Thank you for coming everyone... also, if you have any cell phones if you could please set them to something so that only you would know that they're working... also, I would like to thank our online listeners, for joining us today—and, We will open up in prayer.

Father we are thankful that the anointing of your Holy Spirit—it Already dwells within the spirit of each one of us personally. We are thankful to you for all that we have in your Holy Spirit. We are thankful that in Him, we are enriched with everything. Every word, every knowledge... we believe that in Him, we don't have lack in any Godly gifting. Father, we are thankful to you for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, for the fruits of the Holy Spirit, for the Full Armour of God, for the abilities and opportunities which we have by Your Holy Spirit in Our spirit. Thank you. We are thankful to you Jesus for everything that you have acquired for each one of us personally. And we ask you—forgive each one of us personally... if we were in anything inattentive—to the requests and instructions of your spirit. We repent if we were limiting you in anything, putting up obstacles—to the power of your Holy Spirit—we repent and render them void in the name of Jesus. And we ask you—give direction, in this lesson, to thoughts, give direction to words. Help to correctly understand and correctly accept... and by Your spirit of Truth... instruct each one of us onto your truth. We desire to fulfill the will of God in all fullness and without any lack, and we hold onto your word—that we Will be taught by the LORD. Thank you for the anointing, thank for the Spirit of the Lord on this place... and we believe that where the spirit of the Lord is—there is freedom, and we accept—that Right now—by the power of the Holy Spirit.. every burden and yoke of earthly, unspiritual, and demonic wisdom is demolished, and the soul blind—receive their sight, the tortured receive their freedom in the name of Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit for the anointing. I take authority over every oppressive, annoying, and confusing spirit... and command them: Leave those present and joining us in the name of Jesus! We are thankful to you Holy Spirit, and we hold onto that where you are—there is freedom. We receive freedom—from every manifestation of the spirit of fear, sickness,  infirmity and need—we receive freedom in the name of Jesus, and say: may they not be on this place—in the name of Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit for the anointing. We are thankful to for the action of your power on this place. Thank you that you are—right now—anointing everyone present and joining us, and that we will Never be left the same in the name of Jesus. Thank you for this blessed time, and for those abilities and opportunities in which you will direct our thoughts, words and actions... in the name of Jesus, AMEN.

Glory to God for the anointing.

Level 2 Lesson 4 – Calling part 1 – by Oleg Remez, translated by Irina Narivonchik

Today we begin to look at the subject that has to do with—Directly--with Calling. “brother Oleg, why does a 1st level exist in this school?” you know, I know many that have already entered into their calling... but, ignorance in regards to Spiritual Laws... ignorance in regards to the Wisdom of God... ignorance in regards to the Covenant... ignorance in regards to the Power of the Spirit of God... became a serious resistance to the realization of their Callings.

They don't have provision.. well, they have it, but they don't know how to accept it. They don't know how to build relations by the covenant. They don't know much—but, they're already in their calling—which, of course, brings a large amount of problems to their lives... but I can tell you—that when problems arise in calling—they're much more serious then the problems that may arise BEFORE you're in your calling. because—ONE problem in your calling can turn away those whom you are ordained to serve.

Therefore, it's better to find out everything BEFORE entering your calling, and then USE it and APPLY it IN your calling. So those foundational subjects, the four areas—which are in the First Level—as foundational truths... they help you to correctly relate to the realization of your calling... because a calling is not realized on its own.

Some think: “brother Oleg, I already entered into my calling... why doesn't God help me?” you know, when you entered into your calling, the Law of Electricity wasn't negated! Or, it didn't begin to act in some different manner! The law of Gravity... also didn't change... many things remained the same! Or constant!... when you entered into your calling... and God, also... didn't change! As he was before you entered your calling... He Still Is. God doesn't negate His laws... “oh, such and such laws are for ones in their calling, and these laws are for ones that are not in it yet”... no. when you enter into your calling, you receive POWER for the realization of your calling—but, despite all this—the Covenant is the same, the spiritual laws—the same, the Wisdom—the same, and all that has to do with the Power of God—remains the SAME.

On the other hand, now you are given to know YOUR MISSION.... and the power, for the provision—You HAVE it. This is that—where you grow in understanding. Therefore, I consider the First Level—very important... these are base, foundational knowledge which help you to move Further, especially in the second Level.

OK. today we begin to look at the subject of Calling, and, so that we don't lean off to the side, of course we will hold fast to the Standard and Image of the Ministry of Jesus. The Ministry of the One—who, absolutely, in all fullness, Perfectly, completed HIS calling.

The foundational scripture of the entire second level is: John 6:38 Jesus says: For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him (the Father) who sent Me. This is the foundational verse which we will use in the Entire second level.

In Today's lesson we will look at a list of very important questions—that have to do with the God's Calling of Man... But, before we will begin looking at them—we need to recall some very important knowledge out of a Lesson of the first level—specifically, “born of the Spirit”. As we will begin talking of calling today, it's important for us to underscore, orient ourselves, affirm... of WHO is Man—as this is a Very important beginning in the study of Calling.

And so, I will recall a few important truths right now, and then we will continue in the study of Calling.

Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let Us make man—I know that many of you are already understanding pretty much exactly what I will be talking about... but, I will not be recalling the WHOLE process of creation, of whom God spoke to before, what he spoke into before... I will be immediately talking of MAN. By the words, “Let Us make Man”, God didn't speak into the ground—as he did this previously, in creating plants, trees, animals, and all that fills the earth—by the words “Let Us make Man”, God didn't speak into the water—as he did this previously.... by the words, “Let Us make Man”, God spoke INTO HIMSELF... and, taking into account that God is Spirit—then God—spoke into His Spirit.

