Aurora Australis

Saturday 6th July 2013

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Operation Aurora Australis Summary

Aurora Australis Statistics

        National & International Fields


Agents in the Field


Link Makers

Corridor Defenders, Link Breakers and Standby Agents


Supporting Agents

Agents claiming critical portals leading up to Aurora Australis

Key Couriers - Agents delivering keys between major cities and nodes

Agents who made dedicated trips to collect keys prior to Aurora Australis

Other Agents who contributed keys, mods, viruses, inventory items & information

Other Agents who Contributed to the success of Aurora Australis

Worthy Resistance Adversaries

Aurora Australis Activity log


April 26th - “One Good Turn Deserves Another”

June 6th - “Amplification”

June 12th - Nationwide Concept

June 15th - Low Level Amplifier Tests in Outback Australia

June 16th - Testing Maximum Amplification

June 17th

June 20th - Linking East to West

June 21st

June 22nd - An Empty Inventory

June 24th - Keys In the Open

June 25th

June 23rd - Operation BFG (WA Large Field Appears)

June 27th - “Fields Across The Continent”

June 29th

June 30th - The New Zealand Connection

July 1st (G-Minus Five Days) Manic Monday

July 2nd (G-Minus Four Days)

July 3rd (G-Minus Three Days) The New Zealand Plan

July 4th (G-Minus Two Days) “The War Room”

July 5th (G Minus One Day) - The Plan Comes Together

July 6th (G day) - Aurora Australis

Special Features

Curved Links

Inventory Bug

The Prevelly WA Extension

Unexpected York Block and Cobram Block

Random Drop + Blind Road Trip

Enemy Agent in the Open

Aurora Australis Falls

Appendix I - Portal Index

Appendix II - Operation Glowing Ogre (NZ)

Appendix III - Summary of Key Couriering for National and International fields

Appendix IV - Port Macquarie - Resistance Action Report

Appendix V - National Planning Images


Operation Pea Soup’ was a successfully executed mission that saw the entire Sydney basin fielded six layers deep. Inspired and motivated after the event, the agents involved hosted a hangout to discuss their success and to brainstorm their next operation.  But what could possibly be bigger than fielding the largest capital city in Australia?

During the hangout an idea was formed to create simultaneous Enlightened fields over each of the Australian and New Zealand capital cities. Agents were invited from various Enlightened communities around Australia and New Zealand to recruit interested agents and discuss how we would unite individual communities of national and international Enlightened agents to pull off what would arguably be the worlds largest (by square kilometres) set of simultaneously created Ingress fields in a single operation.

Over the coming weeks agents networked, recruited and reached out - first to agents of any cities that were not already represented in the initial hangout, in order to invite them into the dedicated Google+ community that was created to plan the new operation. The general outline was that agents would be responsible for fielding their own city.

During the original planning stages, the Ingress scanner app only supported shields as portal mods.  Although most Australian cities were considered too far apart to field as a whole, it was mentioned to agents that they should check for anchor points so that we might also link some of the city fields to each other - i.e. a single link joining the city-fields - if the distance was within the 655.2km link range of a level 8 portal.  If viable portals were found, instructions were to hack portal keys that would later be delivered to the required locations for linking.

This report documents the planning and execution of this operation. It covers the introduction of new portal mods providing the ability to amplify the maximum portal linking distance; how the new scanner developments and successful national and international recruiting magnified the original plans, morphing the operation from the original “simultaneous individual city-fields, with connecting links across the country” into an operation making Australia the world’s first continent to to be covered in Enlightened fields.

Notes on conventions used in this document:

Report Content Contributed by all Agents involved

Compilation and editing by @Kittiee42, @kru and @TheTruthIsOut

Operation Aurora Australis Summary

Key Dates

Agents: Over 240 Enlightened agents were involved in the planning and execution of Aurora Australis.

Aurora Australis Statistics

Reference Statistics -

Operation Aurora Australis’ Ingress Statistics -

Operation Aurora Australis’ Achievements -

National Fields

Holy Trinity Church -> Roxby Village -> Statue of Makybe Diva

Mind Units: 622,997 | Area: 423,439 km²

Roxby Village -> Statue of Makybe Diva -> Penneshaw Water Plaque

Mind Units: 439,932 | Area: 49,483 km²

Roxby Village -> Tacking Point Compass ->  Stairway to Heaven

Mind Units: 6,238,279 | Area: 1,009,110 km²

Roxby Village -> Tacking Point Lighthouse -> Hamilton Island Yacht Club

Mind Units: 5,566,344 | Area: 940,529 km²

Roxby Village -> Tacking Point Lighthouse -> Stairway to Heaven

Mind Units: 6,238,130 | Area: 1,080,090 km²

Tacking Point Lighthouse -> Hamilton Island Yacht Club -> Whale Sculpture on Hamilton Island
Mind Un
its: Undetermined | Area: 1122 k

Pine Creek Museum ->  Hamilton Island Yacht Club -> Whale Sculpture on Hamilton Island
Mind Unit
s: Undetermined | Area: 2194 km²

Pine Creek Museum -> World’s Oldest Operating Outdoor Movie -> Uluru (Ayers Rock) Classic S

Mind Units: 53,039 | Area: 627,739 km²

Uluru (Ayers Rock)  Classic S -> Pine Creek Museum -> Roxby Village

Mind Units: 24,883 | Area: 379,709 km²

Pine Creek Museum-> Hamilton Island Yacht Club ->  Roxby Village

Mind Units: 382,348 | Area: 1,455,170 km²

World’s Oldest Operating Outdoor Movie -> Uluru  (Ayers Rock) Classic S -> Jurien Bay Bandstand

Mind Units: 217,768 | Area: 907,098 km²

Paddy Hannan Memorial Statue -> Uluru (Ayers Rock) Classic S -> Roxby Village

Mind Units: 29,379 | Area: 449,663 km²

Uluru (Ayers Rock) Classic S -> Paddy Hannan Memorial Statue -> Jurien Bay Bandstand

Mind Units: 35,418 | Area: 192,355 km²

Paddy Hannan Memorial Statue ->  Jurien Bay Bandstand -> Holy Trinity Church

Mind Units: 26,585 | Area: 72,010 km²

Stairway to Heaven -> Penneshaw Water Plaque -> Roxby Village

Mind Units: 1,444,167 | Area: 176,573 km²

Log Hauler -> Monument Aux Morts -> Roxby Village

Mind Units: 1,384,744 | Area: 156,265 km²

Holy Trinity Church -> Roxby Village -> Paddy Hannan Memorial Statue

Mind Units: Undetermined | Area: 133,979 km²

Pine Creek Museum ->  Worlds Oldest Operating Outdoor Movie -> Cyclone Tracy Twisted Poles

Mind Units: 57,814  | Area: 109,147  km²

International Field

Stairway to Heaven -> Botanic Garden Entrance by Stuart Griffiths -> North East Valley War Memorial

Mind Units: 14,497 | Area: 1086 km²


Agents in the Field

These agents were active on the day of the operation, grouped according to roles they performed.



NSW: @Dimand, @fourfootseven, @urbanhick, @M0SES, @DDsD, @furinkan, @typed, @trakka

NT: @Snitz

QLD: @Seraphicus

SA: @nels90210, @CrazyDutchman

TAS: @Prunes

VIC: @photic, @watsonarw, @Weston90

WA: @TheTruthIsOut, @Kittiee42, @Nadii, @PadraigMacIain

New Zealand: @k1000716, @insertaliashere, @Maximinus, @TwistedDemon, @SkronkyBite

Link Makers

Jurien Bay, WA: @Prawnstar, @BobKeever, @AubinPhoenix, @vantastic, @ZedX, @Vornz

York, WA: @JoeBloggs, @SpeedFreak, @Yapapi

Uluru, NT: @kru, @jzu, @c79

Pine Creek, NT: @Snitz, @420budz, @letsgomurphys, @dirtyranga, @whatsit, @Smurfkilling, @farmerjo11

Port Macquarie, NSW: @fruitcup, @tanyak, @RoboticBotox, @darkcuddles, @hardwire, @sstteevvee, @Joku, @zziggy

Forster, NSW: @zziggy, @Joku

Culburra, Ulludulla, NSW: @Joemertix, @ae11a, @drown, @R3DD0G, @l1l1, @Prismo

ACT: @AjaxMaximus, @otobas, @Kendr,  @Makaz, @Iamcholder,

Apollo Bay, VIC: @KudraKalliope, @Fustian, @richdrich

Shepparton, VIC: @fleshy, @Entee, @Kwana

Warragul, VIC: @unknownkwita, @aimlesspenguin, @philcart

Bruny Island, TAS: @Aramgutang, @xsiteresync, @XSITEexergamer, @TheMirror

Meningie, SA: @XxInvictus

Clare, SA: @Pondy

Roxby Downs, SA: @CVLF, @SounderAU, @Nightshade13

New Zealand:  @smebro, @onevia, @ninox, @NikiG, @130spec, @gonefishing, @yeetrees, @macgyveris, @Chevron7, @Maximinus, @TwistedDemon, @Si76, @antlion

Corridor Defenders, Link Breakers and Standby Agents

Toowoomba, QLD: @Forknuts, @Seraphicus

Warwick, QLD: @AntMan

Mackay, QLD: @Raker

Hamilton Island, QLD: @mtac, @GvD, @Knuffie

Bathurst, Forbes, NSW: @eidyia, @ionno,

Bathurst, Lucknow, Orange NSW: @K656, @W12

Tenterfield, NSW: @Callashandra, @Mouldypants @Ryant

Tamworth, NSW: @Cernunnon, @Toomuk, @Pathf1nder

Western NSW: @eidyia, @ionno, @K656, @W12

ACT:  @xCODEx / @Darklordzoneaxe

VIC: @greenLightning, @LinxSmasher, @seltha, @Blitzcrieg, @eGreed, @Laylika, @Ranorith, @photic

