180. Tower of sunrise's underground' third floor

 When I came down to the tower of sunrise's underground's third floor―

「It's black water again!」

 Black water the same as in the underground's first floor had been accumulated on the floor.

 When I tried to use【appraisal】to the black water―

 this time, instead of『oil』, it was『mud』.

「I don't have to worry about getting burnt this time.」

 I changed my clothes to long trunks again and re-checked my equipment.

 When I checked the sword of trial, it had properly increased by 1 and had become『64/100 monsters』.

 The boss in the previous floor which had been defeated by the【Wind blade】seemed to have been counted properly.

 I tried to get into the mud once more.

 The mud was knee-deep.

 However, its viscosity was high and my walking speed had become slow.

 Can't I do something about it somehow or another~?

 I've tried to control the mud with【Water magic】but it didn't go well since its viscosity is too high.

 Since there's no helping it, I advance slowly.

 When I arrived at the first room and entered inside―

 I didn't see the enemy's form whom should be inside the room.

 It was probably hiding in the mud.


 When I approached the spot where there is enemy reaction―

 from that spot, something long and thin came out and attacked.

 The enemy has a length of about 2 meters and diameter of 20 cm with a shape like that of a『snake』.

 I promptly slashed at it with the sword of trial―


 the sword which hit the enemy slipped.


 Is the enemy's exterior slippery?

 The enemy who dodged my attack hid in the mud again.

 Although it's alright since I can confirm its position on the map―

 even if I try to slash at it when it attacks, it will not go well since it's slippery.

 Well, since it will expressly jump out of the water when it attacks, I can dodge it somehow but......

 why won't it attack whilst diving into the water?

 Is it because it picks up speed when moving underwater?

 The same situation has occurred again and again for a while but this situation isn't getting anywhere.

 I waited for the enemy's attack to pause,

 and quickly wiped the dirt off of the sword of trial with cooking paper then put it in the sheath.

 Then, I observed the enemy's movements carefully in a stance with my right hand on the sword's handle.

 Since the enemy shakes a little mud when moving in it, I know where it is if I look carefully!

 The enemy greatly circled and stood still slightly away from me.

 Without moving an inch, I stare at the mud in which the enemy lurks patiently.

 The enemy also seems to be searching for an opportunity to launch an attack.

 The enemy began to slowly move towards me before long.

 Its speed gradually became faster―

 and it jumped big in front of me.


 The enemy who came out from the mud―

 had been slashed by me. The body separated from the part that seemed to be the head and fell on the mud with a splash.

 And, it was no longer moving as it is.

 When I used【Appraisal】, it was a『great eel』.

「So it's an eel!! I wonder if it's delicious when grilled?」

 I put it away into the inventory after washing it in water a little.

 By defeating the 1st monster, 90% of the enemies in this underground's third floor are no longer undetermined.

 I moved toward the room where the enemy was still undetermined.


 When I entered the next room, a similar enemy from a little while ago attacked again.

 But, the enemy is not only one size larger this time,

 when it jumps out of the mud, its wings-like pectoral fins spread out like a flying fish and glides in the air!


 it's somewhat troublesome because it approaches from hiding in the mud―

 but if it glides in the air, it's completely exposed to view......

 I launched a【Wind blade】and it flew, slicing off the head of the enemy who is in the air.

 When I used【Appraisal】, the enemy was called『Flying great eel』.

 The bones of the pectoral fins have to be taken out properly, it seems to be sticking in the throat when eaten.


 When I defeated the second monster, the undetermined enemies had become only one.

 It had determined that one to be the boss.

 I went underneath the hidden room before going to the boss but I couldn't enter it as expected.

 There's still a bottom, huh......

 Up to what floor is there underground?

 Is the floor above the ground by any chance a dummy and the route that leads to the bottom actually the right course?

 It's no use even if I think about it here so I'll go to defeat the boss.


 When I entered the room, there was a huge『dragon』.

 It's not an『eel』!?

 Did the『eel』by any chance evolve and became a『dragon』?

 Isn't a『carp』that evolves into a『dragon』??

 When I look at it carefully, its gleaming exterior appears to be eel-ish too.

 When I used【appraisal】, it seems to be a『Dragon eel』.

 Although it's dragon-ish, it's still an『eel』.

 When I heard the enemy's movement―

 it suddenly opened its mouth and spat out a very powerful water current.

 However, I can't move my feet well in the mud.

 Since there's no helping it, I set up a Water blocking barrier and stopped it.

 Immediately after blocking the water for a moment, it spat out a big rock this time.

 I transformed the barrier into Earth blocking this time and defend against it.

 It seems this guy is good at attacking by spitting out water and rock, it attacks repeatedly with this two kinds of attack at random.

 I tried to attack with the indomitable【Wind blade】but it wriggled its body, dodging my【Wind blade】.

 The exchange of long-ranged attacks continued for a while but it will get nowhere at this rate.

 The『Dragon Eel』launched a big『rock』and it rolled over without sinking into the mud.

 I climbed up on the rock, looking for an opening and jumped with all my might from there.

 The『Dragon Eel』launched a rock towards me who is in the air once more.

 I knocked the『rock』down with the back of the blade of the sword of trial but I fell down with the rock as well.

 I jump once more using the rock which I knocked down as a foothold.

 The water current attack assaulted me this time.

 I set up a barrier diagonally and glided over the water current in the same way as surfing.

 I, who finally managed to come close to the『Dragon Eel』―

 sent that fellow's head with the sword of trial smoothly.

 The『Dragon Eel』fell down, making a big splash of water.


 Even the enemy itself is weak, it's hard to do an intense battle if the footing is bad.

 When I checked the sword of trial, it had become『67/100 monsters』.

 Since I've gone directly to the boss, the trial doesn't progress.

 Well, I don't have to intentionally fight on such bad footing, let's proceed to the next floor.

 Ah, but, it will be delicious if I make a kabayaki[1] with it, I'll come again!

 While putting away the『Dragon Eel』into the inventory, I came down from the stairs which were in the depths of the room and went to the underground's fourth floor.

[1] Kabayaki (蒲焼) is a preparation of fish, especially unagi eel, where the fish is split down the back (or belly), gutted and boned, butterflied, cut into square fillets, skewered, dipped in a sweet soy sauce-based sauce before being broiled on a grill. - Wikipedia