The Words “Let Us make Man” were directed specifically into the Spirit of God. Specifically into THAT material—out which God determined to make Man... or that, which will become the ESSENCE of That—which God created by the word “Man”.

If God is Spirit—then, what do you think? Who will come out of the Spirit of God? Jesus gave us the answer... “that born of the Spirit—IS, or can Only Be Spirit. Naturally, it becomes instantly understandable to us—that the word “man” which God uses in this case... and, what will come out of His Spirit—WILL BE CALLED BY THE WORD—MAN.

Therefore, we can, for ourselves, immediately affirm this truth for ourselves—that “man” is Spirit. But, taking into account that we know—Not only of that Man is Spirit... but we also know, From Whom this Spirit came—then we can say... that Man is a Spirit... that is taken, or is born of—the Spirit of God.

In coming closer to the subject of Calling, I would like to bring in some clarity, or fullness. Man is not Only born of, or taken from the Spirit of God... we can say, that Man IS a Fragment or a Piece of the Spirit of God... a Piece of the Spirit of God that carries within itself... a Piece of God's Plan. The Spirit of God—carries within itself the WHOLE of the PLAN... for EVERYTHING, in ALL THINGS... and man, is simply a piece, that carries a PIECE of God's plan... determined for a specific spirit. In other words—in the spirit of God—is the Whole of the Plan for ALL creation... and Man, the spirit—is given a tiny piece.

What do you think, in taking into account that man is taken from the spirit of God—and in him, is a piece of God's plan... what do you think... Satan, in KNOWING this truth—would do Everything Necessary to distract man from what first of all? From that—which is in His Spirit! He KNOWS that man is a piece of the Spirit of God, and specifically—in the spirit of man—Is the Plan of God. Therefore, satan will be doing Everything He Can—to distract man, or take the attention of man... away from the Spirit... because the mind of man, the body of man... it doesn't carry within itself the Plan of God. It is the Composition or the Material that will Materialize it.... but, its not the plan itself.

That's why, for today, there are many denominations which make more of an emphasis on the ability of the soul and the body... but not on the spirit. Everything that has to do with the spirit—they put under question, and sometimes... simply cross it off, don't go there. I am making a specific emphasis on this—so that you would understand, that he doesn't ever want you to turn to your spirit... because if you don't look into your spirit—you will not turn to Your Plan, and if you will not turn to God's Plan... then... you will be in disobedience.

We read further: the scripture, and the words that God used in creating Man. Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” we know—that God, by these words—not only Created man, and separated the spirit of Man from His spirit... but also, by these words—God also EQUIPPED man with Everything necessary for the fulfillment of That—which he Created Him For. Write down for yourselves-- Romans 11:29 For the gifts (of God) and the calling of God are irrevocable. Romans 11:29 the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. This means—that they are given—NOT when someone appears... but, they ARE. They are—ALREADY. You Appear WITH them...!

in other words, we see—that the spirit of Man, and everything that is in him—was all BEFORE the body of man appeared. Always, when you are talking of man, remember Genesis chapter 1—the Spirit. The body—that is the second chapter... and we are talking of chapter 1! when the Spirit was—first of all. Here rises the question—does a spirit have a gender? No. then recal to me—how are spirits differentiated? If they don't have gender, if they don't have names, if they don't have surnames...? spirits are differentiated by CALLING. because—its specifically into the spirit—that potential is put in, its specifically into the spirit—that the gifts are put in, its specifically into the spirit—that fruits are put in, its specifically into the spirit—that the CALLING is put in. therefore—spirits--are differentiated by calling.

Scripture says: that God doesn't look at the face, God looks at the spirit—because on the spirit is written—WHO is standing before God. Spirits are differentiated by Calling. And further, God says in Genesis 2:7 And the LORD God formed the word “formed” in the Hebrew has the meaning of “gathered, or connected, or put the pieces together” the Components of man. And the LORD God formed man of and here is the list of what are the components of Man. of the dust of the ground, we see here –God connects man with a body. Why does God connect the spirit of man with a body? Because the calling—will be realized in the Natural Physical world, and for realization of calling in the Natural Physical world... something is needed where the spirit of man will work with in harmony... with All natural physical objects. Because, as soon as the spirit is separated from the body—the spirit departs to the kingdom of spirits. By placing the spirit in a body, the spirit is in the natural physical kingdom.... but, despite this... man REMAINS a spirit. The spirit of man—was created by the Word of God, or, he took from HIMSELF... but the Body of man, God created, or Formed. Therefore, when God prepared the dust, or, when God prepared the clothes of Man out of the dust... then, kind of like you would a balloon... simply blew Man into the body. And into the body—went in Everything that the spirit carried within itself. These are: the gifts, the fruits, and everything that has to do with the Spirit... and I am emphasizing of course—the potential, and the calling. and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life;in other words, the spirit—finding itself in a body—didn't become something else, something different... it remained born of, or taken of the Spirit of God, but now, by means of the body—that same spirit—could now be in the natural, physical world... and manifest the Hidden in Him... and despite this—the distinction remained. “born of the Spirit—Is spirit, and born of the Flesh remains Flesh”.