Cockle Creek, TAS: @FraMauro, @Suds

Huonville, TAS: @XSITEWyvern, @TychoQuad

Kingston, TAS: @Yuuyami, @Toshofello, @Auska

Bicheno, TAS: @JamDonut, @etbe

Greater Hobart, TAS: @Acquired

Roseberry, TAS: @Prunes

Launceston, TAS: @CraigRat

Adelaide, SA: @dharmah

Kapunda, SA: @MeHz, @snowFoxi

Adelaide Hills, SA: @Nightshade13, @Hardwood, @Enderdragon13, @Awesumsauce

Murray Bridge, SA: @Addling, @Chehazul

New Zealand: @insertaliashere, @Spectralknight, @Lazybumble, @Jumpgate, @Smizmo, @Do31n8a, @sPiel, @id6fwa89, @JebusNZ, @BASNZ, @Chaosdesign, @Talden, @wigglor, @arkique, @gonefishing


Wollongong, NSW: @x90, @spacetimetraveler, @AgentStorm

Pyrmont, NSW: @aftos, @fourfootseven, @Sh4p3r, @www, @owl, @porkkapital, @Simon255

ACT: @Watby

Hobart CBD, TAS:@JBULLFROG, @Jeanz

Adelaide, SA: @dharmah, @groceryshopping, @ProfMilkshake, @GingerCat, @TitaniumASmith

Supporting Agents

In the weeks leading up to the operation, various functions were performed that required the coordination and cooperation of many, many Enlightened agents.  They are listed here, grouped according to the various tasks that were performed in order to make the operation a success.

Agents claiming critical portals leading up to Aurora Australis

Broome: @Weston90

Albany: @Digitup

Port Lincoln: @Loki6969

Kangaroo Island: @goingfission

Meningie: @XxInvictus

Roxby Downs: @kiwikjk, @Nightshade13

Pine Creek: @Snitz

Hamilton Island: @owl

Port Macquarie: @Yeebok, @fourfootseven

New Zealand: @BASNZ, @Maximinus, @TwistedDemon

Key Couriers - Agents delivering keys between major cities and nodes




























New Zealand










Agents who made dedicated trips to collect keys prior to Aurora Australis















New Zealand



Other Agents who contributed keys, mods, viruses, inventory items & information



























































New Zealand


















Other Agents who Contributed to the success of Aurora Australis

Physical Resource Supplier: @CarpeAnatem, @RoboticBotox @aftos @Aramgutang, @AnotherMatt

Planning Premises: @fruitcup, @furinkan

Backup Key Courier: @ParrotHerder, @Aramgutang, @JamDonut, @RoboticBotox. @Simon255, @Roj667,

Ingress Wedding: @GvD and @Knuffie (took time from their own wedding to Ingress)

Technical Specialists (KML design, servers, etc): @Aramgutang, @Dimand, @Joku, @kru, @maximinus @kudrakalliope

Document Writers: @M0SES, @Kittiee42, @TheTruthIsOut, @fourfootseven, @Joku, @sstteevvee, @nels90210, @Aramgutang, @KudraKalliope, @Entee, @kru

Worthy Resistance Adversaries

Jurien Bay, WA: @Worros

York, WA: @Senectus

Culburra, NSW: @dude1

Port Macquarie, NSW: @anouke, @chaosduck, @Saltyplum

Forbes, NSW: @kubed, @SkyDweller

Hobart, TAS: @MainDog, @VantageAus

Roxby Downs, SA: @Moneydork

Kangaroo Island, SA: @Kayah

Carterton, NZ: @farmboy 

Akaroa, NZ: @rediguana

Aurora Australis Activity log


April 26th - “One Good Turn Deserves Another”

Google+ community “Aurora Australis created with the aim to simultaneously field all Australian capital cities.

May 7th

June 6th - “Amplification”

June 8th

June 12th - Nationwide Concept

@ozmusic’s concept of a national field

June 14th

June 15th - Low Level Amplifier Tests in Outback Australia

June 16th - Testing Maximum Amplification

June 17th

June 18th

June 19th

June 20th - Linking East to West

June 21st

June 22nd - An Empty Inventory

June 23rd

June 24th - Keys In the Open

During the 3-4 hour wait, agent @public and @YNEMA quickly coordinated meeting each other to transfer keys from WA to be in Agents @YNEMA’s scanner so that they could go back to Melbourne with @Weston90, as couriering keys between Sydney and Melbourne and Adelaide was much more convenient than Perth to Adelaide. The maps were studied and measurements and calculations were made to see what fields we could make with Broome keys, we knew that Broome would be a ghost town, so sending an agent to Broome to link from was out of the question. Already committed to the Roxby Downs portal, it sadly is not within range of Broome, even with an L8 Portal and four Rare Link Amps (ref. June 16th tests). Possibilities on how to use these keys would continue to be explored for a few more days. What was crucial, was that these keys land in Perth, as in Melbourne they’d be too far out of range to keep the portals charged.

The time had arrived for @Weston90's plane to depart from Broome, unfortunately there was a delay, and departure was late. With unclear communication from the airlines an accurate time for @Weston90's landing could not be determined. Agent @YNEMA was on standby and ready to move to the airport at any moment.  However, now the stopover time had been reduced from 45 minutes to just ten minutes!

After @Weston90’s plane landed safely in Perth he had ten minutes to make the dash from one plane to the
next. Agent @YNEMA was about 5 minutes away from the airport when @Weston90 landed. @Weston90, serving the Enlightened with loyalty, dropped two of each portals keys as he ran to the next plane.  They landed very close to a portal at the Perth Airport. We all held our breath, hoping that @YNEMA would be able to collect the keys before they fell into a Resistance Agents hands.  Success! @YNEMA was the first Agent on the scene after @Weston90’s departure and all four keys that @Weston90 dropped were secured. Now both portals could be kept charged, albeit with lots of XM being poured into them by the Western Australian agents, given the reduced efficiency range over such long distances.

June 25th

June 23rd - Operation BFG (WA Large Field Appears)

June 26th

June 27th - “Fields Across The Continent”

Up until this point in time, the proposed fields and agent availability appeared to support the following -

However this left a large gap in central Australia, an area intersecting three Australian states - WA, NT and SA. There was no way to link across the central part of the country, even a P8 with four link amplifiers: the distance of over 2,000 km was just too far.

Agent @kru hinted that there may be a solution - in the form of a pending holiday to Uluru.  Schedules were checked, flight timetables were examined, breath was held.  Most importantly, various key couriers that were already in transit were also shortlisted for possible emergency detours.

Due to uncertainty about his next visit to Kangaroo Island, @goingfission creates the link Penneshaw Water Plaque, Kangaroo Island to Statue of Makybe Diva, Port Lincoln.

June 28th

June 29th

June 30th

July 1st (G-Minus Five Days) Manic Monday

July 2nd (G-Minus Four Days)

July 3rd (G-Minus Three Days) The New Zealand Plan

July 4th (G-Minus Two Days) “The War Room”

A Sydney briefing took place for over four hours in a city conference room provided by @fruitcup.  Agent @Joku facilitated the presentation and coordination of resources for the Sydney field plan, followed by @kru presenting the national plan. At least twenty-five agents attended in person, with the maximum possible (ten agents) attending via video hangouts, with still more attending via instant-messaging hangouts.  Security considerations meant a publicly-accessible “Hangout On Air” was not used.

During this planning meeting Sydney-based teams heading West, South and North were finalised, with volunteers stepping up to fill numerous team vacancies.  Key and resource exchanges were performed for agents travelling to Forster (Syd Field), Culburra (Syd Field), Ulladulla (Syd Field) and Port Macquarie (National Field).  For the Sydney fields, the western teams didn't take keys as the links were all to be made from the coast to the portals that they were to capture and protect.  For many agents, this was the first they had heard of the plan for Australia-wide fields.  Some additional “fallback” keys for the national fields were also exchanged, although in the end they were not required. Link amps, multi-hacks and other mods were also exchanged to support travelling teams. In addition the Sydney-based players, including controllers, were arranging to be loud and visible to obscure the absence from Sydney of so many active high level Enlightened.

@fruitcup prints copies of the Communications Guidelines before the meeting, and they are distributed to attendees. The contents are discussed including any required changes.  As the evening draws to a close @M0SES publishes the now comprehensive “Communication Guidelines” document to the operation’s Google+ community.

Agents @Aramgutang, @XSITEWyvern and @FraMauro capture Cockle Creek Portal (TAS) just after 13:00 local time, removing a blocking link to King Island. In an impressive example of determination, Resistance agent @VantageAus braves the rough and partially flooded terrain to recapture it within 6 hours. The blocking link is re-established shortly afterwards by Resistance agent @Maindog from King Island. A decision is made for a second Cockle Creek Carnage Crew consisting of @suds and @FraMauro to take out the portal on the 6th July. The Carnage Crews inflicted substantial damage in the Resistance stronghold of the Huon Valley region with portals on summit of Mt Wellington retaken in a driving blizzard.  It appears Tasmania is a tough environment for Ingress agents.

July 5th (G Minus One Day) - The Plan Comes Together

Agent @rarr advises @fourfootseven and @YNEMA that he had missed his flight to Perth. Thankfully he was able to book a new flight with the new arrival time in Perth of 13:25 AEST

Team Apollo Bay (@KudraKalliope, @Fustian and @richdrich) depart Melbourne, with intention to stay overnight at The 12 Apostles, cause some early misdirection around Ballarat and remove a large blocking field from Woolongong > Colac > Rookwood which is blocking the TAS > Roxby corridor.

