Executive Board Minutes

March 17th, 2014

Student Government Room

  1. John Harp
  1. President Brand wants to come and update on the college’s budget for next year at tomorrow’s meeting.
  2. Hartwick College, out of New York state is looking into becoming a block plan college. So their VP of student affairs will attend tomorrow’s meeting
  3. Oohlala email, came down on the rate but it is still a 3 year commitment with the deadline of March 31st.
  1. Need to discuss if this is something that we Need or something that we Want.
  2. Kelly will do a prior presentation during Old Business and hold a vote tomorrow to include this expense in next years budget.
  1. President - Kelly Oeltjenbruns
  1. Working to put up a pallet on the bulletin board upstairs to post information about senate and events.
  2. Working on senate banner, hopefully no more than $50 dollars.
  3. Making a calendar wall of laminated dry-erase sheets.
  1. Will price this out
  1. PAAC will present tomorrow
  2. Office hours start this block, 11-12:30 daily.
  1.  Tomorrow will share a document for senators to sign up for office hour slots
  2. Will write on the windows about office hours to spread the word with students.
  3. Will make an OC poster
  1. Spoke with Jim Brown, will have the symposium boards with paper to get student feedback on the maps upstairs tomorrow
  2. Working on Senate’s budget for next year
  3. Pictures are tomorrow, dress up.
  1. Vice President-Lane Zahourek
  1. Committee posters are approximately $18 each X 5 posters.
  1. Chair of Organizations - Michael Christianson
  1. Working on re-activation, a lot of groups have not tried to reactivate yet, and with Budget Fest coming up this is urgent.
  1. The process through Community is difficult and confusing
  1. Let’s hold reactivation again at the start of next year, and they will be set for the rest of the year.
  1. Chair of Appropriations - Brian Hixon-Simeral
  1. 2 allocations and 1 appropriation tomorrow
  2. working on appropriation for the Info desk
  3. All budgets are due Friday.
  1.    Chair of Academic Affairs- Liz O’Brien
  1. What’s up with the bookstore advising committee?
  1. John Harp says that it may not still exist.
  1. Fireside chat went really well!
  1. Will hold the next one in Zamora’s.
  2. Probably with Jim Van Whelan
  3. Katy Banks is doing an internship with an Iowa politician, may be coordinating an event with her
  1. Academic grant has a $350 limit for approval in committee . Is this negotiable?
  2. Lots of interest for the academic based activities fund.
  1. Have made a contract to hold people accountable if they get approved for funding
  1. Spoke with Paul (library man) about appointing students to TPAC and library advisory committee, Stephan and someone else. President is responsible for appointing them.
  1. Will email the prospective appointees
  1. Collage- need appropriation for lamination and a hanging method, assuming no more than $20.
  1. Chair of Student Life - Leigh Gustafson        
  1. absent