From: "Christa Dumpys" <Christa.Dumpys@Seattle.Gov>

Date: March 17, 2009 4:24:30 PM PDT

To: "Christa Dumpys" <Christa.Dumpys@Seattle.Gov>

Subject: Fort Lawton Update


In response to questions regarding the Army's schedule for vacating the Fort Lawton Army Reserve Base, the City of Seattle confirmed the following details with the Army:

- The Army will keep two newly activating units at Fort Lawton, and the maintenance shop AMSA 79, until around August or September 2011. At that time, those two new units will relocate to a new center in Marysville, WA (due to be completed in summer 2011), and AMSA 79 will split its support mission between the new Marysville center and a new Fort Lewis Center (see next bullet).

- The 19 units that were already stationed at Fort Lawton when the BRAC process was announced will be relocating to their new center at Fort Lewis when it is completed sometime summer 2009. The new project is ahead of schedule so instead of moving those units to Fort Lewis in late fall, they may move out mid to late summer.

While the Army early stated plans to completely vacate Fort Lawton by January 2010, the City has no reason to believe the extension of the Army's operations there will impact the BRAC process, including the review of the Fort Lawton Redevelopment Plan submitted in fall 2008.

The most recent letter from the Army outlining its plans, as well as a response from Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis, are both posted on the Fort Lawton Redevelopment website at

Ongoing Updates

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