Let me make an emphasis here—even that I am clothed... the body—is not for clothes. Clothing does its part, it's assignment... the body does it's part... but, even the Body is Not Me—but the Body is FOR the spirit. The Body is FOR the spirit. A very important order of priorities. God gave the body TO the spirit—and not the other way around. The Body is the CLOTHING of your spirit... and what's in the spirit—is that, which God took from Himself, a piece of Himself. Therefore—don't ever identify yourselves with your body, because the flesh—is simply an instrument—embodied--in the natural physical world... of that, which is in the spirit of Man.

I am drawing a line—which we already did, previously—that You are a Spirit... a Piece of the Spirit of God... and, specifically in your spirit—is Your Calling... and its Provision.

And so, basing on scriptures of Genesis 1:28, and Romans 11:29—we can surmise: that Calling—is NOT something that man will learn... we can boldly say—that man cannot be taught a calling. A calling is something that he IS—Already... in His Spirit. This is a very important knowledge, because—in entering your prayer room, you will need to deal with Your spirit, and—this is how God had always planned it. A Calling is Not something you Will be taught... It's something You are Already—In Your Spirit. Already. You are Already Somebody... you will not BECOME somebody. It's just that there's the one you are in your mind... and there's the one you are in your spirit. But, in your mind—you are the one you are Educated for, and the one in your spirit—you are the one you are Called for.

In the moment that God was creating man, and said “Let Us make man in our image and likeness”, in that moment—by these words—input into the spirit of man EVERYTHING necessary for the realization... of, NOT ONLY the General will of God, for everyone... but also, the INDIVIDUAL will of God—which is called—Calling. A Calling—is the Individual will of God. Individual. You, as the Individual, are determined by your calling—because, from infancy—we were imprinted with a more Communal understanding... as in, all of US... WE... but God, he looks at you as an Individual, as one who individually manifests His Plan.

We will talk of this more, but initially, you must see—that there is a General will of God... and we will talk more of this as well, and there is an Individual will of God. And a calling—is the Individual will of God. The General will—is the children of God. An individual will—is the Calling. If God will talk to you as to children—then he will be talking of the General will... if he will be talking to you of calling, then he will be talking to you individually... and not generally. Therefore, what God will be talking to Me about—he may not talk to you about.... and not because he doesn't love you, or that he treats you different, but because he talks to me of MY calling. If he will be talking to us, in general—then he will touch on the General will of God.

OK. I believe that this is not hard to accept, and not hard to understand.

And so, a calling—the next important point—this is not something that comes with Experience... or, by Acquired knowledge. A calling WAS already, and IS already—in the spirit of man—ALWAYS.

Image, you, your whole life—are walking with your calling in your spirit. The only difference is—that your whole life—you have been learning to connect to the wisdom of this world... and not to the contained in your spirit. From infancy you were taught to Listen to the world, to Hear the world, and to Learn from the world... from infancy—and this is called, being friends with the world.

From infancy, you were not taught, “to Look well (in)to yourself” “Keep your heart (spirit) with all diligence”... no, we weren't taught these things! And that's why—we never knew what was in the spirit of each one of us... and, taking into account that we were tied to the category of primates—then naturally, there wouldn't be any such discussion. That's it... we didn't look anymore at ourselves as we are in the spirit, but we looked at our clothing. Simply, we studied the clothing.

Calling... is Not something that comes with practice, or is something that is obtained through received knowledge—it Already WAS and it already IS—in the spirit of Man... ALWAYS.

Let's look at the conversation of God with Jeremiah, where it's clearly seen how God looks at man—in this case, Jeremiah. Look at what God says to Jeremiah “Before I formed you in the womb—I KNEW you” the word “knew” speaks of that God Already knows who Jeremiah is—because HE prepared a Plan for Him. “BEFORE I formed you in the womb—I prepared a plan for you” this speaks of—that Jeremiah was Already Somebody... before he ever got to the womb. In other words—he got into the womb Already with a Purpose, right? In other words, if there was no purpose, if there was no determined time for this purpose, if there was no determined time of realization of this purpose in the flesh... then Jeremiah wouldn't have came!

We must always remember—that we were Not the meeting of mother and father—we are part of the plan of God... and if I came in the Flesh—then the time of realization of my calling—Has Come. Otherwise, I wouldn't have come in the flesh! If I came—then that means... that Everything Necessary for the realization of my calling... I Have.

I have Everything necessary for the realization of what? Of MY calling, you hear. And the most interesting thing is—that the provision of MY calling is In Me, Not you—so besides me, no one can even turn to this provision... this is how God set it up... and we will talk of this later as well.

And God says to Jeremiah that “BEFORE you were in the womb—I Knew You” I Planned Your Life... and, “Before you appeared... “I SANCTIFIED you” and the word sanctified—comes from the word “holy” or “separated for” “I separated you for a specific purpose.”

let's look at what God separated for, and what Plan God prepared for Jeremiah. “I sanctified you a Prophet to the Nations”. Answer me this question—before the Spirit of Jeremiah entered the body... that was in the womb... what name did this spirit have? “prophet”. So, tell me—WHO entered into the body? A Prophet. And tell me... did Jeremiah BECOME a prophet? Or he WAS a prophet? He WAS one! He didn't become one! A PROPHET came, a PROPHET went into a body, and came in the Flesh... and, in the womb of a woman... was a PROPHET... then this prophet came from the womb of a woman, but Remained a Prophet. On the other hand, he had no idea Who he was... but, when the one who prepared the Way for him—turned to him,  He told him who he was! “oh, brother Oleg... what an awesome story.. of Jeremiah” I am actually talking of you, you know.!”

