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MIT App Inventor usage for 2014
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MIT App Inventor usage for 2014

The following graph shows the worldwide usage on our MIT App Inventor site for 2014, for AI1 (App Inventor Classic) and AI2.  These numbers count “unique weekly active users,” i.e., the number of people who used each site in a week, with no multiple counting for multiple visits.  The numbers do not include visits to the App Inventor site at, only the sites used for creating apps: for AI Classic, and for AI2.   These numbers also do not include use of App Inventor servers other than the MIT server.

Use of AI Classic declined smoothly over 2014 from 26,000 users weekly to 8,000 weekly.  That’s in keeping with our MIT plan of having people transition off Classic to AI2.  We have not announced plans to discontinue the Classic service, but we’re no longer fixing bugs or making enhancements, and we strongly recommend that people not begin new projects or teach courses using AI Classic.

AI2 usage increased significantly over 2014 from 30,000 weekly actives in January 2014 to 93,000 in February 2015.    As the chart shows, there were large dips in April 2014 and over summer 2014 and a dramatic drop (60%) at Christmas.    This suggests that a great deal of App Inventor usage is happening in schools, although we’ll need to collect better information to verify that.

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 10.07.54 AM.png