All framesets are brazed and assembled with the remainder of True Temper Tubing stocks and the new Vari-Wall tubing (From Ohio) and fittings from Henry James and Paragon Machine Works.  Prices include frame and fork with brazons and features indicated and a single color powder coat.

All framesets built for 1 1/8” threadless headsets and 68mm ISO bottom bracket shells.  Call/email for information on alternatives.

Building for wheel sizes: 700c (622), 650b (584), 26” (559) and 20” (406).


Call or email to schedule a fitting or place an order:  

831 469 3369 –

When placing an order, I request 30% up front.  

Payment plan options available.

COLORS: You can find my current color list HERE.

Farfarer Trailer:  

“The Farfarer trailer is the result of more than 10 years of real world design and testing. They have been overloaded, dragged through snow, mud and rock gardens.  They are light(<10lbs) and every piece is designed to never fail. The long, curved tubes provide compliance so the trailer doesn’t bounce around. The hitch is completely rigid so that climbing out of the saddle feels good and neutral.  Mid-point couplers on the long tubes allow the trailer to break down and ship in a 34x17x6 box or pack into a normal bike box WITH a bicycle,  allowing for easy travel logistics to and from the adventure.”

Redesigned and built here in the Frances Workshop. Still available in black with grey cordura load bag, but I am cycling thru colors just to keep things interesting. Custom colors on request.

Complete Trailer:  $550.00

(Includes: tire, tube, wheel, load-bag, hitch & bushing)

Surf Rack: $175.00 (includes integrated fender mounts)

Complete trailer hitch: $90.00

(Hitch includes bushing and hitch-pin)

Additional Acetal hitch bushing (for alternate bike): $15.00

Hitch Pin: $15.00

Rainfly: $80.00 Light rip-stop nylon.

Frances Alloy fender from Tanaka (20” x 58mm): $35.00

Planet bike fender and hardware: $25.00

(fender keeps the water spray out of the trailer and is recommended)

Safety Flag: $12.00

Traditional Diamond Framesets:

(For Tubular fork crown, add $150)

(Stainless headtube reinforcements, add $150)

Road Frameset:  

        For caliper, center-pull or cantilever brakes:  $1800.00

        For disc brakes:  $1950.00 (PMW low-mount disc rear DO)

        Call/email for carbon fork option/pricing and cost of complete bikes

Cyclocross Frameset:  built with ample clearance for mud and larger-than-regulation tires.

        For cantilever brakes:   $1900.00

        For disc brakes:  $2000.00 (PMW low-mount disc rear DO)

        Call/email for carbon fork option/pricing and cost of complete bikes.

The Tourist Frameset:  Fully equipped to randonneur or tour, the tourist is at home on the road or dirt and gravel- built for cantilever brakes, with clearance for wide tires with precisely placed fender mounts.  Includes a small front rack/bag support, light mount, light wire guides, and brazons for 3 bottles, rear rack mounts, and front low-rider rack mounts.  Tubeset chosen according to use-specifications.

Available for 700x(up to)42 (42-622), 650x(up to)50 (50-584) and  26”x(up to)2.25(55-559). Sizes listed will still accommodate fenders.

        Frameset: $2200.00 (w/ front rack)

        Complete bicycle:  ~ $4700.00 to $5700.00  Call/email for details.

        Integrated rear rack: add $325

        Low-rider rack panels: add $275

The Adventure Tourist:  Like the tourist above, but with greater tire clearance and disc brakes. Uses PMW low-mount disc rear DO. 

        Frameset: $2300.00

        Complete bicycle: roughly $4600.00 to $5700.00 Call/email for details.

        Integrated rear rack: add $325

        Low-rider rack panels: add $275

Bici Corta:  Modeled after the Rigi split seat-tube design, but upgraded with clearance crimps, a bridge and reasonable geometry.

An ultra short-wheelbase fixed-gear bicycle.

        Frameset: $2500.00

        Complete bicycle: e-mail or call for details/pricing

Mixte step-thru:  An upright and speedy all-arounder.  Classic horizontal road dropouts.

        Frameset: $2300.00

        Complete bicycle: email or call for details/pricing

Cargo Framesets:

The Smallhaul:  rated for loads to 100lbs* in cargo hold.  Includes 2 headsets, cable steering system and load bag.