Agents @c79, @kru and @jzu's flight from Sydney arrives in Uluru.

Agent @zziggy departs Sydney with family headed for Port Macquarie (PM Team 1). On the way blocking links are destroyed at a Taree rest area with partner @PowerfulONE (approx 17:43) Resistance agent “anouke” all-chats @zziggy with “lol that was unexpected - nobody ever goes there” to which @zziggy replies “yeah only holidaymakers”

Agent @rarr arrives from Sydney to Perth airport to deliver keys, viruses and Link Amplifiers to @YNEMA for national links.

Agent @Joku heads north from Sydney to Forster, resisting all the tempting portals on the way, as he has been instructed to remain in stealth mode until the following day. On arrival at Port Macquarie,@Joku was PM Team 2.

Team Apollo Bay take down Rookwood leaving just a single blocking link from Wollongong > Colac.

@mtac arrives into Proserpine from Sydney and makes contact with @Raker. There are unclaimed portals in the area so no signs of resistance activity and no expectation of blocking links. All is quiet in the sunny north.

Team Apollo Bay take down blocking link from Wollongong > Colac., despite a significant recharging from the Resistance.

Port Macquarie Team 3 departs Sydney, with @sstteevvee driving agents @darkcuddles and @hardwire.  The team stays the night in Port Macquarie.

Agents @AjaxMaximus, @otobas and @Kendr convene and coordinate relevant keys and to confirm primary and secondary objectives. Written orders produced and circulated.

Agent @MeHz hands Meningie and Kangaroo Island keys to @Pondy in Gawler to take back to Clare. Both agents work together to clear the bulk of blocking links in Gawler and Willaston under the pretense of helping @Pondy reach Access Level 8.

Agents @eidyia and @ionno depart Sydney to travel to Forbes planning to take down links in the Blue Mountains, Bathurst and Orange later that night.

@MeHz and @snowFoxi clear blocking links in Gawler and surrounds.

Western Australian agents convene in the Woodvale Tavern to finalise teams for Jurien Bay and York and to exchange keys.

Melbourne agents @etbe and @JamDonut arrive in Hobart. They meet up with Tas Ops Manager @XSITEexergamer for key drops and instructions for going to Bicheno to guard the key Bicheno Portal.

@XxInvictus departs Adelaide for Murray Bridge, clearing blocking links under the pretense of reaching Access Level 8. He completes his link clearing task in Murray Bridge by 03:10 and heads to Tailem Bend to clear links, heading back to Adelaide by 03:40.

@eidyia and @ionno take down blocking links from Springwood NSW to Dubbo NSW. Realising that a bag with a laptop/phone/tablet/camera had been left on the side of a road in Sydney they had to then turn back, reaching out late in the night to Operators as agents are sought in the area to check if the bag is still where it was left. Fortunately the bag was recovered and their mission could resume.

July 6th (G day) - Aurora Australis

@ionno and @eidyia depart Sydney again. Operators are still awake.

@ionno and @eidyia take down two portals in Faulconbridge, NSW as part of a series of blocking links from Dubbo in country NSW in to the Blue Mountains just west of Sydney.  The agents then get a few hours sleep.

Another ‘holidaying family’ - agents @W12, @K656 and their three children - depart Sydney for a visit to Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo. Their true mission is to break Resistance links and capture portals in Bathurst and Orange.

The last Port Macquarie team (PM Team 4) departs Sydney with @fruitcup driving agents @tanyak and @RoboticBotox on a five hour road trip. PM Team 4 meet with PM Team 3 at lunch with fellow Sydney agents @Joku and @zziggy, who had prepared Forster earlier in the day for the NSW fields. Special mention goes to @zziggy’s family, who came along for the drive and lent us their Dad for the day’s mission.

@eidyia and @ionno depart Blackheath to head towards Forbes, NSW via Bathurst and Orange. Travel time to Forbes estimate at this point is 3.5 hours, thus an arrival time of 11am with no allowance for time required to remove blocking links in Bathurst and Orange.  This timeline seemed precarious given these agents’ fields needed to be completed well before the national fields would engulf them, which planning said could come up as early as 2pm. Seemingly unsleeping Operators check and find no signs of Resistance activity in Forbes. The team continue towards Bathurst, obeying all speed limits and traffic regulations.

@fourfootseven and her son go out for breakfast, during breakfast @fourfootseven is informed that there are Resistance agents nearby, and she should already be making appearances on intel. In a desperate attempt to get her name on intel, she uses multiple powercubes and fires off 40 L8 xmps which do approximately 2% damage to the resonators of the closest portal.

@K656 and @W12 claimed the Gold Panner Man portal in Bathurst, one of the anchor points for the Sydney fields. They were slightly delayed moving to the next portals as their children had never seen frost before. To avoid suspicion @W12 and @K656 proceeded to reclaim the rest of Bathurst from 09:00. The local Enlightened remarked ""OO_oo so green!" (photo).

@gvd is getting married in the afternoon but insists on one last hacking run as a single agent. @mtac accompanies him as they hack and recharge the local Hamilton Island portals. Still no signs of resistance activity in the area. They can switch their phones off during the wedding with a clear conscience.

@KudraKalliope, @Fustian and @richdrich depart The 12 Apostles in dreary weather, heading for Apollo Bay. They see numerous rainbows and koalas along the way.

@eidyia and @ionno take down Bathurst and District Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park portal removing blocking links while en-route through Bathurst. They continue on to Forbes via Orange.

@unknownkwita, @aimlesspenguin and @philcart depart Melbourne for Warragul.

@fourfootseven finds that Resistance agents have performed the Aussie Hustle on  a favourite portal To put her name on intel notifications (knowing she is being watched) she deploys an ADA Refactor on it, destroys all Resonators and then gives the portal the deploy it deserves. Soon afterwards her and her son are picked up by @aftos and taken to Pyrmont to farm and destroy. @fourfootseven deploying on everything she could get in range of, all whilst trying to follow the various hangouts for all of the Nation wide and New Zealand teams, proving quite a challenge.

@K656 and @W12 moved through Lucknow, NSW, again claiming all portals to avoid any suspicion. Lucknow Gold Park was their real target as another anchor point for the local fields.

The final target for the agents posing as family holiday makers was in Orange, NSW, removing the final blocking links between Forster and Forbes

Team Jurien Bay convene over breakfast, farm the L8 portals in Wanneroo then depart Perth on board a 12-seater bus driven by @ZedX.

@XxInvictus collects one key for Hog Bay Anchor, Kangaroo Island, several power cubes and multiple Link Amplifiers from @Addling, then departs immediately for Meningie. @Addling and @Chehazul depart Adelaide for Mount Compass in order to clear blocking links.

@Entee, @fleshy and @kwana are delayed leaving Melbourne, bound for Shepparton. Before leaving the suburbs, this delay turns out to be a blessing, as Resistance agents have made fields from Cobram to Nagambie, which would have blocked Melbourne’s fields had the team been on schedule.

Team York depart Perth.

@Callashandra, @Mouldypants and @ryant arrive on site at Tenterfield after a five hour drive from the Coffs Coast region. They go on standby in anticipation of any Resistance activity in the area that will cause a blocking link within the northern NSW region. Kudos to @Callashandra’s husband, who isn’t an Ingress Agent yet obligingly drives the team around to their portal destinations.

The local resistance who owned the portal @AtheistChaplain later commented "@K656 took the Odeon down quick I never had a chance to defend"

Agent @zziggy captures Launching Turtle in Forster (photo). At 12:02 (almost bang on schedule) @Joku links it to Forbes Wiradjuri Country Sign in Forbes (440km away) to create the first Sydney field link.  This important first link blocks any chance of interference by Resistance teams in the west.  Immediately afterwards, @Joku and @zziggy link Turtle to Culburra Post Office and the other five western portals between Bathurst and Forbes.  Shortly after, agent @drown Culburra links Culburra Post Office to five of the western portals to create a five-layer field over the Newcastle/Sydney/Wollongong metropolitan area.

Agents @Joku and @zziggy then drive to Forster’s Ocean Bath portal nearby. @Joku ADAs and Jarvises the already Enlightened portal to permit replacement of the existing shields with Link Amps, after which the final links to Culburra and Forbes portals are raised to create the sixth Sydney field layer.  With their work done in Forster, at 12:24 @Joku and @zziggy depart for Port Macquarie, ninety minutes away.  At 12:43 AEST the Culburra team departs Culburra Post Office heading an hour south to the Ulladulla Lighthouse to create the seventh layer.

intel map image taken at 14:09 AEST of Sydney and Ulladulla, NSW courtesy of @M0SES

@darkcuddles and @sstteevvee destroy the link at Port Macquarie Sculpture Gateway that is blocking a link for the national field. Team 4 arrives as the portal is captured.

A Resistance agent created a field covering Bruny island, between Kingston, Cockle Creek and Port Arthur.  A call was made to watch what he does and it was decided to knock out Kingston and Cockle Creek at the last minute.

Sydney distraction team smashes the Resistance stronghold of Pyrmont and Darling Harbour. Coincidentally the Sydney Resistance team had organised a big raid on the home portals of many Enlightened players in the Inner West of Sydney, and were somewhat surprised to encounter light opposition - since many of the higher level Enlightened players were either in Pyrmont, or out in remote parts of NSW/Australia. Operation Be Loud And Break Stuff is judged a success, as none of the Sydney Resistance figured out the plan.

The layered fields are up over Sydney/Newcastle/Wollongong. A number of players inside the field report issues with gameplay - from the map being useless for navigation to older phones being unable to handle the load of rendering the multiple layers.

Agent @AjaxMaximus supplied ADA Refactors to agent @Darklordzoneaxe and then departed to coordinate with @Makaz for journey to Yass.  Agents @Kendr and @Iamcholder depart for Cooma. Agent @otobas departs for Braidwood via Bungendore to establish secondary target portal in Bungendore (for double fielding) and primary portal in Braidwood.

