220. The Devil-kin's whereabouts

「Lela, Ebisu town was attacked by the devil-kin.」

「W-, What did you say!?」

「It caused a considerable damage, can't the Shinju town provide support?」

「I will try to consult otou-sama.」

「The food isn't enough in particular.

 Lela, I'll rely on you.」

「Y-, yes......」

 This fellow Lela, despite being in such a situation, she seems to be happy.

 Imprudent fellow.

 Perhaps, she is happy that I'm relying on her?

「Since I will carry the relief goods, let me know when you are ready by hitting the twin magic stone.」

「That's right! It also has that kind of use!」

 Her expression is like a child asking to be bought a new toy......

 Don't use it for something strange, okay?

「Seiji, what are you going to do now?」

「I'll try to find the whereabouts of the devil-kin that attacked the Ebisu town.」

「I see......

 be careful, okay?」


 I parted with Lela and returned to Ebisu town.


「Welcome back, onii-chan. Were you able to flirt with Lela?」

「I didn't!」


 Aya sniffed my smell with *kun kun*.

 Are you a wife who is suspecting an affair!?

「I will go out again,

 I will leave the town to you.」

「Where are you going?」

「I'm going to look for the whereabouts of the devil-kin.」

「Then, I will also be going.」

「It's no good.」


「I will be searching using【lightning flash】.

 Are you able to keep up?」


「If you don't act violently, you can hunt monsters around the town.」

「There are monsters?」

「Yes, to some degree.」

「I understand, I will go『Human-hunting[1]』.」

「If you are going, go exactly with four people.」


 Ah, my imouto has become a hunter......

 I shouldn't have brought her to a different world, huh~.


 Now, the problem is which way did the devil-kin go towards.

 I'm thinking this 4.

1. Northwards of『Shinju town』.

2. Westwards of『Demon-kind town』.

3. Eastwards of『Shinaga town』.

4. If they didn't stop by anywhere, then they have returned to the stronghold of the devil-kin.

 If we assume that it's one these four, they are going to be difficult to track, but it won't cause additional damage.

 If it's number one, since Lela is in Shinju town, she can do something about it somehow or another.

 For the same reason, the demon-kind should be able to deal with it in the case of number 2.

 If that's the case then, we can assume that the possibility of『3』causing damage is high, let's try to search eastwards.

 I went eastwards with【Lightning flash】.


 I continued running eastwards for awhile, when the sun went down and the surroundings gradually became dark,

 I found those fellows.

 The devil-kin.

 I confirmed that there were about 100 devil-kin on the map.

 I concealed myself using【Night shade】magic,

 and carefully approached.

 The devil-kin are there.


 About 100 devil-kin were camping out.

 And, there is an important-looking guy in the center.

 He's probably the leader of these guys.

 If can use【appraisal】, I can see it in detail,

 but then I will be noticed.

 When I look closely, the important-looking guy is holding a amazing-looking staff of something.

 Could it be that it was the something staff stolen from Butte-sama?

 I have to take it back and return it to Butte-sama.

 Dangerous, there are also human hostages.

 About 30 people and every one of them have slave collars on.

 There are 10 sisters, and there are 20 adult men and women.

 I feel regretful for the hostages, but I will return and call Aya and the others at once.



 I returned to Ebisu town, but Aya and the other were not here.

 They really went to『human-hunting』......

 When I check the map, I found them in the nearby forest so I went to meet them with【Teleportation】.

「O-, Onii-chan!

 Hooray! The main baggage carrier has come, victory is mine!」

 Aya was walking while lifting a huge bear overhead.

 Mai-san had a giant wild boar while Elena and Hilda had a great rat each in both of their hands.

「That's a decent harvest.」

「No, not at all, we had hunted even more,

 but it couldn't be carried around so we left it behind and come back for it later.」

I asked the place where they had left it behind, and went toward its location―

 Orc, and bear, and wild boar,

 and such monsters had been piled up.

 Did nobody notice that it needs to be carried!?

 Collecting the monsters that Aya and the others had piled up, we returned to the town.


「Well then, the devil-kun went towards『Shinaga town』, huh.」

「That's right.」

 We who have returned to Ebisu town reported the situation to Butte-sama.

「Then, the guy who seems to be the leader of the devil-kin held a great-looking staff.」

「Perhaps, that is......」

「Perhaps, it was the one stolen from here...staff of something? I think.」

「The【Staff of Aesculapius】?」

「That one.」

 Elena followed up.

「I have to get back that staff no matter what it takes......」

 Butte-sama had a desperate expression while saying so.

「Is that staff so amazing?」

「That staff......

 has the power to forcibly raised the recovery magic of the person who held by one level.」

 To raise one level......

 in other words, if Elena who has level 5 recovery magic use it,

 her recovery magic will level up by 1 and will become level 6......

 that's amazing.

「Onii-chan, we will naturally get it back, right?」

「Ou, of course!」

「You guys will also join us in recapturing strategy?」

「No, that's not it.

 We are the only ones who will go.」


 S-, Such recklessness!」

「Well, please leave it to us.」

[1] ひと狩り No idea if this is what it actually meant.