that people can get off

  work and drive or ride from their region to the region the meeting

  is in, and B) not so late that the place is going to close, or

  people have to go home for sleep. Think 7-8PM.

* If you think you know a good place to go, announce it. If you don't,

  shut up. When people post do-you-think's and what-about-this's, it

  clouds the waters and everyone gets confused. So don't do that.

* If for some reason you are far outside the preferred region of the

  meeting, you should think about starting an offshoot group and

  having separate meetings.

* A good meeting attendee will bring money for their share of food and

  drink if they can. If they can't, they will keep their grubby mitts

  off the food and drink, unless invited to do otherwise. If they share

  from common food or drink (such as pizzas or fries or pitchers of beer),

  they will get up and get another pizza or basket of fries or pitcher or

  whatever when the current one runs out.  They will chip in for what they

  ate, and pay for what they ordered, and remember the tip, and round up

  rather than down.

* A sample announcement email would look like this:


  From: Evan Prodromou <>


  Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: RTLW Meeting For First Thursday of April 2002

  Date: 24 Mar 2002 08:31:11 -0800

  The next RTLW meeting will be held at Munster's Pizza

  Parlor on April 4th, 2002 at 1313 Mockingbird Lane in Berkeley at


  Munster's is at the corner of Mockingbird and Yourtown Street on the

  Number 17 AC Transit line. It is a 2 block walk from the Northside

  BART station.

  I will be organizing a PGP key-signing. If you want to participate,

  please send me your OpenPGP public key by noon on April 4th.

  See you there,



  Note that this message projects authority, it has all important

  information, and it does not use a question mark anywhere in the

  message or subject line.

* There is no shame in announcing the meeting for someplace that

  RTLW has already been before. Heck: if it was good enough

  before, it's probably good enough now.

* If you make an announcement, it's entirely possible that NO ONE will

  come. This is the risk you run. You have put yourself on the line,

  and it's within the realm of likelihood that you will spend the

  night lonely and afraid, standing naked in the rain while fire ants

  crawl on your legs and chomp your skin and all of the people you

  have ever had secret crushes on point at you and laugh and laugh.

  In short, it will be the worst night of your entire life, bar

  none. If you are prepared for this, any other outcome will be icing

  on the cake. (And remember, "within the realm of likelihood" isn't the

  same as "likely".)

  If you are not prepared for this, and you send a vituperative and

  bitter email to the RTLW list on the Day After, you will come off

  like a fool, and you will have capped your disastrous event with

  a bitter and ugly conclusion. No one has ever actually done this, but

  don't be the first.


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Originally (c) 2002  Evan Prodromou.

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