I am not talking of Jeremiah. I want you to understand—that when YOUR time came to come in the Flesh—then, into the Flesh came... Not—someone unknown, someone we'll train & teach whatever... but you came in the Flesh as a Somebody. As a somebody... you hear? On the other hand, when you came in the Flesh as a somebody... you came in a body that lived in Russia, or Canada... or wherever. And in Russia there were already certain tendencies, who needs to be Whom... and the system of the Market, of supply and demand... it worked really quickly! The demand... gives birth to the supply! You—will be an astronaut, you—will be that one... the country needs miners—you will be a miner.... and no one asked God! And this system—formulated disobedience. The entire system of this world—is directed at that... so that people would be walking in disobedience to God.

Therefore, NO ONE living under this system—Ever asks God, “what way have you prepared for me?” afterward, we Repented in this... and Then turned to God... and, I would say, that not many believers have turned to God with this Question... because many think—that That profession that they acquired before they were saved—This profession is the determining factor in what they are called for. “Oh, I know that God has called me to be an engineer” Oh, ya? How do you know? “I have the highest education in it! And a top position! And this is God who made sure that I was an engineer..!” and... we will also talk more of this later.

And so, God called Jeremiah—a Prophet. And Jeremiah reacted to the call of God—by coming from his own earthly experience... and understanding... the understanding of Who can be a Prophet in Israel. Look at what Jeremiah said: “ Ah, Lord GOD! Behold, I cannot speak, for I am a youth.” 7 But the LORD said to me: “Do not say, ‘I am a youth,’ For you shall go to all to whom I send you, And whatever I command you, you shall speak. In other words, God showed Jeremiah, through what He said—that God's calling doesn't have to do with the age of the body... something that people frequently rely on—by this, meaning Their experience in a certain area. A calling always depends on ONLY on the one who calls. Always remember this.

I am giving you very foundational truths which will help you in your calling... because when you enter into your calling, you get to the blank page of your life—no part of which is in your mind! And sometimes, you don't even know what to start with... because the page is blank... clean! And if you are directed by your mind, moving in your calling—then you will mess things up... and THAT will need to be cleaned up. Therefore, that—which we are talking of right now, these are very important disciplines... if you decided to enter into your calling. To enter—understand, to ENTER your calling—is one of the most difficult things—To Enter... and then, there's an even more difficult area... this is so that You are Accepted... this will be—Your Nazareth. You may be thinking right now—that everyone will be happy when you find out where you are called to... but I would say, that THAT'S when you'll find out—what's it like... to be on earth—in obedience to God. We will be talking of this later... I will share with you... how everyone was so happy when I told everyone what I'm called to do, to be... a very interesting story. That was MY Nazareth. I thought—that everyone will be happy, I even thought that everyone will be happy in church... but.

OK, and so—a calling is dependent on the one who is CALLING. experience—is knowledge that is acquired in process of Using That—which you have, and not what you Don't... and when God created Man—he didn't yet have any experience in his Calling—but the PROVISION for the calling—and everything necessary for the acquiring of experience IN calling—was already input into the spirit. In other words, for man, the experience that is important is what is acquired IN Calling... and not, experience that may have been acquired OUTSIDE of calling. Right now—you have a huge experience acquired OUTSIDE of your calling... which is the main resistance to the Entry into your calling... and for the acquired, General Standards... as Jeremiah says... he was directed by them! “but I am still a Youth!” he says, “I don't have experience to be a Prophet!” “I don't have the qualifications to be a Prophet in Israel! but—God makes it clear—that it's not the Experience! In other words, GOD determines the entry into calling, and not the acquired knowledge, experience and age. God determines the time of entry into calling, and not acquired knowledge, experience and age.

You know, when people fellowship with each other... you could hear such questions as, “how many years are you in the Lord?” by this—factually--they attempt to determine what your spiritual age... or maturity is. But, this is one of the mistakes that most, if not all—believers make. Spiritual growth of man is determined—NOT by how many years in the Lord he is, but mainly, this question simply gives the answer as to how many years the person attends church.

Obedience to the Lord—is determined NOT by how many years you are going to church for, but obedience to God is determined by How Long you are in Your Calling.... because you could be going to church for 15 years... and for 15 years—be disobedient. Simply, by Not fulfilling your calling. So, it's not the amount of years in a church that determines obedience, but obedience to CALLING. Obedience to Calling.

Spiritual growth, and experience in the Lord is dependent on—NOT the amount of Years in the Lord, but on the OBEDIENCE TO GOD... in THAT—what he called man to do. This is a very important moment. So if you ask a person, “how many years in the Lord is he?” then this doesn't speak of anything, At All. You know, when I ask a person—How many years is he in the Lord... and he tells me, “15” then I ask... “well, do you know your calling?” and he answers, “not yet..” then I understand the level of FOUNDATIONS... or High Places which I'm now encountering. In other words, for me—the longer a person is in church... by time... and still doesn't know his calling—I perfectly understand the Level of High Places which now become a serious resistance in the entrance into calling. therefore—whoever has just been born again, and only a year or two has passed—for them, it's much easier to enter into their calling if he is led correctly. But, if there's someone who has been a believer for 10, 15, 20 years... those usually have such a Tower in their heads... such a JERICHO... that to demolish it, SO many circles must be made around it!

In a calling from God—is everything necessary for man... and not, in the spiritual growth and experience. As I already said: a person could be 10, 15 years in church... and 10, 15 years in disobedience.

