Tuesday 12th October 2015

At Kingwah

On Thursday when it was Hilton’s birthday my parents, brothers and I went to Kingwah for dinner.

First I was getting ready to go to Waipapa but because the shower was broken it took me a long time to get ready. The shower is cracked on the top bit so we went off to Waipapa to get a piece to fix up the shower.

On the way there I saw my Nan go past so we turned around to go to tell her that we were going to Waipapa and then to Kingwah. My nan said, “Ok, we will meet you there.” My mum said, “Ok, then.” So we turned around and drove off. It was as hot as the sun shining at me.

Then Chace, Hilton and I were already asleep. When we woke up we were at Waipapa. We were at the Plumbing World to get the shower piece. I was excited because I wanted to go to Kingwah.

Later on my uncle and Nan beat us to Kingwah. We were waiting for a half an hour parking. We were playing hide and go seek. I was in and I found Chace first.

Then my mum told us to go inside. We grabbed a plate of food. I had pork, fish, salad, crispy chips, sweet and sour pork and scrambled egg pie. It was yummy.         

After that I had a drink it was L&P. Later on I had desert. My dessert was yummy because I like the taste of my   dessert.  I had chocolate fudge, cheesecake and chocolate caramel.

My day was exciting because I love Kingwah.