Capacity Building Workshop - Schedule



Date (December)

9-11 AM

11 AM-1 PM

2-4 PM

4-5.30 PM

8th Tuesday

Inaugural & Overview + Test

(L1) QGIS (NM)

  • Visualisation,Symbology
  • Statistics
  • Attributes
  • Map Layout

9th Wednesday

Presentations by participants 

(15 mins each)

(L2) QGIS: Theory (RCP)
+ Hands-on (NM)

- Data Creation

- Data Cleaning

- Topology building

Also Mini Projects given to the groups

10th Thursday

Georeferencing and projection systems

Mini Project Discussion

Theory (RCP)

(L3) Hands-on (NM)

11th Friday

Vector Data Analysis

Raster Data Analysis

Theory (RCP)

(L4) Hands-on (NM)

Theory (RCP)

(L5) Hands-on (NM)

12th Saturday

Mini Project Discussion & Development of a solution.

Mini Project Presentation

13th Sunday

Language localisation of QGIS (HS)

Mobile GIS (RV)

14th Monday

(Theory) Intro to Spatial Databases + WebGIS


(L6) Hands-on Session : Spatial databases


15th Tuesday

WMS + Styling + Geoserver

(Theory) (GG)

(L7) Geoserver (Setup & Usage)


16th Wednesday

Case Studies

Major Projects Given + Initial discussion

17th Thursday

Project Work : Development of Solution + Doubts handling

18th Friday

Spillover Buffer

19th Saturday

Final Project Presentation

Feedback + Valedictory Function & Closing

Resource Persons

GG   : Mr. Gowtham G, KAIINOS Geospatial Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

KSR : Dr. K. S. Rajan, Lab for Spatial Informatics, IIIT Hyderabad

NM   : Mr. Nishith Maheshwari, Lab for Spatial Informatics, IIIT Hyderabad

RCP : Dr. P. Rama Chandra Prasad, Lab for Spatial Informatics, IIIT Hyderabad

SNP : Dr. S Narendra Prasad, OSGeo-India, Hyderabad

SG   : Mr. Santosh Gaikwad

HS   : Mr. H. K. Solanki, NIRD & PR, Hyderabad

RV   : Mr. Ravi Vundavalli, OSGeo-India