In talking to Jeremiah, God shows to Jeremiah—What is important in the calling for man, and what you Truly need to pay attention to. Look at what he says to Jeremiah: “Do not be afraid of them” God perfectly understood... that when Jeremiah says, “I am a Youth”... the reason behind that wasn't even that he was a Youth—but that he was Afraid of Them. He was afraid of Those—who already distributed all the vacant places... he was afraid of them! This was a harsh qualifying system. To be a prophet—you need a minimum of that, and this, and a recommendation from there... a license from there... this kind of reputation, all prerequisites need to be according to a prophet's... and God says, “don't be afraid of them” and further on, He says the main phrase that you need for your calling: “For I am with you”. I am with you, to deliver you,” says the LORD.” Then the LORD put forth His hand and touched my mouth, and the LORD said to me: “Behold, I have put My words in your mouth. He ANOINTED him.... he anointed him with the necessary power for the realization of His Calling.

Therefore, it's NOT the age of the body, NOT the length of years in a church, None of this is a determining factor... NOT spiritual, biblical organizations or certificates... None of these are determining factors!

Sometimes, I'm asked: “brother Oleg, before you began to Teach—which schools did you finish?” and I say, “none!” “well, then how can you do this?!” I perfectly understood this... perfectly understood, and did not go to school—because, if I would have went to school, then it would have been, “Oh, I understand perfectly now... of course, everything is correct... that school, yep, that school put this into you” They want to BOAST of something. I believe that God didn't allow me to enter into any bible schools, specifically for these reasons... so that my mind wouldn't be full of that—which would become a resistance of the realization of THAT—for which HE called me. But I know a lot of the material of the bible schools—I can't say that they are NOT correct—please understand—but GOD didn't lead me there... for various reasons.

And so... what can we say of experience? Experience is important, but experience that is acquired in the CALLING. This is SUPER important. That experience that you have PRIOR to calling—it becomes the Resistance on the way To calling. Experience which you will be acquiring IN your calling—this is the most valuable thing that you will have. The MOST valuable. THIS is what will be valued.

When people meet people who are IN their calling... they KNOW what to get from each other. They take Experience—you hear? But experience—IN CALLING! The most valuable thing that there is on this earth—is Experience in Calling, and Not... experience in the application of some area of knowledge. It's experience in Calling. Experience IS important... but Experience acquired IN CALLING.

Experience and knowledge acquired BEFORE you found out your calling—could become a hindrance to the entry and life in Calling.

Let's take a known example: Saul—this is Paul. This person, from the age of 3—was acquiring both Knowledge AND Experience... from the age of 3. this was a Highly qualified, Highly educated Pharisee. He had both Experience AND Knowledge.... both experience and knowledge. And look at what this highly-qualified pharisee says: (Philippians 3:7) But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ.. for the provision of my calling.. which is the anointing—I counted it as a loss. That provision—and that knowledge which he received prior to finding out of his calling—became a serious resistance in the realization... of receiving of the Knowledge that had to do with calling.

Verse 13 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling, notice, that Saul—this is Paul... he wasn't taught to be an Apostle. He didn't learn—that, which he was called for... and why? Because he didn't know! His parents directed him to study—in that area, where he would have been Successful IN THIS WORLD—because a Pharisee, is basically—the Highest position, after a High Priest... there's no higher. Perhaps a scribe could be a bit higher...

so when he was studying to be a Pharisee, and when he was diligently prosecuting the church—he always thought—that he was in obedience to God. But, in his spirit, what do you think? Who was he in his spirit? An Apostle! In his mind—he was a Pharisee, and in his spirit—he is an Apostle... and he thought he was in obedient!

This tells us that a Calling—IS what a person is. A Calling—IS man. A calling from God—of course, it's hard to summarize with one word, one phrase... but we can say this: a Calling—is the MISSION of the Spirit of Man.

Jesus came to this earth to fulfill HIS mission. Thanks to the Completed mission of Jesus—now, it is possible and accessible for Every Person—to fulfill THEIR missions.

The Mission of Jesus has a PURPOSE—to do everything necessary, so that Every Person on this Planet—Could fulfill Their mission. Here rises the question—where is the mission of man located? In his mind? NO. in His spirit... which is why scripture says: “that those living by the flesh—cannot please God.” Man is NOT separate from his calling. They're inseparable. Man cannot LOOSE his calling, he could simply... not know about it—in his mind, but regardless of this—the mission in the spirit of man becomes the determining factor of how God calls the Spirit. Even if you don't know who you are, in your mind—God still talks to you as the one you are in the spirit. God never changes his behavior towards you—as the one you are in your spirit.

People say: TEACHER John Warren, or SURGEON Susan Jones... in the beginning of the book of Jeremiah, it says: the book of the PROPHET Jeremiah. In other words, we see—that the wisdom of God says to us, that first—it's the calling, the mission of the spirit—and then the name of the body. This was always so!

Look at what's written about Jesus: 1 Corinthians 1:3 Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Let me lay it out: LORD—is the calling, JESUS—is the name, CHRIST, or ANOINTED... the provision for the calling. Lord Jesus Christ. Lord-calling, Jesus-name in which is authority, and Anointed-the provision for the calling.

What do you think, in God's eyes... when God looks at you—whats the first thing he sees? The Calling.! Not the name, or surname, or profession in the head... but the Calling.