Agents @ionno and @eidyia arrive at Forbes. They upgrade resonators on the three anchor portals for the westernmost NSW fields and wait for Resistance retaliation.

Agent @fourfootseven and @aftos have been joined by @Simon255, and @porkkapital, now that @fourfootseven has well and truly established her location on the intel map, Sydneys inner fields almost complete, she requests that @aftos drop her off at the Sydney Command Centre hosted by @furinkan.

Launceston agent @CraigRat drops the Bicheno-Launceston blocking link to Port Macquarie from Bruny Island and also Georgetown-Stanley blocking link to Victoria.

Agents @AjaxMaximus and @Makaz depart for Yass after briefing @xCODEx on link protection activities for North Canberra.  Agent @otobas flips all portals in Bungendore to make way for secondary links - there was also a rather weird (i.e. creepy) portal included in the cleanup, Pansy the kewpie doll - photo: Portal image from intel map

An Enlightened agent @Eb7 in Wallabadah unaware of the major operation in progress, creates a link to Tamworth that blocks the intended link from Port Macquarie to Roxby Downs. In a mad scramble to remove the block, @fourfootseven called local agent @cernunnon in Tamworth to find an ADA Refactor to flip the portal. @cernunnon didn’t have an ADA refactor, seeking out and locating a new agent to the area, @Toomuk.

Team Shepparton arrives in Nagambie and captures the town, bringing down the blocking fields.

Heavily defended portal in Geelong is captured with an ADA refractor - Unblocking Apollo Bay to Shepparton.Geelong Cement Museum portal destroyed to remove further links.

Blue links appear in South Canberra and Queanbeyan, blocking Cooma from linking to Bungendore, Yass and Braidwood. Agent @Darklordzoneaxe dispatched to South Canberra. Agent @xCODEx dispatched to Queanbeyan. Interfering links neutralised 14:05 AEST.  Agent @otobas departs Bungendore for Braidwood to establish an anchor portal for Canberra fields.

Links established:

        1. Apollo Bay to Puckapunyal (Video)

        2. Warragul to Apollo Bay

        3. Warragul to Puckapunyal - field 907,703MU

Team Shepparton on-station. Shepparton portals have been destroyed by roaming Resistance - who were kind enough to leave everything uncaptured for AP-hungry agent @Kwana. Log Hauler is captured and prepared for linking.

Target Yass portal established. Links established:

1. Yass to Goulburn

2. Yass to Bungendore

Under the instruction of agent @kru, rookie level 2 agent @jzu captures the target portal Uluru (Ayers Rock) Classic S with level 1 resonators. Three multi-hack mods and one heatsink mod are deployed as the agents go into a holding pattern pending the completion of work packages by other operational teams.  Agents leave site at 14:19 AEST and prepare to return later in the day.

After some waiting, Team Apollo Bay heads to the key linking portal, Monument Aux Morts. Our L1 has been given keys to make the primary links to Shepparton, but GPS issues on his phone cause some worry and scrambling as keys are dropped some distance from the portal, fortunately all is sorted before the blocking link in Geelong is removed,  and we are ready to go. Links established:

        1. Apollo Bay to Shepparton

        2. Shepparton to Puckapunyal

        3. Shepparton to Warragul - field 1,088,840MU

        4. Warragul to Puckapunyal

5. Shepparton to Puckapunyal- 2 fields 41,370MU and 18,106MU

6. Warragul to North Shepparton 1

7. Warragul to North Shepparton 2

intel map showing fields over Melbourne, Victoria

Links established:

1. Cooma to Yass

2. Cooma to Bungendore

Link established:

Ulladulla Lighthouse to Forster

Primary portal in Braidwood established. Links established:

1. Braidwood to Goulburn

2. Yass to Braidwood

3. Cooma to Braidwood

Fields established covering all of Canberra and north of Canberra to Goulburn.

Photo: Agents @AjaxMaximus and @Makaz take time out in Yass to celebrate

Resistance agents @Taliesinsmuse (L8) and RedXMP (L8) retake Bungendore before additional links could be placed. Photo: Agent @otobas lies in wait for them to arrive in Braidwood.

mobile intel map showing fields over Canberra and much of the Australian Capital Territory

larger intel map showing simultaneous fields over Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne

Teams Jurien Bay (photo) and York assemble in position and await instruction

@Addling and @Chehazul clear Mount Compass blocking links and depart for Murray Bridge in anticipation of local Resistance establishing new blocking links. Unexpected blocking link appears from Morgan to Kapunda. @MeHz and @snowFoxi depart Adelaide to clear link.

Huonville Hooligans take down the Ranelagh blocking links, and depart for the Resistance stronghold at Cygnet.

Strike Force Leopard arrives at Kingston and prepare to drop the Resistance blocking links to Port Macquarie.

Bruny Island Brawlers depart on the ferry to Bruny Island. @Aramgutang and @Xsiteresync climb the Stairway to Heaven

Resistance agents @SkyDweller and @Kubed attack the De Havilland Vampire Fighter-Bomber portal in Forbes NSW, the west-most anchor point for the NSW State fields. They manage to destroy all Portal shields and nearly wipe out all resonators in less than 60 seconds. Agents @eidyia and @ionno notice a vehicle stopping in the road immediately next to the portal location with someone waving a mobile phone in the air, and re-check their scanners. They manage to redeploy resonators and Very Rare shields keeping the links and field up, and then continue to successfully defend the portal until the Resistance withdraw. Fourteen resonators and three Very Rare shields were deployed in defense over two frantic minutes. It is not certain that the vehicle in front of the portal was actually the Resistance agents in question, or just very serendipitous timing.

The Hobart Hangmen Crew start running interference to keep any active local Resistance agents busy in the city.

Resistance agents @Taliesinsmuse (L8) and RedXMP (L8) retake Braidwood so fast it didn’t even register on the scanner until it was too late (perhaps made worse by marginal reception in the area), but kindly stop for a photo.  @otobas returns to Canberra.

Resistance agent @STau deduces that a field attempt is being made and deploys blocking links from Murray Bridge to multiple locations. @Addling and @Chehazul already en route to clear in anticipation of this. @MeHz and @snowFoxi clear Kapunda blocking link.

Resistance agents @SkyDweller and @Kubed attack and destroy the Wiradjuri Country Signpost anchor portal in Forbes, NSW. As this portal no longer held a control field, Enlightened agents are directed to disregard the attack and concentrate on defending the remaining field terminating at De Havilland Vampire Fighter-Bomber.

Bicheno Demolition Duo (@etbe and @Jamdonut) arrive at Bicheno and enjoy the sightseeing as they prepare to defend the strategically valuable Bicheno portal.

Agent @Prawnstar links Jurien Bay Bandstand to World’s Oldest Operating Outdoor Movie. Agents @SpeedFreak and @JoeBloggs link Holy Trinity Church to Roxby Village and Statue of Makybe Diva, creating a control field 622,997 MUs. Agent @Joe Bloggs, @SpeedFreak and @Yapapi create remaining links from Holy Trinity Church to Paddy Hannan Memorial Statue and Jurien Bay Bandstand.

Huonville Hooligans seize the town of Cygnet and take a defensive stance.

Tamworth agent @Toomuk called @fourfootseven to see how they could help. @Toomuk agreed to by on standby to use an ADA refactor on the friendly blocking link till the Port Macquarie team was ready to make the link to Roxby Downs.

An ADA Refactor is used against De Havilland Vampire Fighter-Bomber by Resistance agent @SkyDweller, destroying the last large NSW Enlightened state field. The Enlightened future has been held back for another day... or has it?

Agent @eidyia uses a JARVIS Virus on De Havilland Vampire Fighter-Bomber purely out of light hearted rivalry.

An ADA virus is used against De Havilland Vampire Fighter-Bomber by Resistance agent @Kubed. The previous use the rare JARVIS Virus item seemed to have the unexpected effect of Resistance agents believing that the portal was of continued critical strategic significance to the Enlightened mission. Resistance agents create a link to a local portal in Forbes, Big 4 Forbes Holiday Caravan Park.

Agents @ionno and @eidyia are bemused at the use of two ADA viruses, but concerned about link creation.  They try to unload their inventories as quickly and explosively as possible.

Several other links were created by Resistance at this time, including a long blocking ghost link to the Three Sisters Walk portal in the Blue Mountains. The ghost link was still there 36 hours later despite recapture of De Havilland Vampire Fighter-Bomber by Enlightened agents.

48 Resistance resonators were destroyed, and the portal neutralised three times before agent @ionno recaptured.  Nine Enlightened resonators were destroyed and redeployed until Resistance agents withdrew and regrouped at 15:51 AEST to attack and capture nearby Lake Forbes Fountain.

Tas Ops Manager @XSITEexergamer and agent @TheMirror leave for Bruny Island to assist the Bruny Island Brawlers in creating the L8 Stairway to Heaven portal (photo)

Resistance agent @STau deploys blocking links from Tailem Bend, forcing agent @XxInvictus to deploy the link Meningie Lions Jubilee Park to Hog Bay Anchor ahead of schedule and depart for Tailem Bend. @Addling departs for Tailem Bend while @Chehazul sets up camp in Murray Bridge to deal with any further blocking links.

Agents @sstteevvee and @DarkCuddles create a link-breaking team, with @sstteevvee passing the keys he is carrying to @RoboticBotox. The remaining six agents meet at Tacking Point Lighthouse, with agent @hardwire as communications officer.

The link-breakers park at a T-intersection, waiting to hear whether or not they need to go on a twenty minute drive to Wauchope, to destroy the links off the Timbertown portal.  Eventually the all-clear on Wauchope is given, and they proceed to Port Macquarie's town centre.  There they await further instructions. Agent @DarkCuddles is communications officer.

