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Grammar - Locative verbs
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Kah has no class of prepositions. The functions that are expressed by prepositions in other languages such as English are expressed by locative verbs in Kah. Please compare the following equivalents in Kah and English:

seki bo vembeo

meat be inside fridge

the meat is inside the fridge

simwana ganu de ustu  

girl swim go friend

the girl swam towards her friend

Each of these locative verbs can occur as an independent verb:

meo hura bo soni

cat lie be inside boat

the cat is lying inside the boat

meo bo soni  

cat be inside boat

the cat is inside the boat

meo pya de fia

cat jump go toy

the cat jumped to the toy

meo de fia

cat go toy

the cat went to the toy

The verbal character of the words is evident from the fact they can be preceded by ordinary aspect markers:

Kofih la de kwando

kofi be at going to school

Kofi is going to school

Akuh kwi bo kwando

aku already be in school

Aku is already in the school

tinti bo

should be inside

it's supposed to be inside

om de bandola!  

let's go town

let's go to town!


Prepositional verbs

Besides the locative, there are many prepositional functions expressed by verbs:

auko wau tos haijono

text this considering biology

this text is about biology

yu de leleng aya

he come be without thing

he came empty-handed

bau leleng dun

dog without teeth

a dog without teeth

shuki wau tos bemben

candy this considering grandchild

this candy is for my grandchild

Anup jam chau shi uba

anup do be exact be like father

Anup did it exactly like his father