What do you think, when He will be talking to you, will he be talking to you... how? Taking you Calling into account. When he will be giving you a task—he'll be giving you a task based on your calling. When he will be giving you your provision—he'll be giving you our provision... taking into account your calling. He does Everything—taking into account whatever it is that He's called you to... so, whatever He's called you to—that is what He has blessed you in... ALREADY. There is that—which you are Already blessed in. I have Never prayed “Lord, bless me to be a teacher” never! Because I know... that only in this am I Blessed. I have never prayed, “Lord, bless me for this lesson” and why? Because this is what He's Called me to do... and what I am called to—I am blessed in!

Of course, you can definitely pray in this manner—there is no sin in this—but, there is no need for me to pray in this way—because, if I am obedient—I am blessed. This is the position... and so, I simply find out what I need to do.. and I know—that in this—I am Already blessed.

If Man isn't yet living in his calling, then he hasn't yet Become Himself... or, he hasn't yet entered into his earthly mission. therefore—you can Be Somebody, and at the same time, not be yourself. A profession—is not the determining factor in WHO you are... a CALLING is the determining factor in Who you are.

In this world, the word “calling” is almost never used. It is substituted by the word “talent,” even though the word 'calling' and the word 'talent' basically mean the same thing in a person. The Gift to the Spirit of Man. In both calling and talent—the only difference is in the Time and the Experience. When you will find out your calling—and will perfectly know it... at that point, no one will come up and say, “oh, you are talented!” and why? Because when you will acquire Experience in your calling—and this experience will now be fulfilling the needs of people... THEN, on the basis of the fulfilled needs—someone may say: “oh, you are talented!” but basically, what they saw—is the Fruits of the realization of your calling. That's it!

That's why, for today, there are Entire Systems set up in the discovery of Talented people... even in the world, they have understood—that to go around, and search for people with a good voice—is a waste of money. You could go outside, put up a podium, and put people through... systematically... sifting through, and picking out the talented ones, which may not even have went to school anywhere—but they have a VOICE... and, with these people—work further. And it's much easier and quicker to earn money on these kinds of people. Much quicker.

Of course, not having Wisdom, of course—they perish. For us, the born again believers—God himself opened up to us our callings. On the other hand, it's just that believers haven't looked into this portion of a christian life. They thought—that repentance is directed ONLY at so that we would have eternal life. No, Not Only. To enter into eternal life, you must enter into it on earth... and then, afterward—you will simply transition. But eternal life—it isn't a life where you do whatever you want—eternal life is the manifestation of His Will, of His Plan, of His intention. This is very important to remember!

The calling of Man from God is directly connected with his potential, or more accurately, the potential of Man is the potential of his calling. Specifically input into the calling of man is his growth—from God. Growth in everything of Gods, the provision. I can only grow in that—what I'm called in... and grow easily, without effort at that. Always remember this! It's very difficult to grow in something that you aren't called in... it's very hard to move in something that you aren't called to do.. why? Because you will always be experiencing very strong opposition or pressure... and your mind simply will not be able to take it. But when you move in that—which you are called in—you simply, at certain points—turn on, or transition. I will share with you.... I am, at the same time—writing 5 books, prepare for each lesson.. because today's lesson—I prepared it today... Saturday's material—I'm still preparing... and there is material that I'm preparing in advance, for the future... and they all come to me in the prayer room! I never sit—and THINK... ! They simply come to me, during prayer, certain outlines, certain leading thoughts... I systematize these thoughts... I take them, work over them, take stories from the bible... and a picture forms—and despite all this, I don't need to apply pressure.

When it comes from the spirit—you don't need to TRY... you simply listen, and move in it. I am saying—that this is available to you in your calling—100%. I frequently talk to people that have finished this school and have entered their calling—and they say, “oh, it all simply comes... from nowhere” :) one sister whom I fellowship with, she all of a sudden started drawing pictures... and she drew pictures that have certain specific geometry... a variety of it... and she says, “it simply comes... from nowhere! I SEE it... and I just draw it... as if someone just illuminates the outlines by which I should draw” kind of like a spiritual “paint by numbers” and that's because its In her... simply—It's In Her. She simply transfers them out of her spirit. This is calling! A calling IS YOU! Not the one you are in your mind—but the one you are in your spirit.

OK—let's look at a set of questions. We just familiarized ourselves with calling... generally... so that you would have an Idea. And now, we will look at a set of questions:

#1—do all have a calling? Because satan has been successful in fooling people, believers included—that not ALL have a calling. Frequently, a calling is viewed as one of the 5-fold ministries of the church... where, if you're not a Prophet, then you're an Evangelist. If you're not an Evangelist, then you're a Pastor. If you're not a Pastor, then you're a Teacher... in other words, believers viewed it in this way. Professions... professions that exist in the world—were never viewed as a calling. “A profession is a profession... and a calling is one of these 5!” Proverbs 20:10 Diverse weights and diverse measures, They are both alike, an abomination to the LORD. You know—God is impartial. He doesn't play favorites. God cannot give to one, and not give to the other. (Romans 11:29) the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. EVERYONE has them. And GOD gave the gifts and callings... even BEFORE the creation of the World. Therefore: does Everyone have a calling? YES. Everyone has a calling. “brother Oleg, then why don't everyone walk in them?” because not everyone knows... because not all are born again... the born again—they have Access to know, but they are busy with what's in their Minds. therefore—according to scripture, God is not partial... consequently, EVERYONE has a calling.