Photo: Cockle Creek Carnage Crew arrive at the Southernmost portal in Australia and open a bottle of wine to begin post-op celebrations (that’s what they’d have us believe at any rate)

@fourfootseven called Tamworth Agent @Toomuk and asked him to go to the portal holding the blocking link and @Toomuk successfully destroyed the link minutes before the national link was made. The link was from Alexander Memorial in Wallabadah to WWII Memorial in Tamworth.

@XxInvictus arrives in Tailem Bend to clear blocking links, only to find Resistance agent @STau waiting for him. An incredible battle ensues in the heavy rain with the Tailem Bend War Memorial portal being flipped four times by viruses in the process. @XxInvictus prevails, and holds control of the portal for long enough to ensure @pondy can link from Clare to Meningie, @xsiteresync can link from Tasmania to Roxby Downs, @fleshy can link from Shepparton to Roxby Downs and @Fustian can link from Apollo Bay to Roxby Downs. @pondy links Little Red Grape, Clare to both Hog Bay Anchor, Kangaroo Island and Meningie Lions Jubilee Club, creating the first of four Clare-based fields for a total of 451,723 Mind Units.

With Tailem Bend in Enlightened hands, Team Apollo Bay links to Roxby Downs. The big picture is now starting to form, with Roxby linked to Victoria and Western Australia! Team Shepparton also makes links to Roxby Downs from North Shepparton. Despite being over 1km wide, the field to Roxby looks like a single link. To celebrate, Team Shepparton pauses with Soccer Cow for a celebratory photo.

Links established:

        1. Shepparton to Apollo Bay

        2. Shepparton to Roxby Downs

        3. Apollo Bay to Roxby Downs  - field 1,384,744 MU

The De Havilland Vampire Fighter-Bomber portal in Forbes, NSW is again attacked by Resistance agents @SkyDweller and @Kubed with XMPs, and successfully defended by Enlightened agents @eidyia and @ionno, who are kicking back in the wonderful late afternoon sunshine and watching on with glee at the links going up around the rest of the country.

Agents @Joku and @fruitcup apply ADA refactors and JARVIS viruses on both Tacking Point Lighthouse and Tacking Point Compass portals to gain control so they can replace existing shields with two link amps on each. The rest of the Port Macquarie team upgrades the portals to L8.

Agent @xciteresync applies ADA refactors and Jarvis viruses on the Bruny Island Stairway to Heaven portal, as agents @XSITEexergamer and @Aramgutang upgrade it to create an L8 portal. Note that the first L8 portal in Tasmania was created by the Enlightened only the day prior. (photo)

Tasmanian Operator temporarily ‘abandons’ his post to ADA the Rosebery portal to remove the precautionary blocking link across the state.

Strike Force Leopard takes down the Kingston Resistance blocking links and begin taking the town.

Cockle Creek Carnage Crew take down the Resistance blocking link to King Island. (photo)(video)

Blocking Links from Rosebery are dropped by the Tasmanian Operator.

Agent @pondy completes the four layer field between Clare, Kangaroo Island and Meningie covering all of metropolitan Adelaide for 1,839,260 MU.

intel screenshot showing fields covering Adelaide, South Australia

Agent @xsiteresync links Stairway to Heaven, Tasmania to Roxby Downs, SA. @xsiteresync links Stairway to Heaven, Tasmania to Statue of Makybe Diva, SA. @xsiteresync links Stairway to Heaven, Tasmania to Tacking Point Compass, NSW. @xsiteresync links Stairway to Heaven, Tasmania to Tacking Point Lighthouse, NSW. @TheMirror, @XSITEexergamer and @Aramgutang create links to Penneshaw Water Plaque, SA & Dunedin, New Zealand, what wonderfully curved links they were too! In between those links, there was a narrow field of 14,497 MU (presumably Mackerel Units).

Agent @CVLF removes shields from Roxby Village and attempts to deploy four Link Amplifiers for the final links. The first Link Amplifier deploys correctly, but devastatingly his inventory is beset by some form of scanner glitch, forcing his additional Link Amplifiers to display ITEM_DOES_NOT_EXIST errors upon application to the portal, whilst still reducing his supply with each attempt. He attempts this several times, until he has no additional Link Amplifiers, having gone from eight to three, with only one deployed on the portal. @SounderAU, the backup Roxby Downs agent, is notified that he will be needed as soon as possible, but he is still at work at Olympic Dam, some distance away.

Agents @RoboticBotox and @Joku link Tacking Point Compass to Roxby Downs Village. While awaiting instructions to create remaining links, agents realise that the Tacking Point portals are under attack. Agents @tanyak and @fruitcup explore the area to find the attackers. Agent @fruitcup discovers them in a car parked out-of-sight nearby and persuades them to stop attacking, since the Enlightened would defend until all planned fields have gone up. The agents turn out to be local Resistance members @anouke, @Saltyplum and @chaosduck, who leave their vehicle and meet with us. We engage in friendly cross-faction conversation as the sun sets and the temperature drops.  They agree to leave and return after the rest of the national fields have been created.

Agents @darkcuddles and @sstteevvee clear blocking links between L1 portals in Port Macquarie, near Town Beach Lookout and Flagstaff portals.

Original plan was to link Tacking Point Lighthouse to Whale Sculpture on Hamilton Island. With Pine creek and Roxby Downs to link to both Whale Sculpture on Hamilton Island and Hamilton Island Yacht Club.

A slight error in communication and documentation resulting in @RoboticBotox using the backup keys of Hamilton Island Yacht Club, preventing the planned double layered field from Pine Creek to Hamilton Island and to Roxby Downs.

Orders were given to link Tacking Point Lighthouse to Whale Sculpture on Hamilton Island. A sliver of a field was created.

Agent @Joku links Tacking Point Lighthouse to Tacking Point Compass to seal the multi-field. Agents @darkcuddles and @sstteevvee rejoin the other agents at Tacking Point Lighthouse, and with all their links completed, while waiting for the final links the agents hack the portals so that everyone has a key for each, to allow remote recharging. The agents leave the location and begin their journey back to Sydney at 18:10.

Agents @c79, @jzu and @kru drive back to Uluru from nearby Yulara (timelapse video, 35mb).  Using a sequence of ADA and JARVIS flips, the portal Uluru (Ayers Rock) Classic S is made level 8.  Prior mods are removed and then four Link Amplifiers applied.  Links are then made to:

1. Jurien Bay Bandstand (Jurien Bay, WA) - @c79 17:24 AEST

2. World’s Oldest Operating Outdoor Movie (Broome WA)

3. Paddy Hannan Memorial Statue (Kalgoorlie WA) - @jzu 17:25 AEST

4. Pine Creek Museum (Pine Creek NT) - @kru 17:27 AEST

5. Roxby Village (Roxby Downs SA) - @jzu 17:30 AEST

6. Roxby Village (Roxby Downs SA) - @kru 17:40 AEST

Photo: Scanner screenshot while creating links

Having been patiently waiting in Pine Creek for some time watching the action of the southern parts of Australia the call is made for @farmerjo11 links Pine Creek Museum to World’s Oldest Operating Outdoor Movie. Agent @farmerjo11 links Pine Creek Museum to both Hamilton Island Yacht Club and Whale Sculpture on Hamilton Island, our longest links of 1957km each, creating a control field of only 31 MUs.

Agent @Prawnstar links Jurien Bay Bandstand to Paddy Hannan Memorial Statue creating two control fields 35416 MU and Undetermined MUs. (photo)

Agent @SounderAU arrives in Roxby Downs and proceeds to link Roxby Village to Paddy Hannan Memorial Statue, creating a control field of 29738 MUs. @SounderAU then links Roxby Village to Whale Sculpture on Hamilton Island, creating two control fields respectively worth 382,348 and 5,566,344 MU.
YouTube video of agent arriving in Roxby Downs:
 @SounderAu in Roxby Downs

Agents begin gathering at Jack Greene in Salamanca Place, Hobart, for celebratory food, beer, wine and beer (photo).

Port Macquarie Agents pause at Taree rest top on their way home to Sydney to celebrate their team’s success (photo).

@mtac interrupts the wedding dinner to show newly married @gvd and @knuffie that the sky is an enlightened green. Appropriately the wedding celebration concludes with a Thai floating lantern beautifully symbolising the Enlightenment (photo).

Special Features

(aka, plans that didn’t succeed, were thwarted or potential points of failure)

Curved Links

Concerns were raised at one point when basic mapping tools implied a rather long proposed link may not be possible (i.e. blue links blocking).  The concern was noted by operators and tools that take into account curvature of the Earth were consulted to recheck the link would be successful.  The field agent was thus assured the link would be possible without any need to deviate 45 mins for link-breaking activities. Projections are awesome fun. This was many of the participants’ first Ingress experience where curvature of the earth, as mapped onto a 2D plane, became a consideration.

Inventory Bug

Team Roxby (@CVLF) inventory issues - including remote tech support via the operation’s command and control centre - and the various troubleshooting methods attempted (clear app cache, force stop, etc).  This graduated to brainstorming possible workarounds (even recruit a stranger on the spot” was considered!). The eventual solution was a backup operative - another level 2 agent, @SounderAU - who unfortunately could not get to the portal until after finishing his 12-hour work shift at Olympic Dam, a nearby mine, in order to complete the final fields.

The Prevelly WA Extension

Team Prevelly - @TheDarkfire @AnneDromeda and @JCLittleRed - were unable to receive keys from @public in time to link Prevelly to Port Lincoln and York, thus covering the entire SW of Australia, nor to Jurien Bay WA, meaning Perth CBD wasn’t covered. Communication in an area of poor phone coverage and blocking links proved too problematic.