        Frameset: $3500.00

        Complete bicycle: roughly $6000.00 -call/email for details

The Mixtehaul:  rated for loads to 150 lbs* in cargo hold.  Includes 2 headsets, cable steering system, waxed canvas bag from Strawfoot Handmade, kickstand and cargo platform.

        Frameset:  $3500.00

        Complete bicycle: roughly $5600.00  -call/email for details

The Platypus (mid-gravity cargo):  rated for loads to 100 lbs.* Includes frame and fork.  

        Frame AND FORK:  $2350

        Complete bicycle:  call or email for quote.

*A note on load ratings:  The weight assigned to the load rating is the weight you can carry in the cargo hold on a daily basis without fatiguing the steel.  You may exceed the load limit from time to time (for instance, to give a friend a lift home on the Mixtehaul or the Platypus) without consequence- just ride gently, and carefully.   Greater loads will also affect the handling.


Pacenti PBP Crown with Henry James Stainless Dropouts: $400.00

Disc brake, with Paragon Machine works hooded Dropouts: $440.00

Tubular crown, for either canti, center-pull or disc:  $525.00

Fork brazons are extra

Small Parts, upgrades and options

*available with frame orders only*

*Small front rack:  Includes light mount, light wire guides, integrated fender mounts. $300

*Small rear pannier rack:   Includes light mount, integrated fender mounts.  $325

Stems:  I keep some stems on hand but mostly they're built to order. Building for threadless steerers only, 1” and 1 1/8”.  

Bar clamps for 25.4mm, 26.0mm and 31.8.

Traditional bar clamp with flukes for 25.4mm bar:  $155.00

Traditional bar clamp with flukes for 26.0mm bar:  $165.00

Paragon 4-bolt gate clamp for 31.8mm bar: $200.00

*Ritchey Breakway frame fitting:  allows diamond frame to disassemble for travel.  Add $275 to frameset price.  Not for retrofit applications- new frames only.

S&S stainless frame couplings:  Another option for frame disassembly for travel. Couplers may be installed in existing frames: $475. Frame stripping, repaint and cable couplers extra.  S&S travel accessories available.

  Couplers in New Frances framesets: $425

*Head-badges:  custom badge design in copper, stainless or brass, $150-$300.  (price includes increased masking charges at paint)

*Lugs:  If there is a lugset that works well with the frame design, we may be able to build you a lugged frame, but we don't like to sacrifice good frame design for good-looking lugs. Lug prices vary.   $125 and up.

Wet Paint:  For detailed paint schemes. Call/email for pricing on wet paint options for Frances framesets.  Generally adds $300 to $700.

Frances Cable Steering Pulleys:  Includes 2 Aluminum pulleys, cable clamps and binder bolts.  Available red anodized.  $175.00/set

Frances alloy fenders: Sold as single fenders with hardware.  

20” and 26”.  For cargo bikes and trailers. Made in Taiwan by Tanaka.  

20” alloy fender with hardware:  $35

26” alloy fender with hardware: $35


All wheels built with Wheelsmith double-butted 14g spokes.  Common sizes available: 700/622, 650b/584, 26”/559,  and 20”/406.   20” uses Velocity Aeroheat rim.  Many rims available upon request.


Front dyno-hubs: (specify ISO disc, centerlock disk or rim brake)

Shutter Precision dynohubs - all models

Schmidt Son28, SonDelux and other models available

*Schmidt Edelux light available for $165 with Schmidt hub wheel order.


All custom Wheelbuild requests welcome.  

Call or email for quote.

Brazons:   Prices for features installed on Frances framesets. 

For modifications to existing frames, add 40%.


5mm boss:  $15 each  (for bottles, racks etc, with star reinforcement except where unnecessary)

Front low-rider boss:  $60 for the pair

4mm Boss:   $18 each

Canti brake mounts: $60/pair (rear cable hanger: $30)

Front disc brake mount (ISO): $75 (not compatible with many dropouts)

Rear disc brake (ISO):

        Low-mount disc dropout: $125

        ISO tab on the seat stay: $85

Pump pegs: $25 (specify location)

Repairs:  We take repairs on steel frames.

For major repairs, the frame will be stripped and this cost added to the bill.  Even better, you can do this before you bring it in (Call Powder-Coat-it in Capitola for stripping services: (831) 435-9558)

Dropout replacement: starting at $125

Main-tube replacement: $150-$350 per tube

Seat or Chainstay replacement: $125-$300 per tube

Basic Frame alignment: $45

Fork Alignment: $30-$40