#2—who determines Who has What calling? Jeremiah 29:11 For (only) I know the intentions that I have toward you, says the LORD, intentions of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. In other words—Not mom, Not dad, Not grandma, Not grandpa, Not your denomination, Not dynasty, Not traditions.... no thing determines Who should be What. Of course, when parents—without God, make the decision of who their child will be—they, themselves push the child into disobedience. They aren't to blame... because they didn't know of this themselves—and we don't blame our parents—but I am talking with you as ones who are born again, first of all—because for you: is accessible to Know. What do you think you carry your calling 24/7? in your spirit. So when you stand before God—you won't be able to say, “I didn't know” you won't be able to! Because you know—Every Second, “For what man knows the things of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him?” and you ARE spirits... you KNOW who you are—in your spirit. But, the contents of your minds—for today, and that knowledge that is in your head... became a serious obstacle to the accepting or the receiving of the one you are in your spirit. The parents of Paul—educated his flesh, they spent a lot of money, put into him A lot of resources... and, what was valuable in their eyes—they provided... but, when he was on the way to Damascus, Jesus appeared to him... and put everything in its place. One meeting with God—and everything that was invested into Paul or Saul by his parents... was instantly crossed off. In one instance. And Glory to God that Apostle Paul—this is Saul—that he didn't hold onto all this. I would like to read to you Acts 22:14 Then he said, this is Ananias when he was praying for Saul or Paul ‘The God of our fathers has chosen you, or preordained you that you should know His will, and see the Just One, and hear the voice of His mouth. He Chose you for this Purpose. When Saul or Paul entered into his calling, and became an Apostle, then he writes this to Galatians: Galatians 1:1 Paul, an apostle (not from men nor through man, but through Jesus Christ and God the Father who raised Him from the dead). You may say, “brother Oleg, who cares who appoints you?” that's HUGE—because whoever appoints you provides for it. So if you are appointed by people—you will be pressuring them... so that they would provide for you. But if you are put by Jesus, then you will be pressuring Him :) “brother Oleg, you can't put pressure on Him.!” no matter how much you learn or take, you still wont pressure him! :) on the other hand, you will understand—that if He put you there, you are Dependent on Him. Why does this school still exist? Because it doesn't depend on any Person. All schools that depended on any denominational group—have long since closed. Because... as soon as it begins to go against some denomination, it's... immediately closed! But, taking into account that this school—Never depended on any denominational group, Never depended financially on any specific sponsor... it's impossible to close it, simply not possible. Because this school—was opened by the Holy Spirit... and is provided for, to this day—by the Holy Spirit... and continues to be provided for, and continues to spread out further. I simply want you to understand—how important it is—to put in a CORRECT foundation of provision... because the one that calls, provides. The one that Calls—Provides! So thank God that you haven't yet been called by people... because if people call, then they will tie you to them, and if they tie you to them, then perhaps—they will not always have finances... and this could bring serious problems... which is why there are services and ministries that close down—because they weren't started by the Holy Spirit... and if they were began by the Spirit—a lack of wisdom sometimes closed them.

And so, a calling is that—for which a person is Separated and Put by God—and not by man.... ALWAYS remember this. By GOD, not Man. Therefore... don't worry if people don't open doors for you. Jesus said: what I will open—NO ONE will be able to shut.... and what I will shut—NO ONE will be able to open. I know that many worry, “brother Oleg, they don't invite me... they don't do this...” so what? Relax, be happy... you have an excellent time to prepare. Just recently, I was talking to a sister on Skype, and she was talking of how she used to serve, how she was given to preach, of tithing, of how she was allowed to preach in church.... and when she found out her calling—and started to speak of calling—she was forbidden to talk of anything at all... and she was upset, she says, “I am so upset, I am in depression...” and I say, why? Be Happy! You now have a wonderful opportunity, no one is bothering you... to Prepare! You wouldn't have time to prepare IN your calling... because there are So many things to Do! So right now, find out everything of your calling, pray of the provision, prepare! You have a Wonderful time! People are PRAYING that they get some free time... and you are Given this! And, it's not even because you argued... they just... nicely, carefully... asked you :) why do people get upset?! :) so it's not hard to guess that people who are Not living in their calling—for them, it's hard—because in their circumstances—there's no hope, and no future. Uselessness... it vexes their spirit. Proverbs 19:21 There are many plans in a man’s heart, Nevertheless the LORD’s counsel—that will stand. So—, it's not the received Profession that determines the calling, but the Calling From God—determines Which profession you need to receive. Jesus said, “for I came from Heaven NOT to do my will”. Each one sitting here is a spirit that came from heaven—and you came from heaven—NOT to do your will... but the will of the ONE who Sent you—to this earth. On the other hand, you didn't know his will... and you came, in the flesh, started to acquire a certain wisdom, and this earthly wisdom immediately led you off of the will of God. Now—we have repented, and lets return to the will of God.

And so: the question: Who determines Who has What calling? The one who calls. Only God. Always remember this... and He is the one you need to talk of it. Sometimes I am asked, “brother Oleg, pray for me... perhaps you can direct me into what calling I have?” I never do this. Never—because if I tell you the calling, they could say, “brother Oleg SAID...” I am not the alpha and omega! Understand... these are serious things. “brother Oleg, what if you are correct?” who cares? Correct, incorrect... no difference. The important part is that they receive it from the LORD... and then say, “The LORD told ME...” THEN they will have  a position. “The LORD told me” that's it. What questions could follow that? “oh, well, WE didn't tell you any such thing” well... now it will be easier to determine whom to remain with. Because, if you will say “brother Oleg said” then later you could find excuses. OK.. lets continue.