Unexpected York Block and Cobram Block

Agent @public was also unable to link Prevelly to York due to series of blocking links and fields near Bunbury, WA. Additionally, @public was unable to link to Port Lincoln due to a blocking link sent to Albany from York.

Team Shepparton was unable to link up to Griffith and Canberra due to fields in Cobram.

Random Drop + Blind Road Trip

After collecting keys on the Forbes road trip (collecting keys for the Sydney field), keys obtained were regularly transferred to a single agent.  During one of these transfers the agent dropping one vital key of a pair had their scanner's GPS drop out between pressing the "OPS" button, and telling the key to "Drop".  The phone had gone back to cellular tower triangulation location, and the agent briefly saw the key land in a random street of a town we were completely unfamiliar with, before snapping back to the true location as the GPS regained a lock.  The key was eventually recovered by turning GPS off, crossing our fingers, waiting for the phone to drift back near where the key was, tap-and-hold on the map to "target location", then turning GPS back on again - so began the infamous “blind road trip”.  The key turned out to be 2km away and was soon safely retrieved.

Enemy Agent in the Open

During the Forbes road trip (collecting keys for the Sydney field), we had planned to collect keys for one of the easternmost portals in Orange, which was currently held by the Resistance.  As we pulled up beside the park, we noticed a person standing in the middle of it, in the classic Ingress pose: head down, looking at phone.  We continued around the block, parked some distance away, and debated what to do next.  The Resistance agent remained unaware of us, and we eventually decided to abandon getting keys from that portal, and move onto some others in the middle of town instead.  Our agent then captured those portals which we farmed for keys, leaving just as the Resistance agent we noticed earlier arrived to start attacking the portals we had just taken.

Request to Visur Tech

Very Rare link amps please.

Aurora Australis Falls

After the final field was created at 19:38 AEST, the full Australian field stood for seven minutes before Port Macquarie Resistance agents used an ADA Refactor on Tacking Point Compass and Tacking Point Lighthouse, at 19:45 AEST.

July 6th

Port Macquarie, NSW: Resistance agents @anouke, @Saltyplum and @Chaosduck use ADA Refactors to take down Tacking Point Lighthouse and Tacking Point Compass. This removes links to Hamilton Island, Tasmania and Roxby Downs. See appendix for their detailed action report.

Resistance agents @Worros and @Senectus take out major links at Jurien Bay Bandstand and Holy Trinity Church in Western Australia.

Resistance agent @Angelicgal destroys seven resonators on Statue of Makybe Diva. Given that:

It is the combined hope of both Enlightened and Resistance that the accounts of agent IDs @maccione and @Angelicgal be deleted by Google/Niantic and the names blocked from future usage, as an example to others who may consider cheating in the future.

July 7th

Resistance Agent @Maindog uses an ADA Refactor to take out Stairway to Heaven.

Resistance agent @Moneydork uses an ADA Refactor on Roxby Village.

Appendix I - Portal Index

- Portals mentioned in this document, alphabetically -

Alexander Memorial

Bathurst and District Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park  

Big 4 Forbes Holiday Caravan Park

BMX, Tennis & Equestrian

Botanic Garden Entrance by Stuart Griffith

Culburra Post Office

Cyclone Tracy Twisted Poles

De Havilland Vampire Fighter-Bomber 

Forster Ocean Bath

Gold Panner Man

Gold Park

Hamilton Island Yacht Club

Holy Trinity Church

Jurien Bay Bandstand

Lake Forbes Fountain

Launching Turtle

Log Hauler

Makybe Diva Statue

North East Valley War Memorial

Paddy Hannan Memorial Statue

Pansy the kewpie doll

Penneshaw Water Plaque

Pine Creek Museum

Reform Mine

Roxby Village

Sir Thomas Mitchell

Soccer Cow

Stairway To Heaven

Tacking Point Compass

Tacking Point Lighthouse

Three Sisters Walk

Ulladulla Lighthouse

Uluru (Ayers Rock) - Classic S

Vampire Fighter

Whale Sculpture on Hamilton Island

Wiradjuri Country Signpost

World’s Oldest Operating Outdoor Movie

WWII Memorial

Intel links not yet provided at time of document release -

Cockle Creek Whale
Monument Aux Morts.

Hog Bay Anchor

Little Red Grape

Meningie Lions Jubilee Park

Tailem Bend War Memorial


Town Beach Lookout

Appendix II - Operation Glowing Ogre (NZ)

This is the New Zealand Aurora Australis Operation Documentation compiled and published separately on 8th July 2013

NZ Agents involved:

NZ Link Makers:

Manukau Heads: @smebro, @onevia, @ninox, @NikiG, @130spectre

Carterton: @gonefishing @yeetrees @macgyverism

Nelson: @Chevron7

Kaikoura: @Maximinus

Akaroa: @TwistedDemon, @Si76, @antlion

NZ Link Breakers:

Top of the South: @insertaliashere

Southland: @Spectralknight, @Lazybumble, @Jumpgate, @Smizmo, @Do31n8a

Palmerston North: @sPiel, @id6fwa89, @JebusNZ

Wellington: @BASNZ

Hamilton: @Chaosdesign (at @Skavins request), @Talden, @wigglor, @arkique

NZ Operators:


@k1000716 (overall coordinator 11.20am-5pm)

South Island:

@insertaliashere (troubleshooter and bonus field operator)

@Maximinus, @TwistedDemon

@SkronkyBite (5pm onwards in support of trans-tasman link clearing)

NZ Agents who claimed critical portals prior to Aurora Australis:




NZ Agents who delivered keys between major cities:









NZ Agents who made dedicated trips to collect keys from out in the field:



NZ Agents who contributed keys, mods, viruses and other inventory/ideas:


















NZ Path clearers and standby agents:







NZ Worthy Resistance adversaries:

Carterton: @farmboy 

Akaroa: @rediguana

Operation Glowing Ogre (NZ) Activity log:


April 11th

Proposal initially fielded to cover Wellington in a single large field anchored in Wanganui, Pongoroa and Kaikoura.

April 12th

Proposal updated to a two field configuration anchored in Wanganui, Nelson, Carterton and Kaikoura.

April 16th

Creation of Ingress Enlightened NZ (Special Ops) community to securely discuss and plan national level operations.

April 26th

@fourfootseven contacts @k1000716 regarding trans-tasman cooperation. Introduced to several communities to foster closer relations.

May 4th

@adrenalinenz Travels from Wellington to Nelson to collect keys.

May 5th

@JoryDJ420 and @JoeythegirlNZ travel from Wanganui to Feilding and deliver Kaikoura keys collected on April 16th.

May 7th

Proposal update based on suggestions from @syphus. New proposal introduces links to Auckland and Christchurch, creating layered fields for boosted MU gain. Later updated to reflect Manakau Heads Lighthouse thanks to @vrtigo.


May 12th

@Evolias uplifts Kaikoura keys from @k1000716, delivering them to Wellington

June 1st

@chevron7 travels to Christchurch to deliver Nelson keys.

June 7th

@BASNZ captures Wanganui portal in transit.

June 9th

@BASNZ upgrades and shields Wanganui portal. @k1000716 takes over maintenance, recharging daily..

June 20th

@BASNZ Travels to Auckland and delivers Nelson key.

June 22nd

@Maximinus, in Melbourne for a conference, attempts to deliver numerous South Island keys.  Stifled by global inventory issues.

June 23rd

@Maximinus finally manages to make the key drop in Melbourne.

June 26th

@Evolias travels to Auckland and delivers Carterton and Wanganui keys. Picks up Rotorua keys for delivery to Wellington.

June 29th

@Maximinus and @TwistedDemon travel from Christchurch to Akaroa. Hacking with the use of the new mods gains 13 keys.

July 2nd

@TwistedDemon updates @Lazybumble on Trans-Tasman plan and Portals.

@Lazybumble coordinates Dunedin Enlightened agents for July 5th Lower South Island link clearance operation.

July 4th Final update of Operation Glowing Ogre made. Event created with full details.

23:00 NZST: @insertaliashere heads to Westport and Greymouth, creating a large field to Wakefield as a diversion for the Christchurch RE.

July 5th

Waikato teams consisting of @Chaosdesign (at @Skavins request), @Talden, @wigglor and @arkique cleared all blocking links between the Manukau Heads Lighthouse and Rotorua to enable the creation of bonus fields.

Palmerston North agents @sPiel and @JebusNZ cleared four blocking links to enable the bonus Rotorua fields. Two links were left standing to prevent any immediate RE retaliation.

19:00 NZST: @Spectralknight and @Lazybumble hack Botanic Garden Entrance portal and acquire portal key necessary for link from NEV War Memorial. Use of ADA virus technology to clear blocking link Akaroa-Dunedin Botanical Gardens. Create link North East Valley War Memorial and Botanic Garden Entrance by Stuart Griffiths.

20:30 NZST: @Spectralknight and @Lazybumble arrive in Palmerston to remove blocking links from Palmerston south to Dunedin (Taieri Plains Lookout) and Palmerston to Herbert Great War Memorial.

21:00 NZST: @insertaliashere visits Christchurch and provides @TwistedDemon with West Coast keys for a potential bonus field between Akaroa, Nelson and the West Coast.

22:00 NZST: @Spectralknight destroys link Winton to Hampden Great War Memorial. Alerted by portal neutralised notifications, we encountered Mosgiel Resistance activity linking into Oamaru.

22:30 NZST: @Spectralknight and @Lazybumble arrive in Oamaru to remove new blocking links from RE agents. Accomplished clearing Central Otago and Dunedin of blocking links.

23:00 NZST: The Westport, Greymouth, Wakefield field is destroyed by the Nelson RE and @Chevron7 reinstates the Wakefield portal in case it can be used after Glowing Ogre.

The Christchurch RE create large blocking links from White Cliffs near Methven.

23:50 NZST: Operation Glowing Ogre hangouts created.  

July 6th

04:00 NZST: @insertaliashere removes the portals at the centre of the White Cliffs blocking links. Very poor network coverage and in the middle of a storm he chose to virus it rather than take it down with bursters and suffer the weather.

09:00 NZST: @insertaliashere claims Darfield in order to continue the distraction for RE.

10:00 NZST: @Maximinus, @TwistedDemon, @Si76, @antlion and @insertaliashere meet at Victoria Square.  Final gear trades to ensure that everyone had not only the keys, but the XMP bursters and viruses that they would need.  Double-checked for any new blocking links, planned bonus fields and assigned agents their targets to allow the bonus fields to be made.

11:00 NZST: Akaroa and Kaikoura teams depart Christchurch.

11:15 NZST: Akaroa team at CPIT to remove blocking links by green portals using ADA’s, then destroy and rebuild portals as green but not fully deploying so it can’t be re-linked

11:45 NZST: Akaroa team arrive at Westlake Park in South Christchurch to destroy Resistance blocking links, again deploying but not fully to prevent linking to them.

12:15 NZST: Akaroa team arrive at Halswell Quarry in Christchurch to remove final blocking links, using ADA’s to flip the portals then redeploying again, not fully. Ran into local RE who questioned why they were there, so advised it was a key drop for low level EN agents (luckily nearby).

12:35 NZST: Akaroa team depart for Akaroa.

13:00 NZST:

@Maximinus arrives in Cheviot and farms the portals.  Contemplated destroying the sole intact RE portal, to prevent any new blocking links - but after conferring with other agents decided to leave it in order to avoid alerting RE.

13:10 NZST: @130spectre and @NikiG leave Auckland CBD enroute to Manukau Heads Lighthouse.

13:30 NZST: The Carterton team depart Wellington. Their primary objective was to complete the Glowing Ogre fields.  The secondary objective was to provide opportunities for levelling up @macgyverism, who started the day on 0AP.

13:40 NZST: Akaroa team arrive in Akaroa Township in time for some lunch. Found an unclaimed portal, which was left as to not arouse the smurfs.

13:55 NZST: @macgyverism captures Rimutaka Hill Summit Plaque enroute to Carterton. Due to virtually non-existent cell coverage they were unable to upgrade the portal once captured.

14:00 NZST: Akaroa team departed township for target portal as a message was received that RE were in the area (false alarm).

14:14 NZST: @macgyverism captures Wind Sticks in Featherston enroute to Carterton.

14:15 NZST: @ninox arrives at Manukau Heads Lighthouse.

14:20 NZST: Akaroa team arrive at portal.

14:30 NZST: @130spectre and @NikiG arrive at Manukau Heads Lighthouse. @Maximinus arrives in Kaikoura and locates Whale Mural (Pot Belly Café) portal.

14:35 NZST: Akaroa team install 4 link amps to test for link distance (and curiosity).

14:40 NZST: Carterton team arrive at Rooftop Moa Sculpture portal in Carterton. The existing EN portal is upgraded and shielded. Instructions given to all teams to capture and upgrade portals, then to hold for linking instructions.

14:45 NZST: @130spectre, @NikiG, and @ninox capture the Manukau Heads Lighthouse portal. Multihacks installed and they begin hacking for keys to enable recharging (the portal is very remote, and 90 mins drive from Auckland CBD). @Maximinus captures and upgrades Whale Mural (Pot Belly Café) portal.

14:53 NZST: Only 3 of the 5 L8 players have so far arrived at Manukau Heads Lighthouse portal (4 were required to have enough linking distance). @k1000716’s stress levels skyrocket and call is made to flip the portal with an ADA, then back with a Jarvis, allowing two L8s to deploy another R8.

14:57 NZST: @NikiG uses an ADA on the Manukau Heads Lighthouse portal.

14:58 NZST: @130spectre uses a Jarvis on the Manukau Heads Lighthouse portal.

14:59 NZST: @NikiG and @ninox deploy additional R8s, Manukau Heads Lighthouse portal now has enough range.

14.59 NZST: @gonefishing creates links from Carterton to Fejek Kertje (Wanganui), First Rugby Match (Nelson) and Akaroa. @Maximinus stands around drinking coffee at Whale Mural (Pot Belly Café), patiently waiting.

15:00 NZST: Manukau Heads Lighthouse portal team awaiting linking instructions. No sign of @smebro or @onevia yet.

15:04 NZST: @Maximinus creates link from Whale Mural (Pot Belly Café) to Tawiri Matea (Akaroa). Field created with a gain of 104202MU.

15:08 NZST: Akaroa team instructed to create links First Rugby Match (Nelson) and Carterton. Signal problems in Akaroa meant this process took 8 minutes! Two overlapping fields were created with a total MU gain of 324874 (220672 + 104202).

15:08 NZST: @chevron7 instructed to create link from First Rugby Match (Nelson) to Whale Mural (Pot Belly Café) in Kaikoura. South Island layered fields were achieved with a total gain of 695449MU.

Extra links for improved defence then created.

15:14 NZST: @NikiG creates links from Manukau Heads Lighthouse to Carterton and Fejek Kertje (Wanganui). Nelson key still enroute with @smebro, expected imminently.

15:15 NZST: Discover that @onevia and @smebro had car trouble, still 45 minutes away.

15:19 NZST: @macgyverism captures Carterton Memorial portal,, about 100m up the road from Rooftop Moa.  Portal left as a L1 “sentinel” portal to alert for RE attack.

15:30 NZST: @NikiG creates two links from Manukau Heads Lighthouse to Rotorua.

@Chevron7 heads to Wakefield and together with @insertaliashere establishes an additional field to Darfield and Greymouth for a total of 32041MU.

15:36 NZST: Fields from Tawiri Matea (Akaroa) start behaving oddly, flickering in and out. Stress levels skyrocket.

15:37 NZST: While Akaroa team make secondary links to Greymouth for a bonus field, they received a message saying, “somethings wrong, the fields gone”(we had a bad signal so it took awhile for ingress to show this).

15:38 NZST: @Maximinus confirms that RE agent @rediguana destroyed the Whale Mural (Pot Belly Café) to Tawiri Matea (Akaroa) link. @TwistedDemon clarifies that the portal was flipped by RE agent @rediguana who had parked in the middle of the road beneath the portal and scampered up the hill till he was in range to ADA it. @Rediguana and and fellow RE agent @nightwlf then drove up to the car park and walked down to the portal, destroying the again flipped portal before we could relink it. Shortly after, RE agents join EN agents at the portal.

The decision was made to get @chevron7 in Nelson to use a backup plan to link elsewhere to complete the field, under the control of @insertaliashere.

@rediguana then said, since they’d ruined the portal, why not make a level 8 green portal for farming, but it will be destroyed if its linked again. Two heat sinks and two multi hacks later the Akaroa team started the 28 hack farming session on a green level 8 portal.

15:45 NZST: The previously solid Manukau Heads Lighthouse cell signal is now quite intermittent. Difficulties with Ingress and sending/receiving chat as a result.

15:49 NZST:  @id6fwa89 makes an emergency dash to clear the final two blocking links to enable the bonus Rotorua fields.

15:50 NZST: @gonefishing completes the Carterton-Rotorua links to create the two additional overlapping fields, with a total MU gain of 561226 (280441+ 280785).

15:55 NZST: The Carterton sentinel portal is neutralised and Rooftop Moa comes under attack by Masterton-based RE agent @farmboy.  While @yeetrees defends the portal with recharging, @gonefishing goes looking for @farmboy to distract and engage him in conversation.  He is spotted across the road and engaged in friendly banter. Soon after he gives up claiming low XM and low battery.

15:59 NZST: @onevia and @smebro arrive at Manukau Heads Lighthouse.

16:00 NZST: @Maximinus creates several defensive links to Christchurch, captures the remaining Kaikoura portals and heads home.

16:05 NZST: @macgyversim recaptures Carterton Memorial portal for AP. @smebro creates the link from Manukau Heads Lighthouse to Nelson, after getting sufficient cell reception. Field created for a total 365585MU. Final North Island total MU gain is 951368 (365585 + 24557 + 280441+ 280785). Total gain for the operation is 1646817MU (unfortunately not concurrent).


16:14 NZST: Carterton team heads back to Wellington.

16:30 NZST: Manukau Heads Lighthouse agents take photos and sign the lighthouse visitors log.

16:55 NZST: Agents leave Manukau Heads Lighthouse (5pm closing time).

17:00 NZST: Akaroa team left the portal after finishing hacking, while RE continued. As they left the RE flipped the portal blue, so the team neutralised it. @Rediguana then complained that he hadn’t finished his hack yet. (oh well)

17:05 NZST: @SkronkyBite comes online to assist coordination after @k1000716 suffers computer issues(soon resolved) and real life issues (unable to provide continued full-time support).

17:19 NZST: @Maximinus stops in Cheviot, and receives a message from @Chevron7 suggesting another field between Cheviot, Kaikoura and Nelson.  The portals are captured and the field created with a gain of 10669 MU.

18:24 NZST: @Maximinus stops in Amberley, takes a couple of the portals to destroy some RE fields that went up during the operation, then continues home.

20:04 NZST: First trans-Tasman link goes up.  Everybody on the edges of their seats, waiting for the next link to complete the field.

20:10 NZST: Second trans-Tasman link goes up, completing the field for a total MU gain of 14497.  Intel map shows the field sitting outside the links which created it, due to links following Great Circle arcs, while the fields are drawn as “straight-line” triangles.

intel map showing curved links between Tasmania and New Zealand, courtesy of @Maximinus

22:00 NZST: @insertaliashere continues to add fields Oxford, Darfield and working with @TwistedDemon adds Darfield back into the mix after it is captured by the RE.