#3—What kind of callings are there from God? What kind of callings are there? Out of what areas or dimensions does a persons life consist of? The Spiritual, Soul, Physical, Financial & Social. Naturally, while these dimensions exist on earth—God is God in EVERY dimension, right? If God is God in EVERY dimension, then there's callings for Every dimension. Not only the spiritual—the 5 fold ministries. God has a calling for Every dimension—because God is God in Every dimension. If anyone tells you that there are only 5 callings... and all others are simply professions—then they are  deceiving you. God didn't leave the other dimensions to the devil, and only anoints the 5—God needs anointed lawyers, anointed firemen, anointed doctors, anointed accountants, anointed artists, anointed singers, God needs the Anointed. Anointed ones—therefore, God didn't leave all these dimensions to satan. So in Every Dimension—there is callings. What kinds of callings are there? Same ones as there are professions.. Exactly the same. I am not speaking of drug dealing or prostitution.. I am speaking of those professions that can really bring people blessings... a collector—is not a profession, there are things that are not professions that people do—that rose up as a result of earthly, unspiritual and demonic wisdom.

But, all professions that there are—professions that fulfill the needs of people... they can be callings. “well brother Oleg, then what's the difference between a profession and a calling?” write this down for yourselves: the difference between a profession and a calling—is in the provision. When God calls—he provides it with His Power. When people call—the don't provide you with anything. They provide you with a wage.. a promise of a wage. When God calls—he provides it with his Power—and Everything necessary for eternity. HERE is the difference. Because you can finish some sort of bible course, some kind of bible study... receive a diploma... but this diploma will not give you anointing! This diploma will not anoint you! “brother Oleg, I was prayed over in church! And anointed with Oil!” :) anointing comes from GOD... GOD calls! Me too—before I entered into my calling, I pressured the administrator of the church... “why are you in such a hurry??? you will be On Time” and me.. I was simply pressuring him... “give me, I want to serve...” he tells me, “don't worry! If you want to serve—go serve... go find out, go move... step by step” because I wanted PEOPLE to provide for me, but scripture  says, that “a mans gift brings him before Great men”  “I will show you the way...” He NEVER says that this is something people will do. God locks all the attention on Himself.. and glory be to God that I didn't continue with the pressure, I just left it, and began to, step by step, through prayer.. to make steps. This wasn't easy—but this was from God. And God set up the system, set up the school—which fills needs... and now, excuse me—NO one can influence it... even there were attempts.

remember—when God creates something, then he creates it in such a way, that no one could ever affect it. And God wants to make Your calling in such a way—that it would ONLY depend on Him. On Him. Romans 14:12 So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God. Each one of us... will be giving an account... ONLY in that... which he is called. Only for this. For nothing else! So it's better for you to find out what you're called for, because that's what you will be giving an account for. When you will stand before the Lord, on your spirit will be a big sign of your calling... and behind you, will be your fruits. And scripture says: “don't be left naked!” so that you Would have fruit—absolutely.

Be happy in that you are Already Called in your spirit. That you may not know what it is yet—don't let this upset you. In the spirit, you are Already called! You will simply need to strive, to want, be jealous in so that the contained in your spirit would be influencing you. I recommend—fast at least once a week, with the purpose—of finding out your calling. Fast from morning until evening, and praying Only of calling, of fulfilling the will of God, and to LISTEN—what the spirit will be speaking to you.

If you don't fast—at least once a week, then how do you expect to practice and move in this later? I know that during a fast, revelations immediately come... and you say, that “OK, i'm done now.” I was also... a big lover of fasts. For me, a 15 minute fast... was Great! :) that's it! Why longer?! I fast until lunch! You never fasted until lunch? :) I always fasted until lunch! “How long do you fast?” “oh, ½ a day!” “what's half a day?” until lunch! And during the fast, I said.. “I only drink liquids” milk... juice... maybe some sour cream... as one sister said to me, “a fast is when you eat something you don't like” and that's what she did!

So I understand that there are lovers of fasts here, and of course—I don't do this any longer... I fast once a week.. for a day.. I pray, listen, pray... and God leads me in certain teachings, instructions.

So this is just my suggestion to you—while you are not yet in your calling, then fast—with a deliberate purpose.

OK, let's thank God that we Know our calling.

Father, we are thankful to you that you've opened up to everyone present... opened up—Who they are. Help them to Know—in the name of Jesus. You said—that YOU will show the path for them to walk, and that YOU will direct them... and we are thankful to you father. The Spirit of Truth-Instruct them onto every truth... and SHOW them Their future—in the Name of Jesus! And let every darkness and ignorance scatter... and may they KNOW WHO they are, and what is the purpose of Their lives... in the name of Jesus. And we believe, Holy Spirit—Spirit of Truth—that you will be instructing everyone present onto Truth, that you will illuminate the eyes of their hearts—so that they Would know—what is the Hope of your calling for Them.. in the name of Jesus. We believe that we will be taught by the LORD, and we believe Jesus—that you are anointed and put by God for each one of us personally, so that we would KNOW our calling—and that we Would fulfill the will of God in all fullness. And we repent in any ignorance, in the name of Jesus.. and we ask: direct and lead, hold us with your strong hand, and mighty arm... direct and lead—in the name of Jesus! We receive that you will show us the way that we are to walk on. Thank you for your anointing, and for the ministry of the Spirit... in the name of Jesus, AMEN.