23:30 NZST: @insertaliashere adds another West Coast, Wakefield, Amberley field.  All West Coast fields are destroyed by the RE by 1am

July 7th

07:30 NZST: @Chevron7 recaptures Wakefield portal.  @insertaliashere and @Chevron7 reestablish a field between Wakefield, Culverden and Greymouth (26,734mu)

08:00-20:00 NZST: @insertaliashere continues to build fields on his way home. Culverden to Richmond Currie Pavillion.  Then Kaikoura to Currie Pavillion, Kaikoura to Amberley (1684MU), Ward to Currie and Kaikoura (19.945MU), Seddon to Currie (7375MU), Blenheim to Currie (5971MU + 2291MU).

intel map showing large Enlightened fields over New Zealand

Appendix III - Summary of Key Couriering for National and International fields

Below is a summary of key movements, as there have been several questions about this area of the operation.  In the interest of brevity, keys that were not used in the operation have not been documented here.  After all, we’ll surely be using them sometime soon.

Roxby Downs keys

Local agents to Roxby Downs are FIFO (fly in / fly out) employees, as is the nature of work in that town. Many of them have flown keys to Adelaide and have met with Adelaide Agent @Nels90210.

 @Nels90210 flew to Sydney and met with and gave several Roxby Downs keys to -


Pine Creek keys

Local agents to Darwin, @Snitz, @Letsgomurphys and @420budz drove to Pine Creek to hack for keys. All keys are given to @Snitz, who met with and gave Pine Creek keys to @Sheddy.

@Sheddy has two stopovers in Sydney on her way from Darwin to New Zealand, and back. During one stopover @Sheddy meets with @RoboticBotox -


Hamilton Island keys

Sydney Agent @owl had a holiday in Hamilton Island, there he hacked for keys and brought them back with him to Sydney. In Sydney @owl met with @Aramgutang to transfer all Hamilton Island keys. @Aramgutang then met with -

Port Macquarie keys

@Sh4p3r visits Port Macquarie and meets with @Yeebok and @fourfootseven, who all hack for keys at Tacking Point Compass and Tacking Point Lighthouse. All hacked keys are passed to @Sh4p3r who returns to Sydney and meets with -

Kangaroo Island and Port Lincoln, SA keys

York, Kalgoorlie, & Jurien WA keys

Perths BFG field meant that Perth Agents still had keys left over from York, Kalgoorlie and Jurien Bay Band Stand. Perth Agents @YNEMA and @Public met with -

Uluru NT keys

Sydney Agent @Aramgutang holidayed in Uluru, and continued on to Darwin.  While in Darwin @Aramgutang met with @Dirtyranga and passed on some keys, but brought the majority of them back to Sydney. In Sydney @Aramgutang met with -

Broome WA keys

Melbourne Agent @Weston90 holidayed in Broome.  On his way home to Melbourne -

During the earlier Perth meeting between local agents (@YNEMA and @public) and Melbourne agent @Kudrakalliope, a Broome key is inadvertently exchanged and ends up travelling to Melbourne with  @Kudrakalliope.  This key was to remain in WA in order to make the link from Jurien Bay to Broome.   Contingency efforts kick in as agents scramble to get it back to where it is needed -

Dunedin, New Zealand

New Zealand Agent @maximinus flies to Melbourne and meets with Sydney Agent @Simon255 who had also flown to Melbourne. @Simon255 collects Dunedin keys and flies back to Sydney and meets with  

-@Aramgutang who travelled to Tasmania.

Appendix IV - Port Macquarie - Resistance Action Report

What follows is the action report from Resistance agent @anouke, modified only for formatting and spelling.  Some minor [editor comments] have been added to provide clarification where necessary.

We had our suspicions that something was afoot mid morning on Saturday, 6th July, when an Enlightened agent known as @darkcuddles captured the Port Macquarie Gateway portal at the entrance of our town. This followed another Enlightened agent, @zziggy, capturing another of my portals near Taree the previous afternoon. It was unusual to see so much high level green activity in our area, so I quietly posted my concerns to a number of Resistance agents on the Mid North and North Coast, asking if anyone had heard rumours of an event. Shortly after this, a series of layered fields appeared out of Forster, covering a decent area down towards Sydney and out towards western New South Wales.

[Resistance agent] @Chaosduck and I closely watched intel for further action, but saw nothing.  We decided in the early afternoon to take a drive up to the Tacking Point Lighthouse, where two level 7 Enlightened portals were located, on the assumption that if something was afoot, it would be happening from there.  On the way we discussed the idea of using our only two ADA Refactors to flip these portals now, before something could happen, or whether that would be a waste of resources. We still didn't know for sure that we weren't just paranoid.

We pulled up next to the lighthouse and saw them immediately: a group of 6 people standing around in a circle, staring into phones and tablets and talking animatedly. One man turned and we noticed his t-shirt - it was green with an ingress logo on it. We knew.

We got out of the car and posed as tourists as we moved closer. I surreptitiously disconnected my battery pack from my phone.  As @Chaosduck positioned himself next to the group to listen in on their conversation, I held up my phone and pretended to take photos of him. He nodded at me almost imperceptibly. They were Enlightened; there was an operation.  We took turns walking past them slowly, pretending to take photos of each other and of the beautiful vista that the lighthouse overlooks. It wasn't hard to hear them - they were talking loudly over the top of one another. We heard about the link amps, the keys, the viruses and the fallback plans. We hurried back to the car to share what we'd heard and figure out how to react.

We had two problems at this point - first: neither @Chaosduck nor I had ever been involved in large operations, nor taken part in battles with groups of high level opponents, so had no experience to draw on. Second: we had to quickly work out the logistics of both of us potentially fighting out a protracted battle on a weekend with 3 young kids at home. We decided to get home quickly, check intel, ask around our faction to see if anyone knew what was going on, grab kids, coats (it was freezing!) and the only other Resistance agent on hand, @SaltyPlum, and get back there. We were worried that if we pulled our trump card - the ADA Refactors - too quickly, they could flip them back immediately, and we knew they had more agents in other locations who they could rally to help defend.

We were back within 30 minutes, and the first field was up. From the screen it was impossible to tell how big the field was, but we didn't take any time to find out - we pulled up and started firing bursters in unison. Every time I paused to check the health of the portals, we'd made barely a dent as they were recharging it too fast. We popped off the link amps and one of the shields, and more mods were added.

A young woman approached our window and asked if we were playing ingress. She introduced herself as a member of the Enlightened, and suggested we meet her group. We glanced at each other and agreed. The Enlightened agents introduced themselves to us, and pitched a request that we let them finish the fields, on the idea that even though they were the enemy Faction, an operation like this would put Australia on the Ingress world stage, and potentially attract anomaly events for our country in the future. As they were talking, a car pulled up and more agents stepped out.  We told them we needed a minute for a quick conference amongst ourselves.

We huddled and discussed the situation - we knew that taking down the portals with bursters; 3 agents at levels 5, 6 and 7 against all these level 8 agents whose sole job this weekend was to defend two portals, was going to be messy and protracted at best. As small town players, our high level resources were limited and there was only so long we could keep fighting. We could use ADA Refactors on them from where we were standing - but again, realised that it was an action they would most likely undo quickly and leave us with no means to take it down after they were done. The last field was not yet up so we had good reason to believe they weren't just going to pack up and leave if we flipped them.

We agreed to back down for the time being.  We were torn about the decision, knowing that our lack of action would frustrate many of the more experienced Resistance players who were watching eagerly and sending messages of tactical advice. On the other hand, I knew that the completion of this operation was inevitable at this point, and the Enlightened agents assured me that if I waited until the final field went up, I could take down a large portion of it in one go, and the Enlightened agents would not try to prevent it.

We turned back for home and sat glued to the intel map, waiting for them to complete the Queensland fields. They weren't going up. I discussed the situation with several high level resistance agents I trusted. We decided to wait no longer; the country had already been green too long. I dropped our two ADA Refactors and a few power cubes for @Chaosduck and he raced back up there. He parked down the road and finished the journey on foot, through the bushland, where they couldn't spot him. He fired the first ADA Refactor; it failed. At level 6, we thought his 8000 XM would be enough, but it wasn't. He texted me, ran back through the bushland to the car to swap the gear back to me. I was pulling my boots on when Queensland turned green, followed by the final wedge of Western Australia moments later. I raced out of the house yelling at the children to grab their coats and follow us as @Chaosduck pulled up, excitedly revved the engine as we bundled in, and took off again.

This time we didn't waste a moment. We pulled into the lower carpark and I dashed up the stairs into range of the portals, but out of range of the Enlightened agents so they wouldn't spot us until the job was done. I fired the first ADA, refilled my XM, and fired again [on the other portal]. Minutes after the country turned green, a gaping wedge was blown out of it as the three fields out of Port Macquarie fell. The Enlightened agents messaged us with thanks for our show of good sportsmanship, and left.

Appendix V - National Planning Images

Draft National Plan - draft; Broome to Roxby Downs noted as being beyond reach of L8 portal with 4LA mods

First National Plan - Updated to include Uluru

National Plan - WA BFG v1 - Updated to incorporate WA big green field

National Plan - WA BFG v2 - Variation to incorporate WA big green field

Modified National Plan - Catering for the subsequent fall of the WA field

planning diagram used to show the origin and destination of links made for the national fields

planning diagram used to show the origin and destination of links made for NSW fields

“Enlightenment Cannot Be Reversed”

Macquarie Island - halfway between Tasmania and Antarctica - provides an uninterrupted view of an Aurora Australis. May 30, 2013

THE END     ...for now.

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